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I was thinking of translating this whole comic, but futzing about in Photoshop takes time, and there are some things that cannot wait.

Short story short, it's a body-switch comedy, and guess whose body Olivie got:

He's wearing black & purple lipstick!  He's IN CHARACTER!!

BONUS: Oscar as Luva:

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My brain melted when my Golden Sun: Dark Dawn game arrived today. My ranting might be insane due to that.

So I thought of Angelique and Golden Sun at the same time, and then wondered what would happen if the two worlds accidentally switched characters. I'm only doing the Angelique side because not everyone here knows GS.

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Cast list
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Julious would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience regarding the Wong Corporation's handling of Sanctuary PR.


P.S.: Hands off MY angels!
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Ahem. Yes. Now, let me elaborate on that a bit. I was thinking about the time Randy dressed as Angelique and realized I'd never seen the other Guardians in dresses (minus Olivie). That got me thinking and voĆ­la, le result.

Let me start with a few questions that explain what corrupted my brain I had in mind.

1. Who do you want to see in in a dress?
2. Why would you torture him?
3. How willing would they be to do this?
4. How at ease would they be once successfully forced into wearing the dress?
5. Who is your partner in crime (aka who would help you in your "Crossdressing Guardian" quest)? (can be any Angelique character you can think of. Not the victim, though. Paradoxical events would scar them a bit too badly.)
(6. How on earth did you manage to do it?) <--- If you can come up with this.

I'll go first, then.

1. I... actually picked Victor. (Don't give me that look.)

2. Because I thought it'd be freakin' hilarious. Also, because I can just see him do it (reasons to come).

3. He would never do this if asked pointblank. BUT if it was an order from a higher-up and told it was for a mission? I bet he would. XD

4. (This is part of why I wanted to pick him.) He'd be very at ease in my head - others would cringe the moment they saw him. Y'see, I think he takes missions seriously. So when told to crossdress and act effeminate, he'd take it to heart and attempt his very best to walk and sound like a woman, only to make it very clear to everybody that he's a guy. *facepalm* Can you see it? Victor in a dress failing to move gracefully and talking in a fake, high-pitched voice and an effeminate speech pattern.

5. *points behind her* Charlie. He wanted revenge for that one time when Victor crashed into his office with his fighter jet (long story). The plan backfired on him, he didn't think he'd take this so seriously. *cue to Charlie huddled in a corner mumbling "Can't sleep, the Victoria-bots will eat me."*

6. Charlie and me forged a letter that had the Queen's seal on it. I expected Victor not to be able to tell a forgery apart from a real one.

*Julious passes by and stops to stare* "What in-"
"Oh, Julious-sama~!" *makes his way toward him attempting to swishing his hips like a girl*
"I- geh... gh..." *various choking noises*
*drawling in a girly manner* "What happened, are you all right?"
"Y-yes. I'm busy now, so if you'll excuse me..." *Julious rushes off and locks himself in his room*
"Did I say something wrong?"
*Julious, in his room, has a nervous breakdown and starts to laugh hysterically*

*pause* ...oh my god, what did I just unleash?
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Hey there, minna-san!

Julious is finally getting back at the others for their little sing along to The Song That Doesn't End! He is "singing" to Moonlight Densetsu, a cover by Hayami Sho!!

Lipsynch may be a bit off, but I tried...

Anyway, hope it amuses you!
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Title: Ange is Educational
Genre: General/Humor
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Various
Summary: A drabble for each letter of the alphabet that pretends to enlighten you on certain topics (what you actually learn is questionable however XD). Now at the letters G to H.

"We are truly going in circles." )
Previous entries for Ange Is Educational can be found under the humor tag or here.
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Hey there, minna-san!

Been looking at Care Bears fanart, and found a comment regarding a song called I Wanna Be A Care Bear. I started humming that tune, and then Zephel came to mind, so I wrote this little tune for him. Of course, it's to the tune of the aforementioned song, but this is regarding Zephel's displeasure at suddenly being assigned the duty of Hagane no Shugosei. Please note that there is a teense of swearing, but it's nothing worse than is heard on The Simpsons.

Zephel doesn't want to be a Guardian... )

There we go! Let me know what you thought, okay?
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Hey there, minna-san, Happy Easter!

I would send you chocolates, but for one thing, I don't know your addresses, not to mention it would melt in the mail, and for another, why have something that will only last a little while when you can have something more permanent? So, instead of chocolate, here's a fic for all of you!

