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All right, I've gone ahead and made an attempt at an Ange tumblr to give the franchise a presence there.


It's covering mostly original Ange with some Neo and Maren on the side. Any suggestions would be welcome. Some issues:

- I'm linking to the page with the original image in the clickthrough and to the main entrance to the artist's webpage in the "by ~" text citation. Good? Bad?

- Also: tags by character name are all lower case, right? It's "lumiale", not "Lumiale"? Or does it even matter? (I'm talking about how I enter the tags; I know their case is displayed differently depending on theme.)

- We discussed the NSFW problems of the "angelique" Tumblr tag in fandramon's SoulCalibur post; any thoughts on that? Should I be using the "neoromance" tag, too?

-What's with Tumblr randomly alphabetizing the tags on some posts, anyway?

- I note that none of the blog posts are showing up on the main Tumblr feed (http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/clavis (or whatever)). I assume you have to have a certain number of posts to be picked up?

- It takes a bit of time to get every character represented, and I've made some admitted mistakes in the early going (3 Clavis pics in a near-row at the start). There will be coverage of the folks currently MIA.

- I'm using a minimalist premade theme, but I've come to like the clean look.

- I've reblogged a couple Ange things from tumblrs belonging to folks on the comm; if you'd prefer it'd not be reblogged, just let me know.

- Finally: what's with all the anger on Tumblr? I reblogged somebody's short impression of the original Ange game from their tumblr and added a link to a followup article they'd written, but I made a mistake with the URL (accidentally sent it to their tumblr instead of their blog), and they got huffy and snippy and brought a few friends in to provide backup huffiness and snippiness. Look, I'm sorry I messed up, but Lord Almighty. I lot of what I see on the medium is rage at people who a) like certain characters or games, b) not like certain characters or games, or c) yell at other people for liking or not liking certain characters or games. Usually all at once. Are Tumblrs just too much of a rage magnet to bother with?

Anyhow, needless to say, if anyone has any ideas on things that should be posted - or things that *shouldn't* be posted, let me know.

On another note, in my searching for pics, I found a few good photos of those prototype Neo Angelique dolls that were never produced:

Under the cut )

I wish that they'd at least produced the Rene, because how adorable is that, really.
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Hey all! Hope you're all doing okay, it's been kinda quiet in the comm lately ^^; Anyways, I'm moving and selling off a few things I have relating to Angelique and Uta no Prince-Sama [it's an otome game too so I hope it's okay to post the UtaPri stuff here :x] There's a bunch of doujinshi under the lj cuts as well as the stuff that's shown here:

So come check it out! :D

Terms & Conditions & My Feedback )

Angelique Stuff )

Uta no Prince-Sama Stuff )

And if anyone's interested, I also have a bunch of doujinshi and books I'm looking to sell from other series, including:
Mythical Detective Loki
Shin Megami Tensei Series [Devil Summoner, Devil Summoner Raidou, Nocturne]

You can check them out by clicking the pic or this link!

Thanks for looking :3
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Well, if you thought that you could get all the limited-edition promos by preordering the special edition, guess what. The update to the official page today, along with three new illustrations, also announced a ton of different retailer-specific promo items:

Gamecity: original "namajashin" bromides (2L size) (Wikipedia is saying that "namajashin" ("raw photos") are photos that're actually stills taken from movies or just those not part of idols' "official" photo collections. Yahoo.jp image search turns up photos of celebs that're posed but with simple lighting, minimal makeup, etc. I dunno.)
NET Sannomiya: drama CD (SPA Paradise, with Eugene, Sionna, Gerhard, and Walter)
Animate limited edition set: drama CD (Don't Call Me "Young Master", with Cain, Kiefer, Renaud, and Leviath), with B2-size "tapestry"
Animate, regular: just the Don't Call Me "Young Master" drama CD
AmiAmi: bookstore cards
Imajin web shop: SPA Paradise drama CD
Stella Worth: an "original booklet" with special cover
Seven Net Shopping: postcard
Sofmap: drama CD (Midnight Fashion Show, with Kiefer, Giovanni, Sionna, and Ka-Fai)
KomiKomi Studio: bookstore cards
NeoWing/CD Japan: Leviath portrait (the game's listed under "Angelic" on their English site - thanks, [livejournal.com profile] fandramon)

So, for those of you keeping track, there're three new drama CDs, a set of bromides, what's probably a wall scroll, a "booklet", a postcard, and the aforementioned "bookstore cards." Ay yi yi.
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So, I went on a lovely adventure to Anime North this past weekend. Surprisingly, I found some Angelique stuff o.O; Naturally I bought most everything I found XD I took pics of course. Maybe someone knows what these are from?

