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Yo! Uh, so it's been forever, anyone in here still? I wanted to post about an Angelique manga translation that got a new chapter uploaded back in May [of this year! XD] Here's a link:
Not exactly the fastest translation team but hey, it's something lol.
Also, has the majority of the community gathered somewhere else? If so, where? I wanna follow along too ^^;
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Translation posted for Luva's manga! (The manga itself is up to read here until Feb. 5, 10:00 a.m. Japan time.) The compiled print edition of the Clavis, Lumiale, and Luva Secret Side stories, Angelique Retour Secret Side Vol. 2, has already been released.

Also: Miko Mitsuki has made noises to the effect that Luva's chapter is the last Secret Side manga. This would seem to be accurate, as there's no "next month" promo image on the Sho-Comi page like there has been in the past.

It'd be odd if so, though, because Zephel, Marcel, and Randy haven't gotten their turn. There's certainly no shortage of backstory source material for those characters: Zephel's dramatic introduction to the Sanctuary; Randy's rivalry with Oscar (whom they love to put in these manga) or how Randy's parents met (his dad was a prince, his mom a commoner, their love was forbidden and he had to give up his title and go off on a search to find her when she was sent away by his jealous mother); and I'm sure they could gin up something with Marcel's extensive family. The free Secret Side manga were meant to promote Retour's release, though, and now it's out; and I could think of one possible spoiler-related reason why they would not want to showcase these stories online for free. Will we see, maybe, a print-only Secret Side Vol. 3? I dunno; for now, though, Secret Side seems to be over.

Other stuff:

- The Sekai o Dakishimete variety CD is out, with songs by Brian, Marcel, Randy, Zephel, and Oscar, plus what appparently is a Brian-centric drama. There's also an upcoming event CD, which apparently features songs by Luva and Lumiale, plus a duet by Gerard & Silvan threatened. Tumblr user minobishe has posted promo videos for both CDs, with audio snippets, here.

In addition, there's a "Futari Dake no Ochakai" ("A Tea Party for Just the Two of Us") CD featuring a Clavis-Lumiale drama produced in association with the merch company Happy Kuji, but...well, see below.

- A bunch of Retour merchandise has been produced by Happy Kuji, an odd company that sells its products...well, I'm kind of not sure. Apparently, lottery tickets are involved, and the items are divided into "prize tiers," but the merchandise is sold in massive boxes that are about $500 U.S. and come with sets of all prize tiers included? I don't know if this is something that's aimed at retailers, and the lottery aspect comes into play at the retail level (like the old PP trading card packs), or what. Anyhow, the Clavis-Lumi CD is apparently an exclusive "preorder bonus" for the Happy Kuji packs, and...my head is hurting. I have to go lie down now. If anyone out there can actually explain Happy Kuji, please do so.

(ETA: Also, one of the prize tiers is an invitation to an event featuring what seems to be a live tea party drama that features Julious & Oscar, plus an apparent gift of a CD of the event. I need Advil.)

Anyhow, we outside of Japan can't purchase the Happy Kuji merch outside of the secondary market, but it's worth browsing their Twitter to see some of the weird stuff they've made. Guardian-inspired nail stickers?

- Speaking of bizarre promotions in which we outside Japan cannot participate: Koei has teamed with karaoke king Joysound for a promotional campaign where participants can win video games by singing Angelique character songs.

- Also, I noted this on the Tumblr, but just to repeat: Brian's backstory in Retour is starting to get out in the open, so you might want to play Retour sooner rather than later if you haven't gotten on that and want to remain unspoiled. (There's one Brian-centric post on Tumblr (not one I've reblogged on the Angmedia Tumblr) that makes an oblique reference to it; it's very obscure, so it might not even mean anything to you, but if it does, it seems to full-on spoil what's going on with him. Just be aware.)

Finally, it's late, but I'll leave with this Miko Mitsuki piece that she made to commemorate the Retour release:

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Happy birthday, Clavis! I got you a translation of the prelude to one of the most miserable episodes in your tortured existence!

"Clavis's Last Love" Pt. 1 translation

ETA: Whoops, forgot to add a link to the page with the manga; it's the first of the "Episode 5" banners.

Thoughts: Cut )

The Guardians, according to the Retour twitter, got Clavis an impromptu pick-up band performance, hidden behind the hedges of his house. (Julious thought it would be a considerate gesture, since Clavis "doesn't like commotion." I would think that would nullify the idea of giving Clavis a noisy band performance in the first place. Or maybe, considering this is Retour Julious, he made the choice to actively annoy Clavis; who can say.) To list instrument roles out of curiosity: Marcel on recorder, Luva on tambourine, Randy on harmonica, Oscar on some sort of unspecified "percussion" (was he just clapping his hands?), Zephel on bass (though he mentioned trying to automate it and everything, so who knows if he actually plays it), Lumi on harp (of course), and Olivie on lute again. One mention of the lute thing before, and now he's playing it all over the place. Oh, and Julious conducting. They played "Happy Birthday" and left a banner on one of his bookshelves outside saying "Happy Birthday," and Clavis didn't seem to hate it, so everything seemed to work out improbably all right, I guess.

ETA: Important Miko Mitsuki update:


Clavis (thinking): Such noise...
Luva: Yes! Yes!
Luva: Yesss!
(Clavissss! Happy birthdaaaay!)
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OK: Enclosed please find a translation of most of Julious & Clavis's lines from the first Angelique game. This is part of a project - what I'm sure will be a very long & gradual project - to translate most of the script to the original Angelique. I'm working out of the Angelique Message Collection script compilation, which is considerably easier than hunting through the game itself for lines...but there is a ton of text to this game, so it's going to be slow going in any case.

