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Hey there, minna-san!

May I please ask for your help?

I will be receiving my CD of Neoromance Christmas in a couple of days, but when it comes to reading Japanese, I'm terrible. I was wondering if anybody could please romanise the titles of the songs and monologues on the CD? Here is the list...

Could somebody please help? )

Thank you to those who can help.
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I don't know if anyone out there is bored enough/interested enough in the Haruka 4 video game that was released for PS2 and Wii, but I got my hands on it shortly after it came out and decided I was gonna take screenshots as I played and translate them to English.

So if you want to sit down and read through some of the story at the beginning of the game, be my guest. I just started this project last week, but I have more than 200 screens translated into English thus far.


Oh, and I also did this with Angelique Etoile and coded it in Flash to be interactive with music and sound effects. I'll post that one later if anyone's interested. If so, let me know so I can take the time to finish programming the choices you can click on.

Take care!
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Hi all~

I have just completed Tomomori's route from the Haruka 3 Aizouban PSP version, and finally was able to view the omake event T^T

So I thought I would share the screen caps and word for word translation for anyone who is interested.

Seriously, with all the hardwork I put in to get Tomomori's ending AGAIN (have completed his ending in the PS2 version too), I think this omake event is TOTALLY worth it xDDD

I had only hoped this event was voiced...OTZ.

Read it at my LJ
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Hello~ *waves* I bring, as the title says, a translation of Akuram's song Shuuen no Hakanaki Negai to wa. :)

( You can find it over here @ [livejournal.com profile] ainotsukiyo )


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