Title: The Easter Marcel
Authoress: btamamura
Rating: G, all ages
Warnings?: Hmm...some slight OOCness, well, this is a humor fic after all!
Summary: Marcel wants Olivie to make him an Easter Bunny costume, will Olivie do it? Includes Seijuu no Shugosei omake.
Disclaimer: I do not own Angelique nor its characters, they are the property of Yura Kairi and Koei.
Notes: This fic is going by this year's timeline, so that's why the two days in the fic are so close. Also, I love Marcel, so I'm not picking on him out of spite. Please enjoy!

Hop! Hop! Here comes the Easter Marcel! )

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed reading it! Happy Easter, minna-san!!
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Hey there, minna-san!

For a while now, I keep having a thought of taking a clip of Akuram and an audio clip from Japanese Fruits Basket of Shigure singing his little "High School Girls" song and putting them together so it would be like Akuram is singing it. Then, something hit me. There are numerous characters who share a seiyuu with the numerous seiyuu for Neoromance and have memorable quotes that would be hilarious to witness a Neoroma character saying.

I'm thinking of making vids mainly for Angelique, Neo Angelique and Haruka 1 and 3 (they're the only ones I have on my laptop) and putting audio to the vids of the characters. So, is there anything you've been wanting to have a Neoroma character say but they never did? Personally, I want to watch as Hyuga sings a twisted version of London Bridge so I'll collect responses and hopefully all of them can be put in the vid!
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What's my excuse ? That I have nothing better to do today ? XD

Just the usual silly stuff from my headspace ~

What could possibly go wrong if the Aube Hunters... well... switched weapons ? 

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (but of course, things don't always go according to *that* plan of action XD) )

A/N: Read this with a generous dash of humor. I have love for all charas. And this isn't a true evaluation of the Aube Hunters' competency with various weapons XD (I suspect the real Hyuga wouldn't be quite so ungraceful as to be knocked off balance from a tree branch by his own doing, at any rate *laughing* )

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Roche: He must make a lot of money from these shampoo endorsements, huh ?

*deadpan* The commercials haven't rolled yet.

*Room stifles snickers*

Nyx: *in a corner* (Someone, anyone, please take this accursed bowl of popcorn from me...) T^T

[Note: Seeing a pattern ? Nyx should have dropped all pretense of courtesy and flat-out refused Rene in the last post since it's become somewhat a running joke that the character getting swiped at has possession of the popcorn of self-pity XD)
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Hey there, minna-san!

After watching one of the chibi parodies from the DVDs that [livejournal.com profile] rubeta shared, I found a plot bunny, brought it home, nurtured it and in return, it allowed me to write my first Neo Angelique fic. Here's an image from the short that led to my fic.

Yes, this is Hyuga. Why do crossdressing bishies look prettier than me? XD;

Title: Hyuga's Secret
Authoress: [livejournal.com profile] btamamura 
Characters: Angelique, Rayne, Nyx, J.D., Hyuga, Bernard and Roche
Warnings?: My sense of humor, includes Hyuga being overly formal to Angelique...you'll see what I mean soon enough
Summary: After Bernard and Roche leave, Hyuga's friends return to Hidamari and find Hyuga wearing something interesting.
Disclaimer: I do not own Neo Angelique nor its characters. If I did, certain events would not have taken place.

Hyuga has a secret, can you keep it? )

And there it is! I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please let me know what you thought in a comment.

Thanks for reading!
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Bernard: Sinful ? Unforgivable ? Pretty intense here.
Roche: I get the feeling he was talking about the poofy hat though. Like how dare you shoot a *close-up* of me wearing that thing and---
Rayne: "I'll whip you within an inch of your life"
J.D.: "String you up a flagpole'"
Mathias: "And make you wish it was Erebos who---"
Nyx: *enters room* Did I miss anything interesting ? 
Bernard: Uhh... I think the camera crew have been telling tales again.
Rayne: *sweatdrop* We were all there, Bernard.
Mathias: The world will never know what truly happened on the set... thanks to the wonders of editing
Rene: At least he stuck to the script. *passes popcorn of self-pity* Help yourself ?
Nyx: *thinking* (Do all of these people have something against me ?) XD;

