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I used to post here ages ago. It is good to know the community is still here! I have been having a major Angelique Renaissance since re-watching the Neo Angelique anime in February and, much to my delight, finally getting to play an Angelique game with Retour. I've been fangirling it all alone to fervent fanfiction writing levels since March... I'm glad to find somewhere a bit active to talk about it.

Now I would really love to play some of the older games. I just bought the PC version of Etoile, and hopefully I can get to work on an old laptop. I imagine I should be able to attempt Neo Angelique and Maren when I get a PSP. (Are PSPs regionally locked? I am assuming that I should get a Japanese version.) What about Trois, Special 2 and Requiem? Is there any way to play them without buying old Japanese consoles and trying to get them to work with newer US TVs? I saw Requiem on a kind of sketchy website as being downloadable, but I didn't get it to work.

On Retour... I have a lot to say and am not sure where to start. lol. I will happily post a synopsis of Brian's parts, for those who can't play Retour, if there is any interest. It has its issues, but I kind of love his story. I wish I knew when his birthday is! It is a silly thing, but I like to know this stuff!

The most important (for my fanfic, anyway) question is... Is there ever mentioned anywhere just how much time passes on the continent in relation to the flying city? There is rather contradictory information. Brian says more than once, IIRC, that it has been decades... and there is a scene that indicates that is the case, but the priest doesn't age that much. He just goes from about 8 to perhaps 18 or so when I got the game to last over 100 days or so. I assumed that the priest has power like a Guardian's, which is why he ages minimally, but uncertain timelines bug me when writing anything.
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I was just going through this journal from 2009 and realized I have to update my list. XD So I figured I could start a new topic, ask the same (well, similar) question and breathe some life into the comm for a moment~

...Ernst broke his third mic. )
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All right all right, that's not the best image, but the alternative is to stop ganking pics from Amazon Japan and actually scan something myself, so it's staying. With apologies to Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule - and everyone who's sick of my spamming the comm - I thought far too long had elapsed since a poll. Since the mistress of the multiple-choice form is sadly AWOL, we'll have to satisfy ourselves with short-answer. So, to cleanse the palette before Maren:
Close your books, get out your #2 pencils )
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Knights later, but two other Ange-related things now:

- Fan artist han-nama has made a Luva-centric fangame (Luva-sama to Issho/Together with Luva-sama) that I can't quite get to run on my comp - and to which I can't directly link, as LJ has apparently upgraded the "no linking"/moderation thing to screening all posts that contain a link, not just all responses to posts. *Sigh.* So, do this: click the "angelique: fanart" tag at the left, and you'll eventually run into a link to han-nama's place. Click on the blue-beige Luva banner when you get there (below the ice-blue Lumi banner). On the new page, scroll down on the right and click where it says "20.6MB" at the bottom of the page to download the game. If anyone can get it running, please post - we have to figure this out by the time Snow Lovers, her Lumiale game, is released!

ETA: As [livejournal.com profile] animekittysama noted, my problem is probably unique to my stupid computer; others have reported the game working fine. So: free fan game by a beloved fan artist!

- OK, you might remember that there's been a bit of debate regarding when Neo Angelique takes place in respect to the original series - the past, or the future? Well, I've finally cracked the PSP copy of Neo Ange I've had for so long in order to get it played before Maren, and I've found some strongly implicative information. Early in the game, you'll meet two Knights of the Silver Tree with whom you'll camp for the night while on an extended mission. Around the campfire, one of the knights'll start telling you legends of the Queen:

"Long, long ago, a Queen from a faraway land descended to this world when it was new.
She nurtured this world and developed it into a paradise known as Arcadia.
The queen then blessed this world and returned to her own."

Nothing open-and-shut, of course, but it seems strongly implicative that the Queen spoken of is Collet.
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It's the crazed Julious fangirl here! Long time no see, y'all! LJ has been quite troubleseome in letting me do anything. Urgh! But putting that aside, I bring gifts today!

