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Corda stuff doesn't get much discussed here, and Katen no Hana even less, but I thought this might be noteworthy for folks interested in those: Koei just released a video of an hour-and-a-half-long promo hosted by two of the seiyuu, Hideo Ishikawa and Kenji Nojima. It's basically a compilation of all the news about upcoming releases of games and merchandise in the two franchises, but Koei doesn't release their...seiyuu activity stuff, so to speak, for overseas consumption often, so it might be a novelty to watch. (Apparently, this was released on NicoNico about a week ago, but at least now you can watch without "wwwwwwwwwwww" covering every inch of the screen.)
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Hello! :D

I saw that a few people were still commenting on my old post about this, and it just so happens that I came across the files on my old external hard drive. I re-uploaded the full file on Mega and the split ones on MediaFire. It's been so long since I last played this game and I've been using Mac for the past four years so I can't answer any questions that you may have, sorry. ):

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I don't remember who shared the link to the Neoromance calendar program. Y'know, that downloadable one that shows Neoroma characters and their birthdays each month. And has little hearts above days that have a birthday.

Well, I finished compiling the list. I also added Corda 3 characters and some minor characters by Wikipedia-ing them. ...Anyway, enjoy~

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Hi, everybody!

I'm looking for Kiniro no Corda R-18 (Adults, H-Content) doujinshis with Tsukimori x Kaho as main couple to buy.
I have been looking for some of them, but I has been un-lucky.
I also am interested in BL doujinshis, as main couple Tsuchiura x Tsukimori!

I'd appreciate if someone can offer me the type of doujinshi that I'm looking for =)

Thanks!! =)

PS: Please delete it if not allowed.

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This is my first post to this comm so I'm quite excited! =) Well I wanted to share this song/advertisement that my friend and I made up...about Len being bald and how we should get bald too! XD I'm actually a hardcore Len fan...but because I love Len so much, I tease him ALL the time! =P Enough with me blabbing on and on about me...it's time for the Len Song XD

Lenny-kun's Baldness XD )
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Yeah, well, I listened to a whole lot of them in the past, but didn't like them so I deleted them. Now I'd love to listen to a few of them again to see if my tastes might have changed.

It's a big list, so I guess, uh... prepare yourselves?

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To my dear active [livejournal.com profile] angemedia friends — I've been wanting to know more about you all! XD Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer the following:

What Neoromance character/s do you resemble most?

Who are they, and why? Perhaps you've been compared to the active and energetic Kaze no Shugosei? Do you relate closely to the struggles of our heroine in Corda 1? Maybe your words shimmer and your eyes sparkle like those of the Chi no Byakko? Or could it be that you feel most akin to the quiet, often-unnoticed secondary characters who keep to the background? Maybe something darker lurks beneath your friendly exterior... or maybe you have everything to offer and nothing to hide. :) Let's hear what you feel! Elaborate at length!

To establish a rule of thumb, let's call a flexible limit of three characters per series, but feel free to break it down by era (i.e. Ange) or individual game (i.e. Haruka) as your enthusiasm requires. XD

Gush away! ♥
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We are so sorry, we've published this chapter since last night, but FFnet messed it up and the file couldn't be accessed until just now. Anyway, please enjoy this new chapter :)

This is a collaboration fanfic between Nerizu dan ThinE. We publish it under ThinErizu.

Title: Symphony of Pleasures
Rate: M (R-18)
Pairing: All Corda Boys x YOU (yes, you! XD)
Genre: Romance/Adventure (yes, we mean 'Mature Adventure' XD)
Ten unforgettable adventures in ten different places with ten handsome men and their unique personalities and skills. Who could resist to the temptations of these promised pleasures?
Read Here:
Melody #1: Angel
Melody #2: The Best Remedy

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I was playing my Neo Angelic Special and La Corda 2f encore the other days, everything works fine but suddenly it couldn't save anymore. 
I tried to reboot it and it would tell me it can't find the system data.  So basically I can't save and load my games at all.  I checked the saved data, and they are still there.  I played other none KOEI games and it worked just fine.