Otome merch at my anime con? It was more likely than I thought XD )
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Just thought that anyone are interested in figures would like to know that HLJ is having Masaomi's figure on sale for %50 percent off: http://www.hlj.com/product/MOV77963

I can tell you personally that Masaomi's figure is very beautiful, and intricate with details. Catch the sale before it ends. :D
April 14th, 2010

x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] harukana

These three are now on sale for 30% off. All other characters are unfortunately out of stock.
Sensei: http://www.hlj.com/product/MOV77990
Yuzuru: http://www.hlj.com/product/KOE77987
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Hey there, minna-san!

I'm getting an advance next fortnight, and was looking at 4koma books on yesasia, and came across a book called Trading Romance. The front cover has Julious, Zephel, Isato, Yorihisa, Limoges and Akane on it...oh, and Julious is holding Akuram's mask, while Yorihisa looks to be summoning something in between his palms.

Anyway, does anyone have this book? What can you tell me about it? (Still getting it either way!)

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Hey everyone, it's been a while since I posted anything significant here [not that anyone really noticed or cared I'm sure XD] Anyways, I got a big box of awesome from Japan recently [note to self: *never* use celga again ;>>] and it contained some angelique stuff! Mostly 4-koma books and doujinshi, but a few other things that probably count under the "random" category ^^; I only took pics with my camera, if there's interest and I stop being lazy maybe I'll scan some stuff later too. This is going to be a "srs img spamu!" post, so don't try connecting on a device with limited bandwidth XD [if these pics are too big, let me know and I'll link-ify them ^^;]

Come and take a look! )
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Just saw this and thought I'd make a post about it :D The KST Ange anime is being re-released in a 10-disc boxed set with all the episodes and a few extras. Retail price is 29,400Y [Or about $300 o.O;], and it will be released on March 25th 2010.
Other noteworthy 2010 DVD releases include the NeoRoma Starlight X-Mas DVD [includes the usual seiyuu madness and some songs too~] Being released March 24th 2010.
And the Haruka3 anime DVDs; all being released March 24th 2010, in 3 different flavours! XD There's a regular version, a deluxe edition version, and a limited edition version! Obviously the more stuff you get the more you pay :p
Regular edition - 7,140Y | Deluxe edition - 9,240Y | Limited edition - 13,440Y

Relevant info: Ange DVD Summary Page | Starlight X-Mas Summary Page | Haruka3 DVD Summary Page | Ange KST Homepage | NeoRoma DVD release listing

[I'd be great if someone more informed of the Japanese language could take a shot at the details, sometimes even with 3 online translators I can only get so much info ^^;]
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I just discovered that the Neo Angelique TV anime is coming to DVD in North America!
The DVDs will be subtitled-only and released in 13 episode bundles (one DVD for Neo Angelique Abyss and one for Neo Angelique Abyss Second Age).

The release dates and prices are:

Season 1 (13 episodes) = January 26, 2010 at $39.98
Season 2 (12 episodes) = March 30, 2010 at $39.98

According to rightstuf.com, the extras on the season 2 DVD include "Neo Angelique Abyss Theater, Neo Angelique's Multiple Love Endings, Neo Angelique Omelet Rice Duel Part 1, Arcadia Carnival Special Drama Part 1, Return to the Neo Angelique Omelet Rice, Duel Part 1, Neo Angelique Sweets Duel ~ Pudding a la Mode"

Definitely gonna pick these up! And if you buy them at rightstuf.com (started buying my anime from them and I love it), it's only $29.99 per season.

A good opportunity to get pretty NeoAnge goodies for your shelf~
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Jun Planning is going to release a bunch of Neo Angelique dolls:
Pullip Angelique, Tae Yang Rayne and Dal Erenfried

no pic for Erenfried - he sure is adoreable, but still a bit ugleh. =\
They'll be out in May for 13000 yen each. Pics and preorders at hlj.com, 1999.co.jp, etc.

I'm soooo getting Rayne... and I hope they'll make other guys too.
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Photos here.

I kinda saved up and bought these figurines for myself, and ended up taking a few photos. Three of the best ones per set are uploaded to my DA account, but I have others that are all really similar to one another. ;;>>


Sorry if I spam your FList. x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] harukana
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Since I typed this up in my journal, I thought I'd share it here also...

All the various Koruda new stuff for this Spring, according to the inlay of the Aozora Tone Drama CD :)

Fake cut to my journal



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