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Hey guys!

I bet you're thinking, "WHAT?! A non-Angelique post from Randy?!" Haha. Yes, it's true. I do enjoy other neo romance series besides Angelique.

This time I'm here to share some fan art I just got finished doing. As an animator I've always been attracted to the dying art of cel painting. So, when I can't think of a gift to give someone, I usually make them a handpainted animation cel replica (Sailor Moon or something most of the time). But I never made one for myself...until now!

Here's a scan of the cel I drew and painted of Chihiro and Futsuhiko from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4. It took FOREVER, and unfortunately my scanner doesn't give the same experience as seeing it in person; it's a lot cleaner-looking in the frame in my room. I gave it a fancy holographic foil background. :-D

In case anyone's interested in my technique: first I do the line art in Flash, make it nice and crisp. Then, I print it to the cel using my home printer and special inkjet printer acetate sheets. I also create a color palette in Photoshop and print that out to help as I mix my paint colors to match it to the image. Lastly, I just color match as best as I can using gouache paints and go about painting it (painted on the reverse side so that you don't mess up your ink lines). This one was super difficult because some of the areas were so tiny I had to paint them in using a stick pin.

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I don't remember who shared the link to the Neoromance calendar program. Y'know, that downloadable one that shows Neoroma characters and their birthdays each month. And has little hearts above days that have a birthday.

Well, I finished compiling the list. I also added Corda 3 characters and some minor characters by Wikipedia-ing them. ...Anyway, enjoy~

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Edit:Updated - 1/17/11. Updated cast list again and added a link to the drama CD.

Haruka 5 has just been announced for the PSP! It will be released February 24, 2011.

The game will break a series tradition and feature an entirely new voice cast. The new voice cast change was done to celebrate the series's 10 year anniversary. The game world will be a mix of the Bakumatsu and Meiji periods.

Hasumi Yuki - Takahashi Mikako

Hachiyo (sorted by Seiryuu, Suzaku, Byakko, and Genbu pairings from Ten to Chi)
Kiryuu Shun - Terashima Takuma
Sakamoto Ryōma - Suzumura Kenichi
Chinami - Abe Atsushi
Okita Sōji - Okamoto Nobuhiko
Komatsu Tatewaki - Tachibana Shinosuke
Fukuchi Ōchi - Takemoto Eiji
Ernest Satow - Shintanda Michael
Takasugi Shinsaku - Yasumoto Hiroki

Yakumo Miyako - Saiga Mitsuki [Kokuryuu no Miko, yea it's a girl!]
Amami - Suwabe Junichi
Kiryuu Sou - Shimono Hiro
Kondō Isami - no listed actor
Hijikata Toshizō - Hoshino Takanori*
Katsu Kaishū - Ono Kenichi*
Nagaoka Shintarō - Nemoto Masakazu*
Makoto - Katō Masayuki**
Saigō Takamori - Nara Tōru*
Katsura Kogorō - Kondō Takeshi **
Harry Parkes - Aoyama Yutaka* (Drama CD info)
Fukuzawa Yukichi - Kawamoto Naru** (Drama CD info)

The Four Gods and their Divine Aides [ZOMG!]
Seiryuu - Tomokazu Seki
Suzaku - Takahashi Naozumi
Byakko - Inoue Kazuhiko
Genbu - Hoshi Sōichirō
Kōzanze Myō-Oh - Miki Shinichiro
Gundari Myō-Oh - Miyata Kōki
Dai'itoku Myō-Oh - Nakahara Shigeru
Kongōyasha Myō-Oh - Ishida Akira

* = Voice actor for the first Drama CD (12/29); may or may not be voiced in the game.
** = Voice actor for the upcoming Drama CD (2/23); may or may not be voiced in the game.

Preview images can be seen from the links below:

There will also be an Aizōban release for Haruka 4 on the PSP! It will be released December 22. New drama CD and cast commentary. Whee. 20+ new events will be added and new images. Previously unvoiced sub-characters will be voiced. Each main character and sub-character will get an extra chapter after their main story is finished. Preview images of some of the new stills can be seen in the links below.
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Here it is, gang.

This is the interactive guide I was talking about 2 weeks ago. I've been slammed with work lately, so it isn't complete. But here's something to hold you over. You can go through the story all the way up to the classroom; once you exit, the demo ends.

If you're wondering when all the prologue chapter will be done, it's hard to say. Possibly a month, maybe even more depending on how much freelance work I get over the course of time.

Let me know if you like this kind of thing/appreciate it (it takes a lot of hard work not only to translate all these screens but to then think in a way to program it all and have it link up properly with scripting for music cues, sound effects, etc.). Haha. It started out as something I was doing just for myself, but I couldn't help but share with any of the interested fans out there.



Download link: http://www.4shared.com/file/248935107/8561ecb5/Haruka4_guide-demo1.html

By the way, with the high-quality of the music and all the images, the file size is a bit large. Roughly 31 MB just to let you know.
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Since I apparently upset a number of people with my translation of Ichino-hime and Nino-hime, I wanted to check with the fans first before sticking a title at the beginning of my interactive guide so as not to upset a great number of people.

So here's the question:

[Poll #1537111]

I'll take the highest number of votes at midnight on Saturday from both neoroma and angemedia (the 2 NeoRomance communities I rely on the most) and use that as the English box on the title screen.

Thanks, gang! Get to votin'. I'll be working on this bad boy so that you can have it soon to oogle and click on the pretty. Haha


Oh, and here's an image to give you an idea of what I already had.
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I don't know if anyone out there is bored enough/interested enough in the Haruka 4 video game that was released for PS2 and Wii, but I got my hands on it shortly after it came out and decided I was gonna take screenshots as I played and translate them to English.

So if you want to sit down and read through some of the story at the beginning of the game, be my guest. I just started this project last week, but I have more than 200 screens translated into English thus far.


Oh, and I also did this with Angelique Etoile and coded it in Flash to be interactive with music and sound effects. I'll post that one later if anyone's interested. If so, let me know so I can take the time to finish programming the choices you can click on.

Take care!
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[60] Axis Powers Hetalia
[12] Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4
[19] Shadow Hearts: Covenant
[30] Persona 4
[18] Kuro Shitsuji (all Ciel)
[05] Misc. (Twilight, Tales of Vesperia)
[254] RP Icons (Tales of..., Persona 4, Ga-rei Zero, Hetalia, Hiiro no Kakera, Will o'Wisp)

( Reach out to the truth )

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