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All right all right, that's not the best image, but the alternative is to stop ganking pics from Amazon Japan and actually scan something myself, so it's staying. With apologies to Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule - and everyone who's sick of my spamming the comm - I thought far too long had elapsed since a poll. Since the mistress of the multiple-choice form is sadly AWOL, we'll have to satisfy ourselves with short-answer. So, to cleanse the palette before Maren:
Close your books, get out your #2 pencils )
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With this short end chapter, we conclude the first "book" of the...er, book. Next week's chapter will open somewhere...different.

But first! We must determine:

[Poll #1767699]

Oh, and chapter 9... )
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To drown my sorrow in not finishing the Gaiden 1 summary in time to fulfill my New Year's resolution*, let's have a little poll on Love Love Tenshi-sama.

The LLT site's been updated with new profiles for the first four characters. They list last names in this universe and, interestingly, home nations:

  • Francis Walton from the U.K.
  • the Sebastian-alike from Japan
  • Oscar Rockwell from the U.S. (L.A., to be specific)
  • Arios (no last name - "Arios" is his stage name here, apparently) from Russia

Sebastian Sakuragawa is a support character for the heroine, a butler private secretary. Also, Francis is apparently nobility and does his psychology "more as a hobby."

Anyhow, we postponed it when LoveLove Tenshi-sama was first introduced, but now I'm afraid we have to do it: predict the countries of origin and professions of the remaining Ange cast.

* - Actually, since I'm way past the point where the metal-angel thing is resolved, I could've just released the first half now and the second in a week or two. The story benefits from being available all at once, though, and a multi-part release means posting the drama downloads in two parts, etc. See, I'm doing you a favor; I'm not sucking, honest!**
** - it totally is that I'm sucking
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A simple question: What costumes would your favorite (or not) neoroma characters choose for this holiday?
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[Poll #1634296]

Links safe for work; not safe for life.
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[Poll #1591877]

EDIT: Surprisingly, I'm tempted to vote *outside* the Angelique fandom (which everyone *can* of course, so ignore the tags and how Sable-kun is being a terribly lazy tagger)). To seiyuu stalkers, the reasoning behind this is obvious. If it isn't, ensuing commentary will be revealing enough~ I dare everyone break at least two kinds of logic by voting for someone from Haruka. *rofl*
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On the old Brunching Shuttlecocks humor website, there was a regular feature called Good or Bad, where a list of assorted things were presented ("felt-tip markers that smell like fruit," "moss," "yelling 'moo' at cows along the highway") and visitors were encouraged to vote on whether each individually was Good or Bad.  (The word "tarnation" is good, gold is bad, etc.  See the link if I'm not being clear.)

So: the following Angelique-related things are either Good or Bad.  Exactly which is left for you to determine.  Contrary to what the source site claims, we do care what you think about these things, so happily (or otherwise) post any elaboration you have on your votes.  Do remember, though: there is no in-between!  There is only Good or Bad!

- Sei-Lan
- Julious's hairstyle in Trois
- Rachel's wig
- the assignment of the various Sacrea among the Holy Beast Guardians
- those episodes where Olivie's trying to put makeup on Marcel or Randy or Luva or whoever
- ClaLumi
- Ange Sacraquix (in the game only, not the TV show)
- Arios's song "Faith of Love"
- that part in "Eien no Calendar" where Randy raps "you look hot"
- Hideyuki Tanaka*
- Charlie's fashion sense
- tea parties

Bonus: Francis's backstory about his bunnyphobia: ridiculous or heartbreaking? 

* - I was tempted to make this entry "staircases" instead, but I think I know how we'd all vote on that.

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To my dear active [livejournal.com profile] angemedia friends — I've been wanting to know more about you all! XD Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer the following:

What Neoromance character/s do you resemble most?

Who are they, and why? Perhaps you've been compared to the active and energetic Kaze no Shugosei? Do you relate closely to the struggles of our heroine in Corda 1? Maybe your words shimmer and your eyes sparkle like those of the Chi no Byakko? Or could it be that you feel most akin to the quiet, often-unnoticed secondary characters who keep to the background? Maybe something darker lurks beneath your friendly exterior... or maybe you have everything to offer and nothing to hide. :) Let's hear what you feel! Elaborate at length!

To establish a rule of thumb, let's call a flexible limit of three characters per series, but feel free to break it down by era (i.e. Ange) or individual game (i.e. Haruka) as your enthusiasm requires. XD

Gush away! ♥
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Well, I don't mean to interrupt your pleasant reveries of flowers and bonbons, my friends~ Only that no posts have been sighted for days, so perhaps a quick poll is in order ? <333[Poll #1525165][Poll #1525165]
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It seems things have been busy while I [Poll #1513886]
Does it still hold true that [x] has the most fans ? Perhaps for some reason <3 [y] more than [x] now just a *little* bit ? (I'm sure you have your reasons~ don't fear XD) On the other hand, it's perfectly okay if you fell in love with the same bishounen over and over and... *OVER*... again.


Why are you looking at me now ? I'm hardly immune to this sort of thing rofl

Someone more informed than me (you know who you are, practically half the community), do start a poll for Haruka and Corda ^_^
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Considering the new homepage design, this seems an appropriate poll to pose: Who do you think is the best partner for each heroine? I'll answer for that with which I'm familiar, Angelique and Neo, but you can include Corda and Haruka in your own responses, of course.

My answers - )
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[Poll #1504437]
Not the easiest of choices ? If I had to decide without thought, Marcel should be graceful on ice, or Sei Lan~ but might be pwn'ed by Olivie showing off in glittery figure-skating finery idk lol
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If there's ever a time one can afford to feel slightly nostalgic, it's during the closing of the year ^_~

[Poll #1499395]
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[Poll #1498188]

Oh, one more thing, the 15 poll option limit wasn't set by me, but by LJ.
(If I was the developer I'd make sure there would be at least 30, believe me XD).
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So, now that Pastha and Sara have left their careers in the Holy Land, how will they manage the funds to care for their new hatchling? [Does s/he have a name? I mean besides "the adorable baby dragon" :p] *cue ridiculous poll, they're totally all the rage this holiday season XD*

[Poll #1496951]
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I recently obtained a batch of older Ange CDs, among them a set of the Gaiden 1: Mugen Onkai (Infinite Scale) (as in musical scales) (the meaning is kind hard to get across instantaneously in English) CDs. I haven't listened to them yet, but it seems to be a Lumiale-centric story about him helping a young boy on an aquatic planet overcome the grief of losing his parents.

But, of course, that's not the part about which you want to hear )
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[Poll #1495855]
Some of you might already know this, but poll options are limited to fifteen. Always feel free to vote for Leonard & co, Neo Angelique, Corda and even Haruka characters in the comments. ( On a pre-emptive note, I'm a self-confessed Haruka idiot and my Corda knowledge isn't spectacular as well, so don't be surprised if I don't reply to comments about these fandoms. It's most likely that I can't add anything worthwhile to the discussion, not because I'm ignoring anyone XD That said, you're more than welcome to fangirl among each other <33 )


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