I am wondering has anyone encountered such problem also?  I would appreciate if anyone can give me hints on how to solve this problem.  Thank you!
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I stumbled upon the newly updated Corda 3 site and it now has voice samples for all of the main men in the series so far

What do you think??
(all found under "Character")

*dies from fangirl hysterics after hearing FukuJun's, Konishi's and Mamo's voice...*

Cross Posted to other relevant communities so I'm so sorry for spamming your Friend's page m(_ _)m
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This is a collaboration fanfic between Nerizu dan ThinE. We publish it under ThinErizu.

Title: Mission: Get Kahoko!
Fandom: La Corda d'Oro
Rate: T
Pairing: Len X Kaho X Ryoutaro, with Kaji interrupting in between them heheh.
Genre: Humor/Romance
Who loves Hino Kahoko? Len and Ryoutaro do. Now their mission is to knock all possible threats down and claim Kahoko as theirs. Correct that. To claim Kahoko as Len’s. No, as Ryou’s... Wait, who do you think will get Kahoko? Collab. ThinE & Nerizu.
Read Here:
Chapter 1: Tsukimori Len - Hey, Kaji!
Chapter 2: Tsuchiura Ryoutaro - I'm Not A Stalker!
Chapter 3: Tsukimori Len - The End Of My Mission Is...?


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Hi there!
Nice to meet you all again fan of Kiniro no Corda.

I'm posting here just to notify you all that it's now opened the fanlisting dedicated to the Tsuchiura x Hino Kahoko!;) Who love the pair not even as love relation but even as friends can join here the listing!

Waltz ~ of the bewildered heart
Tsuchiura x Kahoko

I want also notify you the awesome Tsukimori x Kahoko and Tsukimori, Kiniro no Corda serie/game, Oshihito and Oshihito x Chihiro of Harutoki 4 fanlisting made by my dear friend Annie! 

Feel free to join all of them! ;) Affiliates are more then welcome!
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Dear all,

I am selling my 2 Kiniro no Corda 2 games as well as other otome game related goodies.

Please take a look here

If you are not a member there and is interested, please leave a comment here and I will respond.

I accept only paypal for oversea buyers, but for Australian buyers, I accept bank transfer ^^/
  • Please only say you want the item if you intend to buy it.
  • All prices are in USD
  • I ship to all countries.
  • All items are offical goods, I dont collect/sell bootlegs

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Hi guys, this is my fanfic about La Corda d'Oro.

Title: Somewhere Deep Within My Heart
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Tsuchiura X Len (No! it's NOT a yaoi! It has KAHOKO between them, lol...)
Hino was struggling to go through her pain for Tsukimori's leaving. But when she realized her feeling for Tsuchiura, she couldn't deny that Tsukimori's presence was huge in her heart. She treasured Tsuchiura the most, while Tsukimori is important to her.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story takes place after chapter 59 in manga! Please read the manga first, it's available at www.mangafox.com

Read Here:
Chapter 1

Please Read & Review! ^___^

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Hi guys, this is my fanfic about La Corda d'Oro. Update chapter 1-6!

Title: Searching For You
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Humor
Pairing: Kahoko x Any
Len     : "I didn’t understand about Hino. Why is she so different now?"
Hihara : "I thought Tsuchiura like girls, but of course Tsukimori is prettier!"
Amou  : "Tsuchiura-kun! I didn't call you so that I can watch you thinking about pervert things!"

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Please Read & Review!!!


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It has been awhile, my friends. But I am ever glad to add my bit to this flourishing community <3

Every now and then one will stumble on a twin or passing resemblance.
In the case of these girls, it is not only skin-deep, I'm afraid ~

Angelique & Micaiah from [Fire Emblem]

Of Silver-haired maidens, cursed pianists, and more. )
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Fulfilling [profile] misuki_seno  request.

Here is the Seisogakuinsai 2007, with Chinese subtitles though.

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01-08 La Corda d'Oro
09-10 Heart no Kuni no Alice / ハートの国のアリス
11-14 CLAMP (Clamp School; xxxHolic)
15-21 Kingdom Hearts
22-27 Misc Icons (Bleach, Death Note, Dengeki Daisy, sola, Neo Angelique, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3)
Total Icon Count: 27

27 Icons )

And you can find more Corda icons here.


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