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Well, this comes after a sizable period of silence on here. There's been two updates to the Maren site, one on the 4th and the other today. They include two updates to Giovanni's room and one update to the 'special' section that has wallpapers for your computers and laptops. Not much, but I so do enjoy today's update to Giovanni's room; both Theresa and Leviath look less than happy in their respective positions.
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Hey all!

I'm back again with another fan art submission. For those of you who have been tracking my progress of the Angelique Heroines art challenge I started back in the fall/winter, this marks the last one in the series.

Well, this may not be the last, but it's the last Angelique to do. The future may hold art for Rosalia, Rachel, and any of the other characters. But this is it for now!

Enjoy! :D

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Hey everyone!

I'm doing a series of desktop wallpapers using each of the lead heroines from the Angelique series. Up first is Angelique from Neo Angelique as The Queen's Egg. Feel free to download for a 1440x900 version and let me know what you think! :)




Ange from Etoile is finished now too! :D

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Well, one day i was looking to some japanese blogs, i saw one of a girl that buy some merchandise of neo ange, and she scaned de box and have a cute image of neo ange guys. So using my graphic design skills i did a desktop theme with this.

I know it´s doesn´t look high quality but i tried to correct the colors and put all characters in 1440 and 1280 resolution. I´m sharing this since i think it suit for christmas (or for neo ange fans like me xD). Do you know if there any images of ange / neo ange / la corda in christmas or something?

Download link here: http://www.mediafire.com/?yjnvztj5md1

Hope you like it! since i think it´s a rare image to find.
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I created a wallpaper if anyone's interested. I vectored an image of Angelique Collet from Memoir of White Wings OVA and made my own English Angelique logo. Download for full size, and please leave a comment either on here or there if you decide to grab it. That way I can tell if anyone actually snags them and if I should make any more in the future to share.


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So this is sadly pathetic that I only just now finished this (seeing as how May is already halfway over), but I made a desktop wallpaper if anyone wants it. It's of Sei-Lan. Created by me in Flash and Photoshop. Check it out at my deviantART page.

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Well this technically isn't a fanart so I hope it's still okay to post this here.  >_>;;  I made this for a recent contest at Minitokyo and thought I'd share it here since Angelique walls are a scarce resource.  XD  Click the thumbnail below to go and download it from my site.  It's available in widescreen and standard resolution sizes.  Enjoy! 


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