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A while back both the Kiniro no Corda 2f encore ~graduation~ and Neoromance Friends CDs were posted. Would anyone be able to reupload those please to Mediafire or a similar site as both the other links now lead to the defunct megaupload?

It would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey, gang!!

Sooooooo I have some exciting news. :) I got my hands on the Angelique Gemme Stories official guidebook thanks to ebay, and upon inspecting it I found that it most certainly has the ENTIRE SCRIPT to Angelique OVA 2: From the Sanctuary with Love as fandramon(maybe?) pointed out many moons ago.

Therefore, as you can guess, I'm currently translating it all to make up for that not-so-perfect version someone else did previously which I found on veoh *cough* calling Catis "Clavis" and referring to the Jet Aiguillon as Jet Legion *cough*
I'm about halfway through part 1 since starting yesterday, so it'll be no time at all before I'm actually subtitling the video.

I'm at a problem point, though, and wanted to reach out to my fellow fans. Currently I only have unsubbed videos that came from at least 8-10 years ago (super low-quality, small video size), and I'd hate to release such a pitiful quality video. The version someone else did on Veoh was great quality, but I only have the version they did with subtitles embedded.
It pains me to think about buying them as the entire 3-DVD set would cost a ton (but will seriously consider it should my plea go unanswered). Would anyone happen to be gracious enough to provide me with some high quality raw avi files, preferably at least 640x480 in size? Or know of someone else who might?

I really want to get these off the table since OVA 2 and OVA 3 are the only ones without proper translations out there.

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Hey, guys!

I have a request for anybody who's willing to help out. My friend and I are going to NYComicCon in October, and we'll be cosplaying as Ange characters. I'm already set as Randy, but my friend needs some high-quality large scans/images of Neo Angelique so she can get the details right on her dress and whatnot. Front, side, back. Anything. And full-body shots will especially be helpful.

Can anyone help me out? I've always been a die-hard Ange fan over the years, but I don't have enough Neo images in my massive Ange media collection. Haha

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I've decided I'm going to get my lazy butt motivated enough to learn at least basic japanese. So far I'm working off lessons on the internet, but I can't find some good ones. Does anyone have a link or two to a website with some good lessons? I would really appreciate any help.


Apr. 30th, 2011 08:12 pm
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Hi everyone! I'm new to the community, though I've actually been getting on the web page and reading any Angelique news you guys feed me. I must thank many of you for your helpful updates, or I wouldn't know about quite a few of my favorite Angelique AMV's or anything. I actually discovered the series because one of the Guardians (I think it was Olivie) made a cameo in a fan fiction I was reading. I thought 'Oh my god! He's weird, I must find out where he's from!' and ta-da! I became obsessed with the series.

Alright, enough of my blathering, I was actually wondering if someone can help me. I've been looking all over the place for the subbed episodes of From the Sanctuary With Love, but I can't find any of them but 1. I'm dying to watch the other two, but I'm having difficulties. Help please?
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Hey there, minna-san!

I'd like to make a request if I may.

I have been collecting the crossover dramas from the Neoromance events, I have the dramas from festas 1-5 including the Osaka version of Festa 2's drama.

How many others are there? I figure there's also one for the Festa 5 in Osaka event, but haven't been able to find vids from that yet.

Could someone please share vids or mp3 files of the crossover dramas NOT from the following events...

Festa 01
Festa 02
Festa 02 in Osaka
Festa 03
Festa 04
Festa 05

Thank you very much, and in return, I can share the mp3s of the dramas from the aforementioned events.
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Hello :) For you NeoAnge fans who 'rated/stamped' me as NeoAnge Angelique — I finally finished the two seasons of the series and yes, I found the NeoRoma heroine with whom I resonate with most deeply.

I have a request after watching... would anyone be willing to share ネオ アンジェリーク Abyss オリジナルサウンドトラック? (I managed to find active Second Age links, thank you!)

...or, if anyone can tell me if Nyx-san has his piano track on it, that's really all I want to hear :3

Thank you in advance!
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Hi, everybody!

I'm looking for Kiniro no Corda R-18 (Adults, H-Content) doujinshis with Tsukimori x Kaho as main couple to buy.
I have been looking for some of them, but I has been un-lucky.
I also am interested in BL doujinshis, as main couple Tsuchiura x Tsukimori!

I'd appreciate if someone can offer me the type of doujinshi that I'm looking for =)

Thanks!! =)

PS: Please delete it if not allowed.

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i'm a huge fan of the haruka series but i'm having the worst time trying to find soft subs or even a download of the movie, haruka naru toki no naka de 3 owari naki unmei, with english subs on it, i was wondering if anyone knows if it got subbed and/or where i can get the english subs if its out there? >.<
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Hey everyone, I'm back again~ :p I've had a bunch of half-finished post ideas lying around, so instead of spamming the entire front page of the group with them, I figured I'd throw them all together in here XD What could there possibly be you ask?