As a birthday present to my favorite Guardian, I got him a FormSpring. And of course, he'll be geeting more questions than I do.

And since I'm on the subject...do any of the other Guardians have Formsprings? I didn't see any, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. :P
If they exsist can you point me in that direction? If they don't does anyone feel like joining Julious in the Formspring relm? :3

Then I also have 12 Angelique icons, half of which are of Julious. :P
I made these eons ago, urgh. But hey, why not let them see the light of day?

Julious ❤ Why so lovely? )

And that's that. Have day on behalf of everyone's favorite blonde Guardian! Mwa!

*gets mugged by Marcel fans, Olivie fans, Leonard fans ect.*
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First, a minor bit - have three Neo Angelique song translations from Tasogare no Kishi: Hyuga's "Tsukibae no Yasouka" (OK if a bit flatly repetitive), Nyx's "Hidamari no Pureryuudo" (blah), and J.D.'s "Kimi ga Iru Kono Mune no Rakuen" (utterly heartbreaking if you extrapolate the situation).

Secondly, all this recent spate of activity needs is a Poll of Randomness to be complete. Their undisputed mistress is sadly AWOL, however, so I can only offer an essay question. I got to thinking recently: what qualities define the songs of each character? What makes a Randy song a Randy song, for instance, or a Charlie one a Charlie? Clearly, this matter demands an exhaustive dissertation.

Below are my thoughts in tiresome detail )
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I've decided I'm going to get my lazy butt motivated enough to learn at least basic japanese. So far I'm working off lessons on the internet, but I can't find some good ones. Does anyone have a link or two to a website with some good lessons? I would really appreciate any help.
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I posted a quiz on quizilla last night. It was just for my own amusement really to match people with the Gaurdians and Arios since there is a similar quiz but it's years old and only has the Shinchou Guardians. It's 10 questions long with 4 multiple options and 6 single options and there's 19 possible answers for each (they're pretty obvious who goes with which answer, too...).

My original plan was to see who took the quiz and if I can manage to corrupt anyone onto the series. I've already managed to brainwash a freshman at my high school and the poor little darling is begging me for new pictures/episodes/music everyday XD

Anyway, can someone take it and tell me if it's any good? I think I rushed it a bit, but so far I only get Luva, so it seems accurate on my end >_>

here's link: http://quizilla.teennick.com/quizzes/18673878/which-angelique-character-is-your-match-revised

Sacrea quiz

May. 6th, 2011 09:09 pm
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A few of you probably took this already, but I'm just curious what you guys would turn out as. I took it and ended up with Greenery, and it sounds pretty much like me. If you take it, will you post your results? I'm a very curious person :)

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Hi all! First time poster, long time stalker...you know the drill. :P
As a brief explanation my friend has forced everyone to take this test here, and got me addicted to it as well.

And how is this related to Angelique, you may ask?

You can click here to find out... )


Apr. 30th, 2011 08:12 pm
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Hi everyone! I'm new to the community, though I've actually been getting on the web page and reading any Angelique news you guys feed me. I must thank many of you for your helpful updates, or I wouldn't know about quite a few of my favorite Angelique AMV's or anything. I actually discovered the series because one of the Guardians (I think it was Olivie) made a cameo in a fan fiction I was reading. I thought 'Oh my god! He's weird, I must find out where he's from!' and ta-da! I became obsessed with the series.

