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Hi all! I'm selling some Neoromance goods (along with some other stuff outside this fandom). They might be some old stuff, but I believe they're valuable, especially for collectors! Hope to find a new home for those babies!

(follow this face cut to my LJ)

Thank you for looking! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! <(_ _)>
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Koei Tecmo today announced Musou Stars, a Dynasty Warriors-style game featuring popular characters from across all the company's franchises - Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, Kasumi from Dead or Alive, etc. Among the first seven characters announced was Hajime Arima from Haruka 6.

Angelique is not currently as thriving a franchise as Haruka, true. However: Dynasty Warriors games have utterly huge rosters (Wikipedia notes that the eighth installment boasts 83 playable characters), and...well, they're announcing a neoroma character right out of the gate, as one of the flagship charas. That's a strong sign Koei isn't gonna shy away from taking PCs from their dating sims.

So: There's an excellent chance that at least one Angelique character's going to make it into Musou Stars. Frankly, I'd put Oscar as a 1:1 bet at this point: he's the most popular Ange character in Japan; he's voiced by a venerable seiyuu who's been very active in promoting the Ange franchise; and he has an established history of swinging a sword around.

(Arios might be a good runner-up candidate, as Japan's other most popular Ange character who also is armed with a blade, but he has a strike against him in that he hasn't been in a recent game. (Maren, a four-year-old Otomate joint, doesn't count.) Rayne might also be a possibility, given that a new Neo Ange is supposed to be on its way, but that depends on how dedicated Koei is to promoting a game they're not publishing, which, so far, has been "not very.")

Another thing to consider: The modern Dynasty Warriors games have the option for English voices. If this bears fruit, then an Angelique character might for the first time be getting an official English voice.

Anyhow: this is all pie in the sky at this point. But I ask: which characters do you think might be in the game, and which characters do you want to be in the game? (I know the answer to the latter is "everyone," so let's go with "most want to be in the game.")
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Retour is finally in the wild, so, of course, I'm posting about Haruka.

Anyhow: there's been a ongoing sale on game soundtracks on Amazon Japan, with a bunch of selections priced at 390 yen (about 3 USD & change). Among these OSTs are a bunch of Haruka albums. I know that most Haruka fans have probably downloaded the entire discography already, but if you'd like to be legal for a bunch of songs, this is a very economical way to do so.

You do have an Amazon Japan account to be able to buy from the sale (accounts from other territories won't work). Here's a guide that shows you how to set one up. You also have to register with a Japanese mailing address; the one in the example here will work. (You can pay with any credit card; Amazon Japan doesn't cross-reference the address, so it doesn't matter if the Japanese address you provide is fake.)

The sale includes selections from other series like Phantasy Star Online, Resident Evil, Bayonetta, Persona, and more, so it's worth taking a look even if you're not a Haruka fan.
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I've started messing around with doll costomization and I'm hoping to make more harutoki guys.  The doll and art will be under a cut because there's going to be quite a few pictures.
To the dollies )
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Hey there, minna-san!

I got bored and had these templates, plus fic ideas brewing in my head for ages, so these were made. The templates came from www.thetotsbox.net. Anyway, here's what I'd done, be prepared for cuteness overload....

Cute and fluffy warning! )
So, there we have it. Let me know what you think, and if you have suggestions for tummy symbols for other characters (esp. from Angelique, Corda and Neo Angelique), please let me know.
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I don't remember who shared the link to the Neoromance calendar program. Y'know, that downloadable one that shows Neoroma characters and their birthdays each month. And has little hearts above days that have a birthday.

Well, I finished compiling the list. I also added Corda 3 characters and some minor characters by Wikipedia-ing them. ...Anyway, enjoy~

Read more... )
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Hey there, minna-san!

It's very nearly Christmas here, so I'm posting these for your yuletide enjoyment!

I Saw Akane-chan Kiss Santa

Story: Shimon caught Akane kissing someone in a Santa costume (Tenma) and decided to let the other Hachiyo know.

I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus~ )

In Shinchou no Seichi

Story: Clavis seems more fatigued lately, so Lumiale is ensuring his best friend rests well.

Away in a manger~ )

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A new Haruka live event has been announced. It will take place January 8th and March 12-13th next year. Cast announced so far include:

Miki Shinichiro (Yorihisa, Yoritada, Masaomi, Hiiragi)
Takahashi Naozumi (Inori, Isato, Hinoe, Tooya)
Inoue Kazuhiko (Tomomasa, Hisui, Kagetoki, Kazahaya)
Nakahara Shigeru (Takamichi, Yukitaka, Yuzuru, Oshihito)
Toriumi Kōsuke (Yasuhira, Michiomi)
Matsuda Yuuki (Koremori)
Hanawa Eiji (Tsunemasa)
Kondou Takeshi (Southern Deity from the dream game, Nasu no Yoichi)
Horie Kazuma (Northern Deity)
All of the Haruka 5 hachiyo

I probably won't be able to go myself but maybe some of the more crazy and rich fans among you will =D

On a semi-related note, who's going to the Starlight Xmas 2010 event? Apparently a new Angelique game/property will be exclusively announced there. Mayhap they will finally announce Sengoku Angelique the game lol.