[Note: It should be obvious with the title and tags that these posts are made in humor. It works on a fairly bizarre premise that the characters "act" in the production  and therefore has a script, director, etc. (They can also do what they are apparently doing now - watch Abyss and give random, non-beneficial commentary XD). Don't ask, I have no idea how this took root in my head XD Lastly, if you feel that I pick on Rene/Roche/your favorite character... let me just say that my favorite is never spared, and will more than likely to receive a double-dose ~ XD ]

[Edit:  "Wut tags?" you ask ? Duly noted. (I've already lost count of the edits btw)]
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Rene: I've always wanted to ask.
Roche: *munches popcorn* Go on.
Rene: I don't think 'bastard' was in the script...
Roche: *munches popcorn* Yeah ?
Rene: Ever.
*mutual silence*
Roche: You got me. It came out before I could stop myself. The director loved it though. Have some ? *passes popcorn*
Rene: *thinking* (I'm not the only impromptu bastard here) T_T

[EDIT: I'm making this edit for those who might be interpreting things a little differently. You see, these are just screen captures, without any edit / modification to the subtitles. And that means, yes, Roche *did* call Rene that in Abyss XD Really, unless the fansubbers were dead wrong]
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Hey there, minna-san!

Been watching Whose Line Is It Anyway, and it made me come up with this little thing...what kinds of intros would you give if you were to host Whose Line: Neoromance. There is a point when they mention that the points in the game don't matter, then add a humorous comment following that to prove how irrelevant the points are to the game.

Anyway, to give an example...

Hello, and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, the game show where nothing's real and the points don't matter. That's right, the points matter as much as the fact that in Neoromance games the heroine can wind up with someone old enough to be her father.


Hello, and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, the game show where nothing's real and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are about as relevant as the number of times Julious fails in annoying Clavis.

It can be anything at all that you feel would be a funny enough comment to suit the line...so those who have one, copy and paste this line into your comment and add your own remark...

Hello, and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, the game show where nothing's real and the points don't matter. That's right the points ...

Remember to keep it to Neoromance series, but have fun! I'm looking forward to see what others would say.
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Okay, seeing as [livejournal.com profile] sableblanc wished for a NeoRomance RP (well, Angelique/Neo Angelique but I figure sticking the rest in won't hurt) so we decided to set up a fourth wall post (actually, it ended up being a cross-dimensional RP but may that's okay. we'll see).

Guidelines )

With all that boring stuff outta the way, here we go:

THE STORY (or lack thereof)

On one fine day, a ~magical~ portal opens in your place/garden/doghouse/office, sending you to a large castle room with food and punch on tables, as well as a dance floor. The portal closes behind you, but the magical signature can still be felt. If your character is smart enough, s/he/it will realize that something needs to be activated to open it again. Maybe your character freaks out. Maybe he enjoys the freedom from work. Maybe he doesn't care. But others have also started to appear in the room, and you may not know all of them...

Why are you here? You may never know~ :P
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I recently obtained a batch of older Ange CDs, among them a set of the Gaiden 1: Mugen Onkai (Infinite Scale) (as in musical scales) (the meaning is kind hard to get across instantaneously in English) CDs. I haven't listened to them yet, but it seems to be a Lumiale-centric story about him helping a young boy on an aquatic planet overcome the grief of losing his parents.

But, of course, that's not the part about which you want to hear )
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"Guardians, I've been looking around the Holy Land recently, and it's come to my attention that some of you have absorbed some serious Sacrea of Fug. I mean, honestly:

Just because you have more money than God does not mean that you can represent the Sanctuary looking like Tony Manero as a NASCAR-sponsored bullfighter at the Barnum & Bailey circus."

"I see Clavis has already fallen asleep in the muslin, so it's obvious you're not going to listen to me. I'm therefore turning the floor over to the only audience of which you attention-hungry himbos will take notice - your fangirls. Maybe after they gift you with a few dozen boxes of bonbons and point out your previous fashion triumphs and faux pas, you'll manage to avoid running around in leopard-print kimonos by year's end. Carry on!"

Ooh - walls o' text are SO last year )
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Made by yours truly. And yes, I have way too much imagination.

Enjoy~ )
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Hey there, minna-san, I made yet another AMV. This time, the song is Flying My Colours from the second Care Bears movie. (I saw an AMV of GetBackers to this song, so I thought "why not?")

 I hope you enjoy watching it! I tried to match them to the suitable character named in the song as best as I could.


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