Alright, enough of my blathering, I was actually wondering if someone can help me. I've been looking all over the place for the subbed episodes of From the Sanctuary With Love, but I can't find any of them but 1. I'm dying to watch the other two, but I'm having difficulties. Help please?
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A new Haruka live event has been announced. It will take place January 8th and March 12-13th next year. Cast announced so far include:

Miki Shinichiro (Yorihisa, Yoritada, Masaomi, Hiiragi)
Takahashi Naozumi (Inori, Isato, Hinoe, Tooya)
Inoue Kazuhiko (Tomomasa, Hisui, Kagetoki, Kazahaya)
Nakahara Shigeru (Takamichi, Yukitaka, Yuzuru, Oshihito)
Toriumi Kōsuke (Yasuhira, Michiomi)
Matsuda Yuuki (Koremori)
Hanawa Eiji (Tsunemasa)
Kondou Takeshi (Southern Deity from the dream game, Nasu no Yoichi)
Horie Kazuma (Northern Deity)
All of the Haruka 5 hachiyo

I probably won't be able to go myself but maybe some of the more crazy and rich fans among you will =D

On a semi-related note, who's going to the Starlight Xmas 2010 event? Apparently a new Angelique game/property will be exclusively announced there. Mayhap they will finally announce Sengoku Angelique the game lol.

Edit: Something else I kind of felt like I should mention but didn't want to make a new post for it. Since last month, Koei has been running a weekly Neo Romance & Musou radio show. Hosts are Masaya Onosaka (Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang and J.D.) and Eiji Takemoto (Mitsunari, Katsuie and Fukachi Ōchi). Their most recent guest was Ryōtarō Okiayu (Motochika, Orochi, Sima Shi, Akuram, Hakuryuu, Kokuryuu and Nasatya). You can listen to and download recent and previous shows here.

For those who don't know, Musou is the Japanese name for the English equivalent of the Warriors series we have out here (Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi and so on).
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Ahem. Yes. Now, let me elaborate on that a bit. I was thinking about the time Randy dressed as Angelique and realized I'd never seen the other Guardians in dresses (minus Olivie). That got me thinking and voíla, le result.

Let me start with a few questions that explain what corrupted my brain I had in mind.

1. Who do you want to see in in a dress?
2. Why would you torture him?
3. How willing would they be to do this?
4. How at ease would they be once successfully forced into wearing the dress?
5. Who is your partner in crime (aka who would help you in your "Crossdressing Guardian" quest)? (can be any Angelique character you can think of. Not the victim, though. Paradoxical events would scar them a bit too badly.)
(6. How on earth did you manage to do it?) <--- If you can come up with this.

I'll go first, then.

1. I... actually picked Victor. (Don't give me that look.)

2. Because I thought it'd be freakin' hilarious. Also, because I can just see him do it (reasons to come).

3. He would never do this if asked pointblank. BUT if it was an order from a higher-up and told it was for a mission? I bet he would. XD

4. (This is part of why I wanted to pick him.) He'd be very at ease in my head - others would cringe the moment they saw him. Y'see, I think he takes missions seriously. So when told to crossdress and act effeminate, he'd take it to heart and attempt his very best to walk and sound like a woman, only to make it very clear to everybody that he's a guy. *facepalm* Can you see it? Victor in a dress failing to move gracefully and talking in a fake, high-pitched voice and an effeminate speech pattern.

5. *points behind her* Charlie. He wanted revenge for that one time when Victor crashed into his office with his fighter jet (long story). The plan backfired on him, he didn't think he'd take this so seriously. *cue to Charlie huddled in a corner mumbling "Can't sleep, the Victoria-bots will eat me."*

6. Charlie and me forged a letter that had the Queen's seal on it. I expected Victor not to be able to tell a forgery apart from a real one.

*Julious passes by and stops to stare* "What in-"
"Oh, Julious-sama~!" *makes his way toward him attempting to swishing his hips like a girl*
"I- geh... gh..." *various choking noises*
*drawling in a girly manner* "What happened, are you all right?"
"Y-yes. I'm busy now, so if you'll excuse me..." *Julious rushes off and locks himself in his room*
"Did I say something wrong?"
*Julious, in his room, has a nervous breakdown and starts to laugh hysterically*