Edit: Something else I kind of felt like I should mention but didn't want to make a new post for it. Since last month, Koei has been running a weekly Neo Romance & Musou radio show. Hosts are Masaya Onosaka (Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang and J.D.) and Eiji Takemoto (Mitsunari, Katsuie and Fukachi Ōchi). Their most recent guest was Ryōtarō Okiayu (Motochika, Orochi, Sima Shi, Akuram, Hakuryuu, Kokuryuu and Nasatya). You can listen to and download recent and previous shows here.

For those who don't know, Musou is the Japanese name for the English equivalent of the Warriors series we have out here (Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi and so on).
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Hey there, minna-san!

Here's another AMV, and it's my first starring Neo Angelique characters! I can only provide a download link for it (it's about 8MB) on mediafire (anybody who can make mirrors, feel welcome to) as youtube cancels out the audio.

Okay, to explain why each Aube Hunter was assigned each scout...
Nyx/Sailor Venus: Nyx's whip reminded me of Venus' first attack
Rayne/Sailor Mercury: They're the brainy ones
Hyuga/Sailor Mars: Takes duty seriously, and his drinking tea made me think of Mars' meditation
J.D./Sailor Jupiter: Love to cook

Anyway, here's the link to Angelique Is Sailor Moon: http://www.mediafire.com/?qpzh2ogbc5mjnlg

I hope you enjoy it!

Also, I posted more AMVs on youtube, some including Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, the username there is the same as here.
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i'm a huge fan of the haruka series but i'm having the worst time trying to find soft subs or even a download of the movie, haruka naru toki no naka de 3 owari naki unmei, with english subs on it, i was wondering if anyone knows if it got subbed and/or where i can get the english subs if its out there? >.<
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Edit:Updated - 1/17/11. Updated cast list again and added a link to the drama CD.

Haruka 5 has just been announced for the PSP! It will be released February 24, 2011.

The game will break a series tradition and feature an entirely new voice cast. The new voice cast change was done to celebrate the series's 10 year anniversary. The game world will be a mix of the Bakumatsu and Meiji periods.

Hasumi Yuki - Takahashi Mikako

Hachiyo (sorted by Seiryuu, Suzaku, Byakko, and Genbu pairings from Ten to Chi)
Kiryuu Shun - Terashima Takuma
Sakamoto Ryōma - Suzumura Kenichi
Chinami - Abe Atsushi
Okita Sōji - Okamoto Nobuhiko
Komatsu Tatewaki - Tachibana Shinosuke
Fukuchi Ōchi - Takemoto Eiji
Ernest Satow - Shintanda Michael
Takasugi Shinsaku - Yasumoto Hiroki

Yakumo Miyako - Saiga Mitsuki [Kokuryuu no Miko, yea it's a girl!]
Amami - Suwabe Junichi
Kiryuu Sou - Shimono Hiro
Kondō Isami - no listed actor
Hijikata Toshizō - Hoshino Takanori*
Katsu Kaishū - Ono Kenichi*
Nagaoka Shintarō - Nemoto Masakazu*
Makoto - Katō Masayuki**
Saigō Takamori - Nara Tōru*
Katsura Kogorō - Kondō Takeshi **
Harry Parkes - Aoyama Yutaka* (Drama CD info)
Fukuzawa Yukichi - Kawamoto Naru** (Drama CD info)

The Four Gods and their Divine Aides [ZOMG!]
Seiryuu - Tomokazu Seki
Suzaku - Takahashi Naozumi
Byakko - Inoue Kazuhiko
Genbu - Hoshi Sōichirō
Kōzanze Myō-Oh - Miki Shinichiro
Gundari Myō-Oh - Miyata Kōki
Dai'itoku Myō-Oh - Nakahara Shigeru
Kongōyasha Myō-Oh - Ishida Akira

* = Voice actor for the first Drama CD (12/29); may or may not be voiced in the game.
** = Voice actor for the upcoming Drama CD (2/23); may or may not be voiced in the game.

