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Hey there, folks; the Brand New Summer event has come and gone, and according to Famitsu and Gamer, Koei released some...extremely broad details about the game:

- It's set two years after the first one
- The Aube Hunters have gathered together into a new manor
- The game is scheduled for release in 2017

And...that's it. There was also a promo image shown of Angelique & Rayne looking at each other, but no one's posted it yet. The official Twitter thinks the new Neoromance credit-card promotion is much more newsworthy. Hey, Koei: you do know what the "promo" in "promo image" means, don't you? Material can't promote something if you keep it hidden under a rock.

Anyhow: I wish that the details leaked were more inspiring. It's very early on, obviously, but "there's a mansion & everything so it's just like the first one except it's two years later" isn't very stirring.
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According to Anime News Network, Ruby Party's gettin' together with Otomate to make a new Neo Angelique game. And, MAN, this news snuck out the door, since it was leaked on December 5th, and there's nothing on Koei's site about it, and nearly nothing from anyone on the English-language social networks about it. I just noticed it now. Apparently, it was announced at the Neoromance 20th Anniversary Finale event.

So, collaboration with Otomate: guess it's gonna a Maren-like visual novel, then? They're aiming for a 2016 release date.

Good Lord, Retour is set to take off in a few days, and now this. I'm gonna go crazy posting all this news. Someone help me.
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To "improve quality," as per the official site.

ETA: In the meantime, Tumblr user kiminosekaisoshitewatashinosekai has posted scans of the Girl's Style preview of Retour. Neat to look at. Not much in way of new info, except that there's apparently a festival date down on the continent (with Marcel, at least) and that you'll meet Brian if you go down to the continent on the weekdays. Also, Brian's supposedly good at knitting. I have no idea if this is a euphemism or not.

ETA2: k&wsekai has also posted scans of a Retour B's Log article. Why are this person's posts not showing up for me in Tumblr tags?
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There's a promo video up on the official site. It's a video, so I have to post about it, but it's basically the character images we've seen, manipulated slightly to animate very unconvincingly. There are glimpses of a few special date images we haven't yet seen, and we hear what I presume is Infini's theme song, as well as our first listen of Brian's voice. On balance, though, go check out kathisofy's post below instead.
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Not much to report, but:

- There are a couple shots in the site's gallery that show in-game activity, with Limoges receiving a star sapphire necklace from Randy in "gratitude" for having a good time on one of their dates. Limoges has what appears to be the four-heart energy meter in the corner, but the shots are from the traditional visual-novel viewpoint.

There are also a couple glamour shots of Randy and Clavis in the gallery, and a couple more shots of the stuff that comes with the more elaborate game versions.

- The opening theme song, "Carry on Your Dream," will be handled by Infini, the in-house Koei boy band that does a lot of stuff for Dynasty Warriors and other neoromance titles.

- Also, at the upcoming Angelique Memoire event, there will be a CD released with a short version of "Carry on Your Dream," short versions of character songs for Zephel ("Be Yourself"), Oscar ("El Fuego"), and Randy ("Doushite mo Waserarenai"/"There's No Way I Can Forget").

- If you follow the neoromance twitter and retweet this tweet, you can, theoretically, win the prize pack shown. I don't know if this offer applies to folks outside Japan, though.

- Also, this is not going to apply to any us, most likely, but here's a list of the special bonuses you can get from preordering the game at various Japanese stores:

Cut )

- Also, if you'd like to make yourself a special Angelique-themed drink, then Karaoke no Tetsujin has some recipes for you:

Divine Bird: "white water" (apparently this is a dairy-flavored water beverage unique to Japan, not the stuff that turns vampires back to human in Countdown Vampires), whipped cream, and white grape syrup
Sacred Beast: iced tea w/ rose syrup & rose petals
Neo Angelique: orange juice w/ black currant & cherry syrups

With special coaster. Collect all 92!
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Just FYI.

ETA: Oh, what the heck; misc. news while we're here:

- Gerard's VA has been confirmed as Shun Horie; Silvan's, as Yukitoshi Kikuchi. Full-length art of both characters have been released, but, frankly, both of them look to be major-league headaches at this point.

- A couple more lavish pieces of Marcel and Julious have been added to the official site's art gallery, in the style of the Randy piece that was posted previously.

- The Vocal Complete box has been confirmed to have 152 songs. I don't know if anyone wants to do the math and see how many new songs that gets us. Never mind; other sources confirm that the count of 152 is for previously-released songs. No word on how many songs are on the bonus disk of unreleased material, to my knowledge.