*pause* ...oh my god, what did I just unleash?
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Hey all, while this doesn't have a focus on NeoRomance games, it is a chance to let a game publisher know there are people in the west who know what these games are XD
Link is here:
Just a note that most of their "are you familiar with these?" games are by Idea Factory, not Koei [I bet someone noticed that Hakuouki was taking over the otome world although I refuse to touch it XD], but there is a space to write what "other" games you know too.
Have fun! :P Not sure if this could warrent a full discussion, but I thought I'd spread the news around ^^;
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My fellow Angeliquers:

I know many of us are happily at work with our latest fics, videos, polls, translations, and art for the comm. The time has come, though, for us to ask not what we can do for our fandom but what our fandom can do for us. Will do for us. Maybe.

There've been a few recent developments in the neoromance world, all of them odd. The recent Haruka announcement seems like a shot across everyone's bow; Koei is ready to launch their venerable franchises in a revamped form, and nothing is sacred. Corda is relatively recent and therefore seemingly safe (and off in its own little world, anyhow), but I'd like to discuss Koei's possible plans for the two Ange franchises.

Angelique: After a long, successful run and a panned anime, the granddaddy of neoromance was seemingly retired. Understandable. After four years of inactivity, though, the franchise is relaunched with...an alt-universe manga with B-grade art that covers the same historical themes as another neoroma franchise. If they're testing the waters for a franchise revival, is this not an odd project with which to do so?

Neo Ange: After a quite successful anime that brought many new fans into the fold, a few CD releases, an updated version of the game on the go-to neoroma platform, and the assembly of a strong voice cast, we've had...nothing. Why is Koei willling to revive older franchises in odd or rejiggered forms when they have perfectly popular new stuff lying fallow? Why build up such enthusiasm for a new product and then do nothing with it?

I guess what I'm asking here is what you think is going to happen and what you would like to happen. Would you, for example, be happy with a new Angelique game if the voice cast were replaced? This is a general thread for discussing recent developments and attempting to pull everything together. Haruka folks, feel free to jump in, too. Corda people, I dunno. You guys never come around.

* I hope the Secretaries of Random Polls and 4-Komas were moved to a secure location for the duration of this meeting.
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Hey everyone, I'm back again~ :p I've had a bunch of half-finished post ideas lying around, so instead of spamming the entire front page of the group with them, I figured I'd throw them all together in here XD What could there possibly be you ask?

A Download [Angelique Special 2 4-Koma book] )
A Question [Haruka1 Songs; looking to find and/or buy, need some help ^^;] )
And, of course, some dragons! :3 [It's not just Mel, okay? XD] )
Hopefully at least one of those points was entertaining for someone :p
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Hey there, minna-san!

I was just on the official Neoromance website to try to see if I could find information on the new game Love Summit, but managed to stumble across something else interesting...


Looks like you can only get these at an event, which kind of sucks because I want one! They're too cute!
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I had something to add for music week, but it's taking longer than expected, so here's an essay-question derail.

Suppose you're assembling a Sanctuary and want an all-star team of Guardians. (Assume that everyone will work well with everyone else.) Who do you pick as the best possible Guardian for each Sacrea? Though this is destined to turn into a Bird vs. Beast showdown, you're welcome to consider alternative candidates - your picks from here, perhaps?

Cut )
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Hey, annoying request: might I ask everyone who expressed interest in the revival due to my negligence of the chara rating post idea look back to this and give a "yea" or "nay" or "shut up, already" as to the final proposed format and questions and whatnot? I'll post the actual...er, *post* on Friday barring any unforeseen disasters.

In apology for this interruption, I offer an Engrishy ballad from Koi wa PUSH & PUSH!, before Angelique hit upon the whole "image song" idea. I'm sure you will agree upon listening that it constitutes more than adequate compensation!

ETA: OK, the file's an MP3 now.
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Right, so this OVA really does take things to a whole new level in the Angelique world, ne?

slight spoilers under here... )

But, here's what tops everything we saw in it put together...

Read text behind Angelique )

Yep. The text in the eyecatches.


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