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Which is the best candidate to rule the universe?
The basic plot of the series revolves around the “Queen” that, with justice and wisdom, governs the universe, maintaining in harmony the innumerous planets in existence through the meticulous balance of elemental forces, the sacrea, which are kept by nine (quite handsome) Guardians. The powers of the Queen and the Guardians, however, are not infin
ite and therefore it is up to them, at certain times, to find suitable successors. 
It is on one of these moments that we find Angelique Limoges, a 17 years old candidate to occupy the throne, and Rosalia de Cartagena, her rival. Both candidates are sent to the Holy City where the final phase of their tests begins: to cultivate, each of them, their own continent. 
The task placed upon them can only be fulfilled with the aid of the guardians that use their sacrea to bring both prosperity to the land of the candidate that befriended him or devastation to the land of her rival. As the times goes by, however, rivals can become friends and even the Guardians may fall in love: Choosing the path of love, however prevents the candidate to become the Queen – a small price for a life of love, perhaps?; Between love and power, which one would you choose? That is only one of the many questions raised on Angelique’s universe.
Angelique had quite a reception worldwide, expanding far beyond the game’s universe (with games available for GBA, PS, PS2, NDS to say a few), into other forms of art: there are manga and anime adaptations, OVAs, artbooks and a great number of CDs and OST released. 
Angelique is property of KOEI, being developed by Ruby Party (game developers), with its characters being the primary work of Kairi Yura (character designer).
We hope the Angelique fans there - https://www.facebook.com/angeliquekoei

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i was wondering whether anyone still have the deluxe edition of neo angelique anime
the  alternate endings i mean.
can someone reupload those on media fire perhaps? cause the old links were expired.
a lot of thanks
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Hey, gang!!

Sooooooo I have some exciting news. :) I got my hands on the Angelique Gemme Stories official guidebook thanks to ebay, and upon inspecting it I found that it most certainly has the ENTIRE SCRIPT to Angelique OVA 2: From the Sanctuary with Love as fandramon(maybe?) pointed out many moons ago.

Therefore, as you can guess, I'm currently translating it all to make up for that not-so-perfect version someone else did previously which I found on veoh *cough* calling Catis "Clavis" and referring to the Jet Aiguillon as Jet Legion *cough*
I'm about halfway through part 1 since starting yesterday, so it'll be no time at all before I'm actually subtitling the video.

I'm at a problem point, though, and wanted to reach out to my fellow fans. Currently I only have unsubbed videos that came from at least 8-10 years ago (super low-quality, small video size), and I'd hate to release such a pitiful quality video. The version someone else did on Veoh was great quality, but I only have the version they did with subtitles embedded.
It pains me to think about buying them as the entire 3-DVD set would cost a ton (but will seriously consider it should my plea go unanswered). Would anyone happen to be gracious enough to provide me with some high quality raw avi files, preferably at least 640x480 in size? Or know of someone else who might?

I really want to get these off the table since OVA 2 and OVA 3 are the only ones without proper translations out there.



Apr. 30th, 2011 08:12 pm
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Hi everyone! I'm new to the community, though I've actually been getting on the web page and reading any Angelique news you guys feed me. I must thank many of you for your helpful updates, or I wouldn't know about quite a few of my favorite Angelique AMV's or anything. I actually discovered the series because one of the Guardians (I think it was Olivie) made a cameo in a fan fiction I was reading. I thought 'Oh my god! He's weird, I must find out where he's from!' and ta-da! I became obsessed with the series.

Alright, enough of my blathering, I was actually wondering if someone can help me. I've been looking all over the place for the subbed episodes of From the Sanctuary With Love, but I can't find any of them but 1. I'm dying to watch the other two, but I'm having difficulties. Help please?
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Hi minna -san ..I was watching this amv and yes I'M OBSESSED with Arios <3__<3 and i was wondering If you know or have this cutscene in 1:28 oO OMG I SO WANT this cutscene with the kiss for my amv pretty PLEASE ???
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Just saw this and thought I'd make a post about it :D The KST Ange anime is being re-released in a 10-disc boxed set with all the episodes and a few extras. Retail price is 29,400Y [Or about $300 o.O;], and it will be released on March 25th 2010.
Other noteworthy 2010 DVD releases include the NeoRoma Starlight X-Mas DVD [includes the usual seiyuu madness and some songs too~] Being released March 24th 2010.
And the Haruka3 anime DVDs; all being released March 24th 2010, in 3 different flavours! XD There's a regular version, a deluxe edition version, and a limited edition version! Obviously the more stuff you get the more you pay :p
Regular edition - 7,140Y | Deluxe edition - 9,240Y | Limited edition - 13,440Y

Relevant info: Ange DVD Summary Page | Starlight X-Mas Summary Page | Haruka3 DVD Summary Page | Ange KST Homepage | NeoRoma DVD release listing

[I'd be great if someone more informed of the Japanese language could take a shot at the details, sometimes even with 3 online translators I can only get so much info ^^;]
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As for other good fansubbing news...
The Polish version of From Sanctuary with Love 1-3 is almost ready (the translation is, now we have timing to go), so we'll start working on an English version after October 17th (Aicon 2004 - Yaoi Convention in Warsaw). We'll need someone fluent in Japanese to watch the anime afterwards and tell us if there isn't too much lost in translation. Anyone?


Oct. 8th, 2004 06:27 am
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Just a quick entry letting the Ange-fans among you that are not on the Angelique ML know that it has finally happened... yup. SUBBED! *___* And even my favourite (Shiroi Tsubasa no Memoir part 1).

At the moment I'm downloading at 48 kbps and now I'm going to school and I'll leave the computer on all day so I'll keep seeding for a while. More people downloading means higher speed for the everyone so get it if now if you've got the chance ^_^.

X-posted to my own LJ
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XD the other day my friend told me that about harukanaru serie TV ^^U i was searching then.. hmm.. yes have it x_x but they dont say when is on air i mean is listed for "new anime" but not say the year XP i belive can be in spring of 2005 or maybe 2006.. ^^
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Just wanted to update people on my angelique collection, i now have

Angelique ~ Shiroi Tsubasa no Memoir OVA.

Angelique ~ Seichi Yori Ai o Komete

Twin collection 1-6, and 8 (will have 7 sometime this week)

and the angelique OVA4 part one

Hi, hi:)

Apr. 1st, 2004 09:10 pm
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Guess I should introduce myself:)

I'm Anna, Polish yaoi fangirl - I don't know much about Angelique yet, but I just bought the DVD of From Sanctuary With Love for our yaoi convention. We were going to make a fansub - Lumiale, how far are you with the project? Maybe we could share it somehow?

Oh, and I'm desperate to get all Twin Collection OVAs - my AIM is miladypl, any ftp would also be wonderful. Please help? I myself have every yaoi anime available, so just let me know (like.. Ai no Kusabi dvd-rip with English sub?).


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