More ETA: This is too small for its own news post, but just to note: Those ordering through Koei's Gamecity site (for any edition of the game) will get an additional A4-size full-color character book and a "corsage clip" modeled after the Smallney Academy school insignia. They accept only orders from Japan, though, so you'd have to use a deputy service (or hit up auctions afterward) to get these. These items are also, according to Koei, subject to change.

Finally, a reminder that, despite our ultra-expensive 20th Anniversary Editions, we are at least not the recipients of the worst of Koei's attentions.
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Updates at the Retour site:

- Brian's VA has been announced as Ryota Osaka. Looking at his work history, he's had a lot of minor roles in things or larger roles in minor things but nothing major so far. Correct me if I'm wrong on this.

- Ange & Rosalia's two helper characters have been introduced: the cheerful Gerard, who apparently encourages your romances, and the serious Silvan, who wants you to concentrate more on becoming Queen. Silvan looks like a weirdo with that monocle. Here are profiles: Cut )

- There's a glamour shot of Randy in the gallery of him actually looking kinda-sorta vaguely Randyish for the first time in the promo stuff for this game. Maybe because he's in a dynamic pose instead just standing around OOC-ly in soft poses with soft hair. (Speaking of which, kathisofy has an interesting theory on why Randy looks odd that you should read if you haven't already.)

- Sample photos of the character swings & design collection book have been added to the product info.

Also, Kotaku has a feature on Angelique's founding role in the otome game genre. It's basically swiped from a Famitsu interview with Ruby Party that was taken from the weekly magazine, but the interview contains some interesting bits on the original game's development. Amazingly, the comments are not a nightmare (yet).
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"Olivie's Loving Dream" Part One has been up for a couple days at the manga site. It has some very good Olivie moments, but also some frustrating bits regarding its treatment of its female characters (though not to the degree of Oscar Pt. 1, thank God). I should have a translation up today or tomorrow NOW.

Also: On July 24th (after Olivie Pt. 2 at the start of July), they're also going to be releasing two published manga: Angelique Retour Vol. 1 and Angelique Retour Secret Side Vol. 1. The former promises to be the "complete edition" of the promo manga released in Sho-Comi earlier (Amazon.jp says it's 192 pages, so I guess they did expand on that comic considerably); the latter is a compilation of the backstory comics we've been reading. Each volume will cost under 500 yen.

Additionally: an Angelique Vocal Complete box is scheduled for release on July 22 for 21,600 yen. 14 discs, with a bonus disc of unreleased songs. (Will it include even rare stuff, like seasonal festival songs etc.? I'll be surprised as heck if it does.)

ETA the title's so long I can't fit any more information in it: In knocking around the Retour site & associated links, I came across the Twitter for Miko Mitsuki, the artist for the Retour comics. If you click through the photos listed on the bottom of the left column, you'll find a good number of promo & birthday pics (and even a couple short comics) she's drawn for Retour.

There's also her blog, which doesn't have much but does have a very pretty pic of Rosalia & Limoges as the header.
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Forgive me for the near-double post here, but the prices for the various editions of Retour have been released, and I thought it was noteworthy that the largest edition costs (without the discounts applied via the Gamecity website, which I do not believe accepts overseas orders) 30,000 yen. That amount converts, as of this writing, to almost $250 US. Or $315 Australian. Or 225 Euros. Or...well you'll have to do your own conversions from there. (Please also note that the yen has been unusually weak lately against the USD & many other currencies; usually, this price would convert to higher amounts.)

The Treasure Box (the lower-tier special edition) is 12,800 yen, which converts to ~$105 US. The regular edition is 6,800 yen, or ~$55 US. All editions are available for both the Vita and PSP versions, with no difference in cost systemwise. There's also going to release a super-special ultra-deluxe edition available only through GameCity with "special perks," though they haven't decided exactly what those perks will be yet.

Oh, and the game is scheduled for October now. We'll see.

Anyhow: Any reactions to the 20th Anniversary Edition price? It's a bit prohibitive. I could have had a photo of myself featured in a text message in NightCry for that!
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Has character profiles, full-length art of everyone, and info on the three editions of the game scheduled for release. It also has info on one of the new characters: the mulleted "Brian." I can't stop thinking of Family Guy. Here's Brian's profile:

"A mysterious boy you meet from time to time on the continent. His age is unknown. He's very wise but is self-centered and talks about nothing but his own affairs, so he's not very approachable. He treats even the heroine with contempt on occasion."

