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I was just going through this journal from 2009 and realized I have to update my list. XD So I figured I could start a new topic, ask the same (well, similar) question and breathe some life into the comm for a moment~

...Ernst broke his third mic. )
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Hey there, minna-san!

Just found this on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKF9z3uBZVE


(Oh, anybody who can read explanations, any chance they're making a full version of this song? I really hope so~)

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Hey, everyone!

I just wanted to share the music from the Angelique Trois video game. There are no officially released soundtracks for the game, so I personally ripped each and every track from the game, gave them my own titles, and arranged them in a way that I thought worked well. The sound quality is practically perfect from ripping it directly through my sound card, so don't think I recorded it with a microphone or anything. Although I've noticed after re-listening to it that after converting the .wav files to mp3's the sound glitches occasionally in a few songs. Feel free to download it if you're interested, and let me know if I need to re-upload it or anything!

Oh, and, yes, some of the titles I chose are a bit cheesy, but what Angelique album would be complete without cheesy song titles? Example: Simple Dimple Smile. Haha I love them, but, boy, are they cheesy.

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Thought I'd just mention that Nipponsei has released the HaruToki OP/ED single today (through Bittorrent, of course).


Oct. 26th, 2004 03:15 am
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Er, hi all!^_^;; First time poster, name's Shahni- and I'm obviously a leech by asking this, but... Could anyone know where I can get the FULL version mp3s of Seichi Yori Ai wo Komete's Opening and Ending songs? ^_^;;; I'm more after the one by Jet Sets called Hello. Totally obsessed over the song after watching the OAV and decided it had to be mine!!! XD

So..can anyone help meee?*sparkley puppy eyes*
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Just thought I'd mention that a compilation of the Angelique Etoile albums entitled Angelique Etoile: Rainbow is coming out on December 1st for a reasonable price of $32. It compiles all of the six Etoile albums into one two-disc set... hmm... very tempting indeed...
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hi is me again ^-^;; errm i want to ask if anybody get angelique etolie violet? i got mine yesterday >__x
and i can trade if any want


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