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I used to post here ages ago. It is good to know the community is still here! I have been having a major Angelique Renaissance since re-watching the Neo Angelique anime in February and, much to my delight, finally getting to play an Angelique game with Retour. I've been fangirling it all alone to fervent fanfiction writing levels since March... I'm glad to find somewhere a bit active to talk about it.

Now I would really love to play some of the older games. I just bought the PC version of Etoile, and hopefully I can get to work on an old laptop. I imagine I should be able to attempt Neo Angelique and Maren when I get a PSP. (Are PSPs regionally locked? I am assuming that I should get a Japanese version.) What about Trois, Special 2 and Requiem? Is there any way to play them without buying old Japanese consoles and trying to get them to work with newer US TVs? I saw Requiem on a kind of sketchy website as being downloadable, but I didn't get it to work.

On Retour... I have a lot to say and am not sure where to start. lol. I will happily post a synopsis of Brian's parts, for those who can't play Retour, if there is any interest. It has its issues, but I kind of love his story. I wish I knew when his birthday is! It is a silly thing, but I like to know this stuff!

The most important (for my fanfic, anyway) question is... Is there ever mentioned anywhere just how much time passes on the continent in relation to the flying city? There is rather contradictory information. Brian says more than once, IIRC, that it has been decades... and there is a scene that indicates that is the case, but the priest doesn't age that much. He just goes from about 8 to perhaps 18 or so when I got the game to last over 100 days or so. I assumed that the priest has power like a Guardian's, which is why he ages minimally, but uncertain timelines bug me when writing anything.
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I was playing my Neo Angelic Special and La Corda 2f encore the other days, everything works fine but suddenly it couldn't save anymore. 
I tried to reboot it and it would tell me it can't find the system data.  So basically I can't save and load my games at all.  I checked the saved data, and they are still there.  I played other none KOEI games and it worked just fine.

I am wondering has anyone encountered such problem also?  I would appreciate if anyone can give me hints on how to solve this problem.  Thank you!
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All right. So I don't know if anybody on here still plays the ancient Ange games like I do, but I've been in the process of translating a bunch of screenshots I took from several Ange games: Special, Special 2, and Etoile. A good friend of mine was talking about being confused as to why her planets were exploding during the examination in the game, so I decided to translate the portion of the beginning that explains that. Keep in mind my Japanese isn't top-notch, so please forgive me if things sound a bit wordy or awkward.

Oh, and another sidenote: I left out some of the snapshots where Angelique was just saying "Hai!" because I felt it wasn't necessary. I hope this might help someone out there. Please let me know if anyone actually decides to download. Oh, and enjoy!

Angelique Special 2 Tutorial screenshots
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What is the difference between the PS2 game releases for HaruToki etc that are "Best!" version, normal version, "Premium box" version...?

In terms of actual game play, is there anything significantly different (ie voices, etc) or is it just the way it was originally sold (and what extras it had, etc)?

My copy of Ange Etoile says Premium Box on it although I got it second hand so I hadn't really thought much about it till now. BUT with the exchange rate taking a first class trip down the proverbial toilet, if I'm going to buy a HaruToki game of any kind, I'd at least like to know what I'm looking at.

(Be nice to me. I only JUST got my hands on a Japanese PS2 last autumn thanks to someone in London wanting rid of theirs and I'm still learning ;))

Any advice from those more experienced...? Particularly regarding the HaruToki games, since I'm having to prioritise and a HaruToki one is likely to be next on my list (with my birthday coming up I'm thinking I can justify it as a self-present...right??)

Thanks in advance anyone who can answer my question :)



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