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Hey all! Hope you're all doing okay, it's been kinda quiet in the comm lately ^^; Anyways, I'm moving and selling off a few things I have relating to Angelique and Uta no Prince-Sama [it's an otome game too so I hope it's okay to post the UtaPri stuff here :x] There's a bunch of doujinshi under the lj cuts as well as the stuff that's shown here:

So come check it out! :D

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And if anyone's interested, I also have a bunch of doujinshi and books I'm looking to sell from other series, including:
Mythical Detective Loki
Shin Megami Tensei Series [Devil Summoner, Devil Summoner Raidou, Nocturne]

You can check them out by clicking the pic or this link!

Thanks for looking :3
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"Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom" for PSP announced for North American release! I'm watching the Anime Expo Aksys panel liveblogged now, check it out here:
Event is over but you can still check out the news here:
And chat about it here:
http://angemedia.chatango.com/ :3
Can't say I want to play this game, [I don't need ANGST in my otome games :/] but maybe I'll go for it anyways. There will be both a normal and special edition to go for, and it will be available on PSN too. I think it was mentioned that it was tied to an anime too, has that been officially released in the west? I'm so behind on popular anime XD
Also announced was "Fate/Extra", don't know much about the series, but I think it's popular ^^;

I was a little disappointed when the liveblog mentioned "Second game is set in the feudal era of Japan and has ridiculously hot men?!", while I'm listening to Harukanaru music, and hoping for Hiiro no Kakera |D Oh well, maybe something good will come out of this if these sell well.

more info on Hakuoki here - http://www.siliconera.com/2011/07/02/hakuoki-demon-of-the-fleeting-blossom-will-be-north-americas-first-otome-game/

more info on fate/extra here - http://www.siliconera.com/2011/07/02/fateextra-destined-for-release-in-north-america-this-year/

*edit edit* could there be even more otome in the works?! JList/JAST USA will also be having a panel at Anime Expo later tonight: "We’ll have complete information on our new license acquisitions at our panel at Anime Expo this weekend, Saturday July 2nd at 11:00pm, room LP3 of the Los Angeles Convention Center, including a project in the works that we think female fans will be particularly excited about." What could it be? There was mention of Starry Sky by one of the staff on SiliconEra... And there are a lot of other 18+ otome games out there too, so who knows? XD

*edit edit edit* Starry Sky officially confirmed from JAST USA! [no, it's not an 18+ game, or yaoi *smacks the liveblogger* XD] From the AX liveblog here: http://inside.anime-expo.org/games/2011-07/ax11-jast-usa/
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My brain melted when my Golden Sun: Dark Dawn game arrived today. My ranting might be insane due to that.

So I thought of Angelique and Golden Sun at the same time, and then wondered what would happen if the two worlds accidentally switched characters. I'm only doing the Angelique side because not everyone here knows GS.

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Cast list
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I thought that was time for this title to have a community for itself since it's very loved! If you are a fan of Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan feel free to join and share your love! Spread your love for the Shinsengumi here!
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Does anyone know where I could still order the Limited Edition of Starry☆Sky? Amazon.jp has it, but for some reason it can't be shipped to my address.

Help/advice, please. (:
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It's almost been a month since the release of Will o' Wisp DS. I searched everywhere for the rom, but sadly no one has uploaded it yet. D: I'd buy the game, but I just spent my money on honeybee merchandise.

So, has anyone found it yet? Or is anyone willing to share, please? :D

Also, if anyone is interested in love solfege (responsible for the OP of Will o' Wisp and Edel Blume), here's the Luxury ~ classical best album. It may take a little while to download since no one's seeding that much.
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Cross posting to [livejournal.com profile] otomegame

Starry★Sky ~Capricorn~
Tomoe Yoh (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)

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The Starry★Sky series is from Honey Bee, the same people who made the Hitsuji de Oyasumi series.
The premise of Starry★Sky is that you, the heroine, goes to Seigetsu Gakuen a school that specializes in astronomy and astrology. In this Drama CD series the heroine has a boyfriend out 12 guys that are based off from the 12 astrological signs. The characters are also separated into 4 groups that are based off on the seasons; Spring=classmates, Summer=club, Autumn=adult love (teachers), and Winter=student council. After 3 Drama CDs are released a Planetarium CD will be released, which is an otome game based on the seasons.

If you would like this please comment and I'll send it to you via LJ mail.
And for those of you wondering why the track list is also in French, Yoh is also half French. His French name is Henri Samuel Jean Aimée.

If you want to find any more information in English check out the fansite luminarye


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