The quote on the side reads: "Swear to me, here and now, on the Queen's throne - that you won't speak of me to anyone else, ever. Why? Because I'm a criminal." Which explains the mullet, I suppose. (ETA: Sorry for my confusion about the quote before; odd punctuation led me astray.) He is a love interest, apparently, based on info in the descriptions for the special editions.

Speaking of the special editions, here's info on what they contain, below a cut: Cut )

Nothing out of the ordinary for the usual suspects, except a) Marcel is noted specifically as being occasionally "babyish" (in a spoiled way) and "selfish," and b) Rosalia is a classmate of Angelique's at Smallney now.

We do, however, as noted, have full-body character art for Oscar & Clavis now. Oscar, IMO, looks pretty good, red-white-'n'-blue generously & smartly touched with gold, but that dull steel leg armor is hugely unbalancing. (As darkheart noted, the artist seems to have a problem with balancing visual elements.) Clavis has interesting touches (is that a metaphorical crown of thorns?), but the designer seemingly couldn't decide whether his theme was going to be gothic, outer space, or neo-Japonisme, and just decided to throw everything in there. They seem to be forgetting that Darkness is the Sacrea of simplicity to contrast with Light's opulence. And that hoop bangles + spandex right arm is atrocious.

Also, they changed that awesome character art for Rosalia. Damn.
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I don't think this was confirmed before (if it was, I'll delete this post), but the official Angelique Retour homepage has been updated on the sly to state that the game is scheduled to come out on the Vita & PSP. No date beyond "2015" yet.
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This seems to be old news, but I just learned of its existence through Amazon Japan: Yura Kairi released a 20th Anniversary Angelique illustration collection earlier this month. 160 pages; don't know how it differs from Tiara. Anyone have it?

91+mM1WYLyL . 91oP2uXOQFL

In other news, the 20th anniversary celebration for Neoromance came and went; they updated the page with the full remake of Angelique was announced at the start of the year, but all mention of said remake has been removed. Not that it's a surprise at this point, but it seems that the remake is dead in the water.

Update: Discovered at darkheart54's prompting below: This Famitsu article (Anime News Network report here) mentions that a brief mention of the remake was indeed made at the festival, mostly confirming info that was already known or rumored (no plans to change voice cast as of now; graphics and game system will be updated). They also are said to have released two new images of Clavis and Julious (not online anywhere yet as far as I can see). Nine months, and just two images, though - and no more official online mention of the alleged game. We'll see.

(The same article does mention that a Miko Mitsuki will be drawing a new Angelique manga for Sho-Comi magazine starting this winter, though, again, no further details available.)
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Koei's Neoromance 20th Anniversary site claims that a "full remake" of the first Angelique is coming in 2014. No further details at this time.

Cue debating:
- We all know, of course, that they're most probably going to recast the roles, since much of the original cast is getting up there and youthful sex appeal is a big part of being a seiyuu and selling a franchise. Will you be able to adjust to a whole-new cast? (ETA Note: This is, of course, my own speculation; if the remake ends up being no-effort, maybe they will use old audio files or hire the old cast for just a couple lines, who knows. If they do a full reboot, though, I can't see them not hiring a new cast for the reasons aforementioned.)
- Can Angelique be successfully reconceptualized for the modern era? It was the first of its kind, yet, to paraphrase our dearly-departed-or-at-least-MIA sableblanc, it could be construed today as a "bunch of cliches lashed together with ribbons." Its saccharine sweetness sets Angelique apart and largely defines the franchise, but can that Angelique survive in the modern era?
- How "full" will this remake be? Lavish treatment, or FF4 Complete Collection MMO sprites ahoy?
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Hey, fans. Just a quick update.

The fan translation of Sweet Ange for Gameboy Color is still making progress. I just didn't want anyone to think the project had died. It's coming along really well, and I expect to have a beta release out sometime this year for sure. Look forward to it!

As far as what all's been translated and a rough percentage of completion, I'd say the project is somewhere around 50-75% complete.
  • All the recipe names, ingredient cards, and descriptions for recipes have been finished for a while.
  • All the text within the boardgame playing field is finished (minus the spaces where a Guardian/"Sweet Knight" gives you a random cooking tip).
  • All the greetings for when you visit the Sweet Knights' shops will be done tonight. All the introductions for Angelique Limoges, Angelique Collet, Rosalia, and Rachel are done as well as Dia's introductions and instructions.
  • All the in-game menus have been translated.
If anyone wants screenshots or something, feel free to ask.
Also, since livejournal seems to be dwindling in activity lately, I invite any remaining readers who use facebook to come over and join the Angelique fan page I have on there. I'll try to post any updates on there, and if it's worth blogging about on livejournal I'll let it be known when there's a new blog. By all means, I invite you to do the same. Let's keep the community alive!

