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Hey everyone, it's been a while since I posted anything significant here [not that anyone really noticed or cared I'm sure XD] Anyways, I got a big box of awesome from Japan recently [note to self: *never* use celga again ;>>] and it contained some angelique stuff! Mostly 4-koma books and doujinshi, but a few other things that probably count under the "random" category ^^; I only took pics with my camera, if there's interest and I stop being lazy maybe I'll scan some stuff later too. This is going to be a "srs img spamu!" post, so don't try connecting on a device with limited bandwidth XD [if these pics are too big, let me know and I'll link-ify them ^^;]

Come and take a look! )
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First off, thank you to Rubeta for uploading all of that. *bow*

And secondly, I hope you people enjoy these little screenshots I took. ;P

First a little story~ )

Now back to normal(er) chibi shots )
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Well, one day i was looking to some japanese blogs, i saw one of a girl that buy some merchandise of neo ange, and she scaned de box and have a cute image of neo ange guys. So using my graphic design skills i did a desktop theme with this.

I know it´s doesn´t look high quality but i tried to correct the colors and put all characters in 1440 and 1280 resolution. I´m sharing this since i think it suit for christmas (or for neo ange fans like me xD). Do you know if there any images of ange / neo ange / la corda in christmas or something?

Download link here: http://www.mediafire.com/?yjnvztj5md1

Hope you like it! since i think it´s a rare image to find.
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On the release of Neo Angelique Abyss's last DVD volume, and since I am not buying it yet (two more weeks until birthday)... let's have some appreciation for the pretty speculation on what each ending is about (my thoughts are that it'll be a little monologue with a CG of Ange+the guy at the end D: *I'm wishing it's a full out animation but it's KOEI, they're cheap and are milking money*).

I've yoinked these screenshots from this blog.
79KB per pic, 12 pics in total

uh, I guess these count as spoilers. )


Apr. 18th, 2009 04:01 pm
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Hey, I'm looking for certain things and wonder if someone who have them would kindly share it with me
Things i'm looking for:

1. Better Pics (like screenshots from game or scans, if there's any?) for Neo Angelique Special CG with New Characters

2. Kiriya theme song from Game (forte), not "I Can Make It" one. Both version, if it's possible.

I would get them myself if i can, but i have no PSP component cable, so sadly i can't connect it to my TV and must troubles you guys with this request
Thanks in Advance~!

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Finally bought this off Y!J~ pity it wasn't printed bigger, or in perfect bound but at least it's easier to scan eh? I've scanned it at 300dpi so everyone can enjoy the lovely art \o/ Sorry about the large file size though, I haven't compressed them yet.

Since I have a very tiny knowledge of moonspeak, if someone could translate it that'd be awesome. Anyways, enjoy guys ♥

Title: Neo Angelique Comic Book |ネオアンジェリークコミックブック
Artist: Kajiyama Mika|梶山ミカ
Pages: 50
Filesize: 73.3MB
Link: Savefile

EDIT: I'm thinking of recording Erenfried's parts in Neo Angelique Special, since I've unlocked them in the omake gallery. Is anyone interested?
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I might be the last one to know about this, but just in case I'm not the last laggard in this product-diffusion model: the scanlation group Storm in Heaven has the first volume of the Neo Angelique manga (which is still widely commercially-available for cheap, you pirates!) up here.

P.S. I love that the person who translated the manga - quite well, by a cursory look at the first pages - gets billing below the person who scanned it.

P.P.S. While I'm ranting, you know what drives me crazy? These scanlation groups that say, "we've got the project underway; we just need a translator." That's like saying, "yeah, we're about to open a doctor's office; all we need is a doctor." "Yeah, we have the concert ready; all we need is the singer." With ROM hacking, it's different - ripping open ROM architecture is a skill and indeed half the battle in a game translation project. Scanning, though... "Oh, yeah, you spent a few years grappling with the intricacies of a language far different syntactically from your own, learning close to 1000 kanji just to get to basic literacy - but putting pieces of paper on a scanner and then holding them down, one after another, that was really hard!!!"

(Yes, I know image capture has its difficulties, with cleaning up the scans and replacing SFX and whatnot. I've done both. Good translation is harder by orders of magnitude.)


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