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I've started messing around with doll costomization and I'm hoping to make more harutoki guys.  The doll and art will be under a cut because there's going to be quite a few pictures.
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Hello every one. It's about time that I joined this community. So this is half introduction post and half project update for those who already follow the fan art I do on tumblr. I've already spammed every one enough there so I thought I'd bring it to a community that I could talk about it more to.

First off I'm working on a Dakimakura / body pillow cover with Tenma and Yorihisa. It's undedr the cut. All I need to do is buy more fabric paint and finish shading the bedding and their clothing.

Second, I have the costomized mini pullip that I did of Kotengu made out of paper, glue and clothespins. I'll post that here just for those who haven't seen it yet. I do a LOT of fan art and I'm not sure I should flood you guys with it, so I'll post one and then wait until I get a go ahead then post all that I have under a cut.

Can't wait to chat and I hope you like my work.
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Hey guys!

I bet you're thinking, "WHAT?! A non-Angelique post from Randy?!" Haha. Yes, it's true. I do enjoy other neo romance series besides Angelique.

This time I'm here to share some fan art I just got finished doing. As an animator I've always been attracted to the dying art of cel painting. So, when I can't think of a gift to give someone, I usually make them a handpainted animation cel replica (Sailor Moon or something most of the time). But I never made one for myself...until now!

Here's a scan of the cel I drew and painted of Chihiro and Futsuhiko from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4. It took FOREVER, and unfortunately my scanner doesn't give the same experience as seeing it in person; it's a lot cleaner-looking in the frame in my room. I gave it a fancy holographic foil background. :-D

In case anyone's interested in my technique: first I do the line art in Flash, make it nice and crisp. Then, I print it to the cel using my home printer and special inkjet printer acetate sheets. I also create a color palette in Photoshop and print that out to help as I mix my paint colors to match it to the image. Lastly, I just color match as best as I can using gouache paints and go about painting it (painted on the reverse side so that you don't mess up your ink lines). This one was super difficult because some of the areas were so tiny I had to paint them in using a stick pin.

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Hey there, minna-san!

I got bored and had these templates, plus fic ideas brewing in my head for ages, so these were made. The templates came from www.thetotsbox.net. Anyway, here's what I'd done, be prepared for cuteness overload....

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So, there we have it. Let me know what you think, and if you have suggestions for tummy symbols for other characters (esp. from Angelique, Corda and Neo Angelique), please let me know.


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