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GREE has announced on the LLT site that it's shutting down the service on July 31st, citing "difficulties in delivering and maintaining a satisfactory service for our customers." Feel free to discuss what this really means (if anything), post elegies for Sakuragawa, etc.

P.S. Anybody ever see any of those interviews that were supposed to be published in B'sLOG?
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We'll miss the crack from the LoveLove Tenshi announcements, but they just filled out their roster. (Well, unless they expand into Neo Ange characters.)

Lumiale, who apparently goes by a stage name like Arios, is a 24-year-old "pacifist pianist" from Paris. He apparently doesn't perform much, and he's also wearing some sort of thing tragically based on Randy's KST beer-gut shirt.

OK, sit down for this one: Leonard bin Rashid al Said Sayyid is a 27-year-old diplomat from "Arabia," with no country specified. No one wants to own up to giving Leonard diplomatic authority. (It's worth noting, however, that the real-world al Saids are apparently the ruling family of Oman.) Leonard is the cousin of NotOman's ruling sheik, and he's busying himself with his country's modernization. (Y'know, I *could* see Leonard in Dubai.) He got his hair and eyes from his mother, apparently.
(Note: I'm getting conflicting information on whether the "al" is capitalized and whether or not there's a hyphen between "al" and "Said"; if anyone can clear this up, I'd appreciate it.)

Sei-Lan, who is also using a stage name, is a 23-year-old illusionist from China. I guess that meshes with his talent for disappearing and reappearing at will in the main Angeverse. He is dressed as if Isaac from Castlevania: Curse of Darkness were forced to attend a formal dinner party. He also might have ESP.

Timka Siem Dupaku is the 19-year-old crown prince of the fictional kingdom of Dupak Dupaku, which could be anywhere from India to Laos.

And finally, Olivie von Sydow - no, I don't know either - is a 24-year-old New York costume designer - and actor! And fashion model. We were worried about him, but I think he actually looks pretty good.

Everyone has their usual voice actors. Voice samples for Randy, Zephel, and Luva are up as well. ETA: And now for Clavis, Charlie, and Vic, too.
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All right, get ready for crack.

Per LoveLove Tenshi: Julious Radford is a 28-year-old politician from...Boston? OK, I think we all called the politician thing, but..."Radford"? Not something ultra-French? And he's from Dunkin Donuts Land? Wait, they say he's from a family of politicians; what does that have to do with...

...wait a minute. A Massachusetts family of politicians. ...Julious is supposed to be a Kennedy, isn't he?!

I... I... I don't have the commentary. Someone else please try.

In further news: Julious is still voiced by Shou Hayami. Also, there's one new piece of group artwork at the LoveLove Tenshi site and a couple new pics of Mel and Ernst, along with some voice clips. (Mel sounds a little different; is it just me?) Also, that drama CD is scheduled for release on the 29th and seems to be actually happening this time, as the track names have been released and everything.

Anyhow: Julious has a "pahk the cah" accent in the LoveLove Tenshi universe. That is something that happened.

Other news in Angeland: because the three certainties of life are death, taxes, and Koei neoroma merchandising, Leviath and his Knight Captains now have cell phone straps and clear files, with the color saturation on the latter turned up to 23,000,000. But it makes Giovanni's jacket a resplendent magenta, so I guess it's worth it. (In regards to that Hobby Search link, though: Magic Six Love Knight Angelique dearly needs to be the official English name of the gaiden.)

(But, really, start the Chappaquiddick jokes.)
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Hey, Ange fans! I hope you're all having a wonderful new year so far. :D I just thought I'd pop in to say that my new year's resolution for 2012 is to keep up more with my translations of things. 2011 saw some great progress with me finally figuring out how to hack and begin translating Sweet Ange for Gameboy Color. Though many people (myself included) agree that it would be even better to translate the original Angelique game, it's at least a start. Considering I know next to nothing about programming, it's astonishing I've managed to get this far.

