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Hey everyone, I'm back again~ :p I've had a bunch of half-finished post ideas lying around, so instead of spamming the entire front page of the group with them, I figured I'd throw them all together in here XD What could there possibly be you ask?

A Download [Angelique Special 2 4-Koma book] )
A Question [Haruka1 Songs; looking to find and/or buy, need some help ^^;] )
And, of course, some dragons! :3 [It's not just Mel, okay? XD] )
Hopefully at least one of those points was entertaining for someone :p
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Yeah, well, I listened to a whole lot of them in the past, but didn't like them so I deleted them. Now I'd love to listen to a few of them again to see if my tastes might have changed.

It's a big list, so I guess, uh... prepare yourselves?

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Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 - Kurenai no Tsuki Vocal Collection? I downloaded it from somewhere when it was released 8 months ago, but deleted a few files by accident. .____. I'm actually only looking for track 5, the Gekka no Yume drama with Shinichiro Miki (Masaomi) and Kenji Hamada (Tomomori) in it.

Note: Please do not use Mediafire (I would prefer MegaUpload, ADrive or Rapidshare). I have no idea how many times that damn site's given me trouble. I actually FOUND a "Gekka no Yume" download there, but I can't download it because the 30 times I've tried, it always gives me 0 bytes, 0 bytes, 0 bytes, 1 mb of 16 mb, connection interrupted, 0 bytes. >.O

I would be extremely happy if someone could help me. Thank you in advance.


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