A Download [Angelique Special 2 4-Koma book] )
A Question [Haruka1 Songs; looking to find and/or buy, need some help ^^;] )
And, of course, some dragons! :3 [It's not just Mel, okay? XD] )
Hopefully at least one of those points was entertaining for someone :p
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Hello everyone! If I'm understanding the rules correctly, I believe this is allowed. If not, I will delete this and not trouble you again. :)

I'm a huge fan of Fumihiko Tachiki and looking through his various seiyuu roles has led me here. I'm trying to find the songs he did for the Victor character, but I'm having quite a difficult time finding the ones I don't have, if there are more than the ones I have. Currently, I have:

- Yakusoku
- Together ~Michi Naki Michi o Susume~
- Mirai ni Kaji o Tore
- Mountain Road
- Yo-Ho ~Kaze to Utaou~

If anyone has a copy of the CDs with other songs, or can lead me to a place I can purchase them, I would greatly appreciate it! In exchange, I have all but one song from his and Toshiyuki Morikawa's band 2HEARTS that I could offer in trade.

I have taken interest in wanting to watch this anime as well. How would be the best way to go about it? Is there a preferred site that streams it (preferably with subtitles since I don't understand the language)?

Again, I apologize if this is not allowed or if this sounds a bit confused. It's late here, lol. I greatly appreciate anyone's help in this matter! :D

- A.
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I remember reading someone saying there's a song about Randy rapping.
I think someone made a comment about it on Youtube.
Is there really a song that sounds like him rapping or him actually rapping?

Can anyone in here picture him rapping? Randy rapping...?
Well anywho if anyone knows what that song is, can you tell me and possibly give me the mp3.
If no one  knows, if what I've said has given you a chuckle, then I'm glad.
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Hey there, minna-san!

I've almost got all Neo Angelique character songs, but I know I am missing some...even those I wouldn't know existed. Here is what I have on my laptop...

These songs are delightful to listen to )

So then, I know I am missing....

SHE'S MY GIRL (Rayne and Nyx)
Dear My Princess (J.D. and Bernard)

What else am I missing? And could you please help me complete the collection?

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Hi~ I for the life of me, cannot find the PC game of Angelique Etoile. I've searched high and low for the game, but I just cannot find it.
Does anyone on here have a download link for it? I've been dying to play this game. = w=;;;
Many thanks for listening to my request~ <3
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Hey there, minna-san! I have another fic to add to the community!

Title: One Night
Authoress: btamamura
G, all ages
Warnings?: None
After a hard day of studying and not seeing Mathias, Rene just wants to play with him...
Disclaimer: I do not own Neo Angelique, nor its characters. If I did, certain events would not have taken place.
Notes: I decided to write a fic based on the younger days of Mathias and Rene. Somehow, I can see this happening. I know I make the Elders of the Religious Organisation seem like bad guys, but I can't bring myself to change my opinion of them after what they told Mathias to do in the series! Anyway, forget about that, this fic is just a cute friendship/brotherly fic about those raised in Celestizam.

 I hope you enjoy, and please do leave a review. Thank you.
"I'm not sleepy, Mathias..." )

 Thank you for reading! Please do leave a review?

Also, I have a request if I may. I was wondering if anybody had the video of Bokutachi no Anniversary from Neoromance Live Summer 2007? If so, could you please share it with me? Thank you.
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Yeah, well, I listened to a whole lot of them in the past, but didn't like them so I deleted them. Now I'd love to listen to a few of them again to see if my tastes might have changed.

It's a big list, so I guess, uh... prepare yourselves?

Read more... )
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I recently got a new computer, because my old one died (taking all my precious files with it T_T). So, I was wondering (and hoping) that maybe you guys had some of Lumiale's songs (vocal and/or instrumental), and would be willing to share them with me? The only songs I do currently have, are from the "Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique -kokoro no mezameru toki Character Song Vol.7" CD (the only Angelique CD I own ^_^;;).

Any help at all would be very, very appreciated! Thank you, in advance!
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I just discovered the existence of this album and would desperately love to have it. Whether or not it's actually good is unbeknownst to me, but I'm an avid collector of the Angelique music. If anyone has it, I would really REALLY appreciate it if you would share it. I can offer a trade if you have it and want something in return. Whether it be a custom Angelique piece of art (desktop wallpaper or just art in general) or a trade of another album or set of songs, I would gladly do so.

So. Angelique Romancia, anyone? :)
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Does anyone have scans of the original Angelique manga? I've been dying to read more of it, but the folks over at mangaart.us never have any updates. I'm assuming it's due to icemarle being so busy with her duties over at Strawberry Mint, and I totally can't blame her for having so many projects going on. I'd personally love to attempt to continue the translation process, and having the scans of the rest of volume 3+ would be great.

Any help?



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