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Hi all! I'm selling some Neoromance goods (along with some other stuff outside this fandom). They might be some old stuff, but I believe they're valuable, especially for collectors! Hope to find a new home for those babies!

(follow this face cut to my LJ)

Thank you for looking! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! <(_ _)>
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Hey there, folks; the Brand New Summer event has come and gone, and according to Famitsu and Gamer, Koei released some...extremely broad details about the game:

- It's set two years after the first one
- The Aube Hunters have gathered together into a new manor
- The game is scheduled for release in 2017

And...that's it. There was also a promo image shown of Angelique & Rayne looking at each other, but no one's posted it yet. The official Twitter thinks the new Neoromance credit-card promotion is much more newsworthy. Hey, Koei: you do know what the "promo" in "promo image" means, don't you? Material can't promote something if you keep it hidden under a rock.

Anyhow: I wish that the details leaked were more inspiring. It's very early on, obviously, but "there's a mansion & everything so it's just like the first one except it's two years later" isn't very stirring.
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According to Anime News Network, Ruby Party's gettin' together with Otomate to make a new Neo Angelique game. And, MAN, this news snuck out the door, since it was leaked on December 5th, and there's nothing on Koei's site about it, and nearly nothing from anyone on the English-language social networks about it. I just noticed it now. Apparently, it was announced at the Neoromance 20th Anniversary Finale event.

So, collaboration with Otomate: guess it's gonna a Maren-like visual novel, then? They're aiming for a 2016 release date.

Good Lord, Retour is set to take off in a few days, and now this. I'm gonna go crazy posting all this news. Someone help me.
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All right, I've gone ahead and made an attempt at an Ange tumblr to give the franchise a presence there.


It's covering mostly original Ange with some Neo and Maren on the side. Any suggestions would be welcome. Some issues:

- I'm linking to the page with the original image in the clickthrough and to the main entrance to the artist's webpage in the "by ~" text citation. Good? Bad?

- Also: tags by character name are all lower case, right? It's "lumiale", not "Lumiale"? Or does it even matter? (I'm talking about how I enter the tags; I know their case is displayed differently depending on theme.)

- We discussed the NSFW problems of the "angelique" Tumblr tag in fandramon's SoulCalibur post; any thoughts on that? Should I be using the "neoromance" tag, too?

-What's with Tumblr randomly alphabetizing the tags on some posts, anyway?

- I note that none of the blog posts are showing up on the main Tumblr feed (http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/clavis (or whatever)). I assume you have to have a certain number of posts to be picked up?

- It takes a bit of time to get every character represented, and I've made some admitted mistakes in the early going (3 Clavis pics in a near-row at the start). There will be coverage of the folks currently MIA.

- I'm using a minimalist premade theme, but I've come to like the clean look.

- I've reblogged a couple Ange things from tumblrs belonging to folks on the comm; if you'd prefer it'd not be reblogged, just let me know.

- Finally: what's with all the anger on Tumblr? I reblogged somebody's short impression of the original Ange game from their tumblr and added a link to a followup article they'd written, but I made a mistake with the URL (accidentally sent it to their tumblr instead of their blog), and they got huffy and snippy and brought a few friends in to provide backup huffiness and snippiness. Look, I'm sorry I messed up, but Lord Almighty. I lot of what I see on the medium is rage at people who a) like certain characters or games, b) not like certain characters or games, or c) yell at other people for liking or not liking certain characters or games. Usually all at once. Are Tumblrs just too much of a rage magnet to bother with?

Anyhow, needless to say, if anyone has any ideas on things that should be posted - or things that *shouldn't* be posted, let me know.

On another note, in my searching for pics, I found a few good photos of those prototype Neo Angelique dolls that were never produced:

Under the cut )

I wish that they'd at least produced the Rene, because how adorable is that, really.
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Hey all! Hope you're all doing okay, it's been kinda quiet in the comm lately ^^; Anyways, I'm moving and selling off a few things I have relating to Angelique and Uta no Prince-Sama [it's an otome game too so I hope it's okay to post the UtaPri stuff here :x] There's a bunch of doujinshi under the lj cuts as well as the stuff that's shown here:

So come check it out! :D

Terms & Conditions & My Feedback )

Angelique Stuff )

Uta no Prince-Sama Stuff )

And if anyone's interested, I also have a bunch of doujinshi and books I'm looking to sell from other series, including:
Mythical Detective Loki
Shin Megami Tensei Series [Devil Summoner, Devil Summoner Raidou, Nocturne]

You can check them out by clicking the pic or this link!

Thanks for looking :3
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Nothing hugely surprising: Victor Wand is a 34-year-old soldier from Germany. Who has access to Botox, apparently. Still voiced by Tachiki.

Also, for the purposes of the game, Germany is located somewhere to the north of the Ukraine.

ETA: Unrelated, but I did come across the other Aube Hunters' sacrea affiliations in my Neo Angelique playthrough. J.D. was told by his late Dragon Tribe friend that he was Green. Hyuga was told by an unnamed somebody that he was Steel, because he liked weapons from an early age. Ummmm. Ummmmm... (He also mentions how steel can always regain its shape no matter how much it is battered and bent, which...oh, Hyuga, why'd you have to go to that aspect of your character?)
Rayne is interested in sacrea purely from a research perspective and mentioned no affiliation with any of them.
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WARNING: The following is a LoveLove Tenshi update and as such does not deserve to bump [livejournal.com profile] bringdementia's post below. Read that first instead.