Preview images can be seen from the links below:

There will also be an Aizōban release for Haruka 4 on the PSP! It will be released December 22. New drama CD and cast commentary. Whee. 20+ new events will be added and new images. Previously unvoiced sub-characters will be voiced. Each main character and sub-character will get an extra chapter after their main story is finished. Preview images of some of the new stills can be seen in the links below.
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Hey everyone, I'm back again~ :p I've had a bunch of half-finished post ideas lying around, so instead of spamming the entire front page of the group with them, I figured I'd throw them all together in here XD What could there possibly be you ask?

A Download [Angelique Special 2 4-Koma book] )
A Question [Haruka1 Songs; looking to find and/or buy, need some help ^^;] )
And, of course, some dragons! :3 [It's not just Mel, okay? XD] )
Hopefully at least one of those points was entertaining for someone :p
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Hey there, minna-san!

I was just on the official Neoromance website to try to see if I could find information on the new game Love Summit, but managed to stumble across something else interesting...


Looks like you can only get these at an event, which kind of sucks because I want one! They're too cute!
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Hey there, minna-san, how are you?

I've been thinking of making a crossover fic for a while now. In it, it's Julious' birthday, and so the rest of the Shugosei as well as the Hachiyo, all gather into pairs and make something for the birthday feast. The pairs will be who traded with who in Trading Romance, which is the reason why Julious isn't cooking, I'm not including Akuram to my fic.

Here are scenarios I'd thought of for each pair...

Working together in mixed teams isn't always easy )

Anyway, those are scenarios I can see happening. There will be one chapter for each pair, as well as the before and after.

Are there any suggestions for other things that might happen among some of the pairs?
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So, I went on a lovely adventure to Anime North this past weekend. Surprisingly, I found some Angelique stuff o.O; Naturally I bought most everything I found XD I took pics of course. Maybe someone knows what these are from?

Otome merch at my anime con? It was more likely than I thought XD )
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Hey there, minna-san!

I'm getting an advance next fortnight, and was looking at 4koma books on yesasia, and came across a book called Trading Romance. The front cover has Julious, Zephel, Isato, Yorihisa, Limoges and Akane on it...oh, and Julious is holding Akuram's mask, while Yorihisa looks to be summoning something in between his palms.

Anyway, does anyone have this book? What can you tell me about it? (Still getting it either way!)

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Here it is, gang.

This is the interactive guide I was talking about 2 weeks ago. I've been slammed with work lately, so it isn't complete. But here's something to hold you over. You can go through the story all the way up to the classroom; once you exit, the demo ends.

If you're wondering when all the prologue chapter will be done, it's hard to say. Possibly a month, maybe even more depending on how much freelance work I get over the course of time.

Let me know if you like this kind of thing/appreciate it (it takes a lot of hard work not only to translate all these screens but to then think in a way to program it all and have it link up properly with scripting for music cues, sound effects, etc.). Haha. It started out as something I was doing just for myself, but I couldn't help but share with any of the interested fans out there.



Download link: http://www.4shared.com/file/248935107/8561ecb5/Haruka4_guide-demo1.html

By the way, with the high-quality of the music and all the images, the file size is a bit large. Roughly 31 MB just to let you know.
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Since I apparently upset a number of people with my translation of Ichino-hime and Nino-hime, I wanted to check with the fans first before sticking a title at the beginning of my interactive guide so as not to upset a great number of people.

So here's the question:

[Poll #1537111]

I'll take the highest number of votes at midnight on Saturday from both neoroma and angemedia (the 2 NeoRomance communities I rely on the most) and use that as the English box on the title screen.

Thanks, gang! Get to votin'. I'll be working on this bad boy so that you can have it soon to oogle and click on the pretty. Haha


Oh, and here's an image to give you an idea of what I already had.
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Yeah, well, I listened to a whole lot of them in the past, but didn't like them so I deleted them. Now I'd love to listen to a few of them again to see if my tastes might have changed.

It's a big list, so I guess, uh... prepare yourselves?

Read more... )
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To my dear active [livejournal.com profile] angemedia friends — I've been wanting to know more about you all! XD Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer the following:

What Neoromance character/s do you resemble most?

Who are they, and why? Perhaps you've been compared to the active and energetic Kaze no Shugosei? Do you relate closely to the struggles of our heroine in Corda 1? Maybe your words shimmer and your eyes sparkle like those of the Chi no Byakko? Or could it be that you feel most akin to the quiet, often-unnoticed secondary characters who keep to the background? Maybe something darker lurks beneath your friendly exterior... or maybe you have everything to offer and nothing to hide. :) Let's hear what you feel! Elaborate at length!

To establish a rule of thumb, let's call a flexible limit of three characters per series, but feel free to break it down by era (i.e. Ange) or individual game (i.e. Haruka) as your enthusiasm requires. XD

Gush away! ♥


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