And, to showcase/tease some of the stuff you can expect to see sometime this year, I've prepared some screenshots to show the progress of Sweet Ange thus far. There are SO MANY recipes, ingredients, and recipe cards to translate, so that's what I've been focusing on mostly. Ugh.


Translated screens under cut )
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WARNING: The following is a LoveLove Tenshi update and as such does not deserve to bump [livejournal.com profile] bringdementia's post below. Read that first instead.

The LoveLove Tenshi page has been updated with a bunch of stuff. First: Charles Wong is a 26-year-old fifth-generation industrialist from Singapore. How they got that name and occupation for him, I'll never know. He's still voiced by Mitsuaki Madono. (He's also a Formula 1 race car driver, by the way. On another note, this maybe be the best he's ever dressed.)

Francis, Oscar, and Arios have voice clips up now, and if you click the grey bubble by their chara art, you can see a kinda-sorta slightly different portrait. (You can also see slightly different portraits by clicking the "World" section. Black gloves, Ernst? Really?)

Also, against all expectations, there is apparently a game here. (ETA: Which apparently opened today, though that hardly matters to us.) The setup: all the characters belong to the Neoromance Society, a charitable organization with branches all over the world. Apparently, it's very exclusive etc. and you need connections to get in. In a bid to do so, you fly around the world to hold charitable events with the help of Society members. Afterward, you have a tea party with the celebrities, in which there seems to be a competitive element - a few players put together plates of sweets, and whosever plate the guy likes the best get a compatibility boost, I think? You can also go on "Celeb Tours" with the characters if you do well enough for the charity; eventually, do well enough, and you'll get dates.

Oh, and there's something streaming on the Game page. I think it's the Love Etrangers CD that was moved to late December, but my laptop sound's broken, so I dunno.

ETA: Neo Ange sale: The complete DVD collection of Neo Angelique Abyss is currently on sale at RightStuf.com for $23.99 U.S.; individual seasons are $17.99.
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- Play-Asia now has Maren for US$75 and US$108 + shipping for the regular and special edition respectively. No mention is made of availability of the standard-issue preorder bonuses. (As I've said, I've gotten preorder bonuses from them before even when I didn't preorder, but that's no guarantee.)

Prices at the major outlets with international shipping follow. If shipping costs aren't specified, assume it's "reasonable" shipping (i.e. below $10 US). Prices are listed in US dollars or Japanese yen, regular edition first, then Super-Duper Ultra edition after.

Play-Asia: $75/$108 + shipping; no explicit guarantee of preorder bonus
CD Japan: $74/$99 + shipping; includes "Leviath 2L portrait"; listed under "Angelic"
AmiAmi: 6,040Y/7,780Y (~$78/$100) + shipping; includes "bookstore card(s)"; shipping not really known but will probably average ~$10 based on store charts
HMV: 5,481Y/7,371Y (~$71/$95) + shipping (about $15)
National Console Support: $90/$110 + shipping; no explicit guarantee of preorder bonus, deluxe edition listed as "sold out"
YesAsia: $73/$140; no shipping charge; no explicit guarantee of preorder bonus
Amazon Japan: 4,981Y/6,699Y (~$64/$86) + shipping; shipping either ~$26 or ~$39, depending whether they count games by the CD or the more expensive book rate; if you go this route, you may want to check out the tenso.com forwarding service [livejournal.com profile] fandramon mentioned

If I'm missing a store, please let me know.

- GRANRODEO's "Ai no Warrior" will be released 11/23 in both regular and CD+DVD flavors, with ridiculous covers for each that I cannot link because of screening etc. etc. 2HEARTS's "Spica" is set for 12/21 on CD+DVD only, with no cover art yet, ridiculous or otherwise.

- Of course, the official site has more Giovanni's Room pics and is doing some sort of advent calendar-thing with an illustration on the front page to count down the down the days till release.

- The team behind Maren is doing a series of interviews with Girls' Style. (Giovanni's blog links to it; it's the first link in the ninth post.) The head of the game dev team and the author of the novel are first; then the seiyuu follow. ETA: I'm dumb; there's nothing with the seiyuu, just the director & author talking about the characters. Gerhard icon is jinxing me.

- I'll be posting Gerhard's backstory soon from the novel soon, which is sadly probably the last chapter that'll be posted before the release of the game; I have something that's going to keep me occupied straight out until December (and keep me away from Maren till then, unfortunately). The entire novel will be translated eventually, don't worry. (ETA: Translations of Giovanni blog posts #2 & 3 are below the cut.)


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