The LoveLove Tenshi page has been updated with a bunch of stuff. First: Charles Wong is a 26-year-old fifth-generation industrialist from Singapore. How they got that name and occupation for him, I'll never know. He's still voiced by Mitsuaki Madono. (He's also a Formula 1 race car driver, by the way. On another note, this maybe be the best he's ever dressed.)

Francis, Oscar, and Arios have voice clips up now, and if you click the grey bubble by their chara art, you can see a kinda-sorta slightly different portrait. (You can also see slightly different portraits by clicking the "World" section. Black gloves, Ernst? Really?)

Also, against all expectations, there is apparently a game here. (ETA: Which apparently opened today, though that hardly matters to us.) The setup: all the characters belong to the Neoromance Society, a charitable organization with branches all over the world. Apparently, it's very exclusive etc. and you need connections to get in. In a bid to do so, you fly around the world to hold charitable events with the help of Society members. Afterward, you have a tea party with the celebrities, in which there seems to be a competitive element - a few players put together plates of sweets, and whosever plate the guy likes the best get a compatibility boost, I think? You can also go on "Celeb Tours" with the characters if you do well enough for the charity; eventually, do well enough, and you'll get dates.

Oh, and there's something streaming on the Game page. I think it's the Love Etrangers CD that was moved to late December, but my laptop sound's broken, so I dunno.

ETA: Neo Ange sale: The complete DVD collection of Neo Angelique Abyss is currently on sale at RightStuf.com for $23.99 U.S.; individual seasons are $17.99.
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The end of Book 3; only one more to go.

Eugene's backstory this time )

In other news, the Maren site has four new wallpapers and a new Giovanni blog post up - not much, but it's something. There's supposed to be another update late Monday/early Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a small Neo Angelique discovery I made: you know those dolls of Ange, Rayne, and Erenfried that popped up a while back? According to this post, there were originally supposed to be dolls of all 4 Aube Hunters + Rene & Bernard. A pic of the prototype J.D. doll is included in the post.

ETA on Neo Ange: Again, I've been playing around with Neo Ange, and I ran across this conversation with Nyx in asking him about Sacrea:cut )

So, a) whoever pegged Nyx as Water in that "who's what sacrea in Neo Ange," come get your prize, and b) tease of Mel, or just random Fire Dragon?
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Hey all!

As promised, I have some photos for you to show off costumes. It features me as Randy from Angelique Trois and my friend Kristen as Angelique from Neo Angelique. Sadly, only 2 or 3 people out of the thousands of people attending NYCC knew who we were. We're hoping this got more people interested in looking it up and getting involved.

Cosplay pics under the cut )
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Knights later, but two other Ange-related things now:

- Fan artist han-nama has made a Luva-centric fangame (Luva-sama to Issho/Together with Luva-sama) that I can't quite get to run on my comp - and to which I can't directly link, as LJ has apparently upgraded the "no linking"/moderation thing to screening all posts that contain a link, not just all responses to posts. *Sigh.* So, do this: click the "angelique: fanart" tag at the left, and you'll eventually run into a link to han-nama's place. Click on the blue-beige Luva banner when you get there (below the ice-blue Lumi banner). On the new page, scroll down on the right and click where it says "20.6MB" at the bottom of the page to download the game. If anyone can get it running, please post - we have to figure this out by the time Snow Lovers, her Lumiale game, is released!

ETA: As [livejournal.com profile] animekittysama noted, my problem is probably unique to my stupid computer; others have reported the game working fine. So: free fan game by a beloved fan artist!

- OK, you might remember that there's been a bit of debate regarding when Neo Angelique takes place in respect to the original series - the past, or the future? Well, I've finally cracked the PSP copy of Neo Ange I've had for so long in order to get it played before Maren, and I've found some strongly implicative information. Early in the game, you'll meet two Knights of the Silver Tree with whom you'll camp for the night while on an extended mission. Around the campfire, one of the knights'll start telling you legends of the Queen:

"Long, long ago, a Queen from a faraway land descended to this world when it was new.
She nurtured this world and developed it into a paradise known as Arcadia.
The queen then blessed this world and returned to her own."

Nothing open-and-shut, of course, but it seems strongly implicative that the Queen spoken of is Collet.
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Hey, guys!

I have a request for anybody who's willing to help out. My friend and I are going to NYComicCon in October, and we'll be cosplaying as Ange characters. I'm already set as Randy, but my friend needs some high-quality large scans/images of Neo Angelique so she can get the details right on her dress and whatnot. Front, side, back. Anything. And full-body shots will especially be helpful.

