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Just two things:

- To help put out everyday fires on the comm, [livejournal.com profile] panjapanja has kindly (unwisely?) granted me Assistant Deputy Mod powers, so if there's something 'round these parts that needs fixin', you have one more option.

- LLT uploaded a few bunches of voice samples a couple days ago, which isn't normally of great importance, but I think Olivie's clips are significant. He's lost his HAIHAAAAAAI and now sounds more "masculine." While the characters' voices are naturally going to change as the seiyuu age, this seems a deliberate directorial decision.

There're also full-length shots of most of the characters up now. The bottom halves are mostly afterthoughts, and there're a lot of flowy robes and coats for present-day. Sei-Lan is quite obviously wearing a qipao.

ETA 5/11: I should note that you can now hear what Masaki Sakuragawa sounds like now at the site.
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The new layout filled me with so much energy that I've finally set up a tagging system for organizing posts! I spent my day tagging all posts made since January 1, 2009. Hopefully I can tag a year's worth of posts per day, all the way back to 2004... (I can't believe this community is 6 years old!).

So from now on, PLEASE TAG EVERYTHING YOU POST IN THIS COMMUNITY (saves me the trouble of adding it myself!). If you feel that your post needs a tag that isn't available among the current tags, you can request that tag by leaving a comment in this post.

How to add a tag on a new post: There's a box that says "Tags" below the space where you can type an LJ post. Just type the appropriate tag(s) into the box. Multiple tags are separated by a comma.

How to add a tag on an old existing post: Open the post (by clicking the post's title or "comment" button). There's a little row of icons in a blue bar above the post. One says "tag" (and says "edit tags" if you hold your mouse over it). Click it. Select the appropriate tag(s) from the tag list that appears, using CTRL+click to select multiple tags. Note that you can only do this if you were the one who wrote that post.

Explanation of my strange tags:
    - abbreviations. they're obvious, but just in case: Haruka = Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, Corda = La Corda d'Oro/Kiniro no Corda, neoroma = NeoRomance
    - there are main tags for a series and sub tags for a series, so be sure to use both, when applicable. For example, if you are posting an Angelique CD, please select the main series tag "Angelique" as well as the "Angelique:music downloads" tag.
    - You can use the main series tags to customize your angemedia viewing experience! For example, if you are a big Corda fan and are in a 100% Corda mood and don't care about other NeoRomance stuff, just click the Corda tag to view only Corda-related posts.
    - Use those more specific tags, like Angelique:music downloads, for when you're CD hunting 'cause all you want in the world is to hear Charlie's lovely singing voice.
    - The "merchandise" tag is for announcing/introducing/showing off NeoRomance goodies, like figures or plushies.
    - The "news" tag is to tell everyone about an official NeoRomance-related announcement.
    - I could explain more tags but I think they're obvious enough, so if you're curious about a tag, just ask about it.

Hopefully these tags will make it much easier to access old content! There's probably a sea of dead download links in old posts, but it wouldn't hurt to check them to see what was once available so you can request a re-upload.

If anyone has a suggestion for new tags or improvements to the current tags, please let me know how I can make it more convenient. :D

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Just letting everyone know that the community now has a fabulous new layout featuring the heroines of Angelique courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] mr_yenz! (thanks again!)

Pink! If it's NeoRomance, it's gotta be pink!

With the new year, I feel inspired to do some new years cleaning and put some tags in..! (this post even has its own shiny new tag! gasp!)

I hope everyone has a great 2010 and that 2010 will continue bringing great new NeoRomance goodies and good news! (speaking of, the new Haruka 3 anime premiered this week, right? Better check that out~)
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Hello! Your moderator here. I've been busy with life lately and haven't had the time to give the community a good polish, but now that I've got more time on my hands I'd like to clean things up.

First of all, I think it's about time for a new layout! The current layout spills all over the place in my browser (Chrome) and leaps out of its table at times, so I think it's time for a shiny new one. If no one helps out I'll either have to figure out how to repair the current one (just tried and failed miserably) or go to a default LJ one (yuck), so I thought I'd fish for someone more talented. :D

So, if you've got some talent with LJ layouts (I sure as heck don't), I'm looking for a layout that:

* contains an image of NeoRomance characters. The more the merrier. Try to represent all three series equally (Angelique, Corda, and Haruka)
* no text on the images is preferred
* must be compatible with more than just Internet Explorer (Firefox, Chrome, and so on)
* needs a sidebar that contains all of the links in the current sidebar
* entries' text does not spill out from tables
* sidebar must contain a way to easily access entry tags (gasp!), even as the number of tags grow

The reward for your hard work will be your name credited on the sidebar and you get to request one NeoRomance sketch or chibi (please specify which you'd like) from me. :D Woo, fanart~

If you can help me out, please let me know via message (check my profile and click "send message"). If more than one person offers to help, the one I like best will have their layout posted and get the sketch.

As soon as a new layout is up, I'd like to set up a tag system to make things easier for you guys. Somehow this little community has exploded and is approaching 1000 members..! So I'd like to make it easier to find what you're looking for. After the shiny new layout appears, I'll be going back through several years of entries (wish me luck;;) to tag everything appropriately so everyone can find what they want without having to dig.

I hope to get everything up and renewed as soon as possible. Thanks, everyone, for years of support!


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