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This is the only new song in the Angelique franchise, included on CD 14 of the Angelique Vocal Complete Box. I romanized the lyrics from the booklet and also typed all the kanji at the end. ...It took me several hours, but I'm finally done! *flops*

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I translated my favorite group song from Angelique completely into English - Mimi wo Sumashite is such a beautiful song and I have a soft spot for Hayami Sho, Tanaka Hideyuki and Seki Toshihiko~ Especially when they harmonize so well! (PLUS TANAKA CAN SING. OMFG ...I'm practically dying at "Kokoro no naka ni aru~" at the end...) ...Mind you, my translation might be off since I'm not really THAT good at Japanese.

Mimi wo Sumashite

Julious (Hayami Sho)
Clavis (Tanaka Hideyuki)
Luva (Seki Toshihiko)

Listen to your voice of silence
Listen to your spiritual guidance

Stop worrying for now, just gently
Immerse yourself in this silence

Closed eyes are able to see the universe
Your inner voice will surely be heard

We're all people who hold on to their hesitation
The answer you're looking for should be out there

My dear, the call of the soul
The quiet whisper of the heart
Plenty of answers wait for you there
My dear, the tranquility of the moment
Heals your heart and leads to peace one day
To the Re-Creation of your dream

Listen to your voice of silence
Listen to your spiritual guidance

The sleepily lingering new moon
And stars yield to your gaze

Before you know it, your wounds will heal
All the lies have suddenly come apart

I'm sure everyone will regret all over again
But we dream of tomorrow with shaking hearts

My dear, the soul will know
The road you should take to the future
Resting among dreams is good for now
My dear, there is nothing to worry about
On the pillow of feathers
You will know the moment you wake up
In the sunshine
The Re-Creation of your dream

Listen to your voice of silence
All the answers

Listen to your spiritual guidance
Are inside your heart

Listen to your voice of silence
The soundless whisper

Listen to your spiritual guidance
Crystal clear from the universe

Listen to your voice of silence
If you listen closely

Listen to your spiritual guidance
It will finally gain a voice

Listen to your voice of silence
Listen to your spiritual guidance

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First, a minor bit - have three Neo Angelique song translations from Tasogare no Kishi: Hyuga's "Tsukibae no Yasouka" (OK if a bit flatly repetitive), Nyx's "Hidamari no Pureryuudo" (blah), and J.D.'s "Kimi ga Iru Kono Mune no Rakuen" (utterly heartbreaking if you extrapolate the situation).

Secondly, all this recent spate of activity needs is a Poll of Randomness to be complete. Their undisputed mistress is sadly AWOL, however, so I can only offer an essay question. I got to thinking recently: what qualities define the songs of each character? What makes a Randy song a Randy song, for instance, or a Charlie one a Charlie? Clearly, this matter demands an exhaustive dissertation.

Below are my thoughts in tiresome detail )
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A long while ago, I had the stupid idea to translate all the songs included in the Avec Toi pour Jamais Koi Suru Tenshi vocal compilation album. Like most things associated with KST, this turned out to be a major waste of time and not really worth it. Still, the work is done, so for what it's worth: old and .txt | new HTMLness

The .txt file is plain and straightforward; the HTML is easier to navigate but contains my obnoxious commentary on song content, so your call.

"Bonus": I feel that dream posts aren't at all tedious or nonsensical and never, ever a self-indulgent waste of time - don't you? So I had this dream that Lumiale was in the Mafia )
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Hey, Merry Christmas. I got you Silver Tone song translations. I hope you like them. Consider that Etoile animation a hostess gift or something.

...Yeah, I know I'm five days late. Sorry about that.

...No, the drama bits aren't included. I thought you'd like the songs best, sorry.

--What do you mean, "Did I keep the receipt?!"
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Hi there!

I was wondering if anybody had the romanised lyrics of the following songs:

Eien no Suzu ga Naru (Shiozawa Kaneto, Tobita Nobuo, Seki Toshihiko, Iwanaga Tetsuya)
Kokoro ni Hana Sakaseyou (Tanaka Hideyuki, Tobita Nobuo, Iwanaga Tetsuya, Touma Yumi)
Ashita Hiraku o Monotachi ~Frontier~ (seiyuu of Seijuu no Shugosei)

I have been dying to sing along to these songs...

Anybody who can help, I offer many thanks.
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Hello~ *waves* I bring, as the title says, a translation of Akuram's song Shuuen no Hakanaki Negai to wa. :)

( You can find it over here @ [livejournal.com profile] ainotsukiyo )


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