Can anyone help me out? I've always been a die-hard Ange fan over the years, but I don't have enough Neo images in my massive Ange media collection. Haha

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First, a minor bit - have three Neo Angelique song translations from Tasogare no Kishi: Hyuga's "Tsukibae no Yasouka" (OK if a bit flatly repetitive), Nyx's "Hidamari no Pureryuudo" (blah), and J.D.'s "Kimi ga Iru Kono Mune no Rakuen" (utterly heartbreaking if you extrapolate the situation).

Secondly, all this recent spate of activity needs is a Poll of Randomness to be complete. Their undisputed mistress is sadly AWOL, however, so I can only offer an essay question. I got to thinking recently: what qualities define the songs of each character? What makes a Randy song a Randy song, for instance, or a Charlie one a Charlie? Clearly, this matter demands an exhaustive dissertation.

Below are my thoughts in tiresome detail )
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Hi everyone Does anyone have the video ripped from rayne's ending in the neo angelique game? i saw it in a picture and it melted my heart...pretty please?
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I don't remember who shared the link to the Neoromance calendar program. Y'know, that downloadable one that shows Neoroma characters and their birthdays each month. And has little hearts above days that have a birthday.

Well, I finished compiling the list. I also added Corda 3 characters and some minor characters by Wikipedia-ing them. ...Anyway, enjoy~

Read more... )
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Hey everyone!

I'm doing a series of desktop wallpapers using each of the lead heroines from the Angelique series. Up first is Angelique from Neo Angelique as The Queen's Egg. Feel free to download for a 1440x900 version and let me know what you think! :)




Ange from Etoile is finished now too! :D

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Hello :) For you NeoAnge fans who 'rated/stamped' me as NeoAnge Angelique — I finally finished the two seasons of the series and yes, I found the NeoRoma heroine with whom I resonate with most deeply.

I have a request after watching... would anyone be willing to share ネオ アンジェリーク Abyss オリジナルサウンドトラック? (I managed to find active Second Age links, thank you!)

...or, if anyone can tell me if Nyx-san has his piano track on it, that's really all I want to hear :3

Thank you in advance!
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[Poll #1634296]

Links safe for work; not safe for life.
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Hey there, minna-san!

Here's another AMV, and it's my first starring Neo Angelique characters! I can only provide a download link for it (it's about 8MB) on mediafire (anybody who can make mirrors, feel welcome to) as youtube cancels out the audio.

Okay, to explain why each Aube Hunter was assigned each scout...
Nyx/Sailor Venus: Nyx's whip reminded me of Venus' first attack
Rayne/Sailor Mercury: They're the brainy ones
Hyuga/Sailor Mars: Takes duty seriously, and his drinking tea made me think of Mars' meditation
J.D./Sailor Jupiter: Love to cook

Anyway, here's the link to Angelique Is Sailor Moon: http://www.mediafire.com/?qpzh2ogbc5mjnlg

I hope you enjoy it!

Also, I posted more AMVs on youtube, some including Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, the username there is the same as here.
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My fellow Angeliquers:

I know many of us are happily at work with our latest fics, videos, polls, translations, and art for the comm. The time has come, though, for us to ask not what we can do for our fandom but what our fandom can do for us. Will do for us. Maybe.

There've been a few recent developments in the neoromance world, all of them odd. The recent Haruka announcement seems like a shot across everyone's bow; Koei is ready to launch their venerable franchises in a revamped form, and nothing is sacred. Corda is relatively recent and therefore seemingly safe (and off in its own little world, anyhow), but I'd like to discuss Koei's possible plans for the two Ange franchises.

Angelique: After a long, successful run and a panned anime, the granddaddy of neoromance was seemingly retired. Understandable. After four years of inactivity, though, the franchise is relaunched with...an alt-universe manga with B-grade art that covers the same historical themes as another neoroma franchise. If they're testing the waters for a franchise revival, is this not an odd project with which to do so?

Neo Ange: After a quite successful anime that brought many new fans into the fold, a few CD releases, an updated version of the game on the go-to neoroma platform, and the assembly of a strong voice cast, we've had...nothing. Why is Koei willling to revive older franchises in odd or rejiggered forms when they have perfectly popular new stuff lying fallow? Why build up such enthusiasm for a new product and then do nothing with it?

I guess what I'm asking here is what you think is going to happen and what you would like to happen. Would you, for example, be happy with a new Angelique game if the voice cast were replaced? This is a general thread for discussing recent developments and attempting to pull everything together. Haruka folks, feel free to jump in, too. Corda people, I dunno. You guys never come around.

* I hope the Secretaries of Random Polls and 4-Komas were moved to a secure location for the duration of this meeting.
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Hey there, minna-san! I wrote this a litle while back...I think I'll make a series of fics for this...anyway, here we go!

Title: Hidamari Kindergarten
Authoress: Me
Warnings?: Neo-Ange males as little kids?
Summary: Little Hyuga wants to protect his friends and Angelique-sensei at all costs, and he will!
Disclaimer: I do not own Neo Angelique, nor its characters.
Notes: This was inspired by those ever so adorable and hilarious four panel comics in the Harukanaru Toki no Naka de manga in which the Hachiyo and Fujihime are kindergartners, while Akane is their teacher. Anyway, this fic is full of cute, and since this is a humor fic, some OOCness may occur. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fic!



Higher, Jet! Higher! )


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