I go over this in the intro, but: I am aware that the presentation needs serious work. I used the format presented in the book, but after looking through the finished version of Julious & Clavis's lines, I realized that...it had a lot more limitations than I realized. I tried tweaking it over the past couple days, but my efforts seemed simply to make matters worse, so a more workable fix is going to take a little while. Getting it looking good - i.e., better than something made with late-'90's HTML, something with actual wraparounds in those flowcharts - is going to have to wait until the translation itself is finished. There's just way too much translating to do right now for me to wrestle with the pit of user-unfriendliness that is CSS.

Observations about Julious & Clavis's lines themselves: Cut )

Anyhow: If you have any commentary - lines that sound like they need a rewrite, etc. - let me know, either through here or the e-mail address in the document.
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Part 2 of "Olivie's Loving Dream" is up. There's a shorter window to read it this time, given the imminent release of the physical collected edition - you've got till July 24 (which is probably July 23 in your neck of the woods). The ending of Eileen's story in it is rather depressing. (We also see Olivie's predecessor as Guardian, who looks nothing like Albert.)

Next is Lumiale (or "Lumiele," as they're spelling it), whose story will be up on August 4. (I assume it takes place in the "my mom is sick" days.)

ETA: Translation added. Were we supposed to think that Eileen was in love with Olivie? I suppose her irritation last chapter at the "friends" line was cueing that, but there doesn't seem to be a clean line to draw that conclusion.

I like some things very much in these comics, like little Julious's approach to problem-solving in the end of his manga and Olivie's attitude to a dream deferred in this one. They do take away with one hand as they give with another, though.

For reference, since the compiled, paper version of the "Secret Side" manga is coming out next week, here are links to translations of all the manga this far:
"Oscar's First Love": Pt. 1 | Pt. 2
"Julious's Young Memories": Pt. 1 | Pt. 2
"Olivie's Loving Dream": Pt. 1 | Pt. 2
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"Olivie's Loving Dream" Part One has been up for a couple days at the manga site. It has some very good Olivie moments, but also some frustrating bits regarding its treatment of its female characters (though not to the degree of Oscar Pt. 1, thank God). I should have a translation up today or tomorrow NOW.

Also: On July 24th (after Olivie Pt. 2 at the start of July), they're also going to be releasing two published manga: Angelique Retour Vol. 1 and Angelique Retour Secret Side Vol. 1. The former promises to be the "complete edition" of the promo manga released in Sho-Comi earlier (Amazon.jp says it's 192 pages, so I guess they did expand on that comic considerably); the latter is a compilation of the backstory comics we've been reading. Each volume will cost under 500 yen.

Additionally: an Angelique Vocal Complete box is scheduled for release on July 22 for 21,600 yen. 14 discs, with a bonus disc of unreleased songs. (Will it include even rare stuff, like seasonal festival songs etc.? I'll be surprised as heck if it does.)

ETA the title's so long I can't fit any more information in it: In knocking around the Retour site & associated links, I came across the Twitter for Miko Mitsuki, the artist for the Retour comics. If you click through the photos listed on the bottom of the left column, you'll find a good number of promo & birthday pics (and even a couple short comics) she's drawn for Retour.

There's also her blog, which doesn't have much but does have a very pretty pic of Rosalia & Limoges as the header.
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As noted below, but there were so many announcements since the second part of the manga itself was revealed, and such a short window between the translation posting and the manga pulldown (sorry), that I thought a double post was worth it. The manga itself will be gone at June 5th 10:00 a.m. Japan time (which most likely is sometime June 4th in your neck of the woods).

(Oh, and the Part One translation is here, of course.)

Manga discussion below )
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Here we go. Not much to say except that the artist does seem to have a proclivity for obnoxious characters (Shion, you're dealing with a five-year-old, come on).

Also, that is a creeper moustache.
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I've posted a translation for part one of "Oscar's First Love" (again, manga viewable here until 10 a.m. April 4th Japan time); I should have the second half posted by the end of next week NOW. (Late; sorry.)

Now, the first time I read this, I kind of skimmed over the last part. It turns out I really shouldn't have done that, as there's a bit near the end that might be...problematic, to say the least. I've included a discussion of it at the bottom of the translation. I really don't want to think that the authors suggested this...but the story makes it hard not to draw that conclusion.

(That scene aside, considering that Anastasia's character design is ripped almost directly from Utena in her eponymous movie, I can't help but be struck that the attitude this story takes is almost exactly as if the Utena TV show concluded after ep. 11 that Touga was completely right.)
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I translated my favorite group song from Angelique completely into English - Mimi wo Sumashite is such a beautiful song and I have a soft spot for Hayami Sho, Tanaka Hideyuki and Seki Toshihiko~ Especially when they harmonize so well! (PLUS TANAKA CAN SING. OMFG ...I'm practically dying at "Kokoro no naka ni aru~" at the end...) ...Mind you, my translation might be off since I'm not really THAT good at Japanese.

Mimi wo Sumashite

Julious (Hayami Sho)
Clavis (Tanaka Hideyuki)
Luva (Seki Toshihiko)

Listen to your voice of silence
Listen to your spiritual guidance

Stop worrying for now, just gently
Immerse yourself in this silence

Closed eyes are able to see the universe
Your inner voice will surely be heard

We're all people who hold on to their hesitation
The answer you're looking for should be out there

My dear, the call of the soul
The quiet whisper of the heart
Plenty of answers wait for you there
My dear, the tranquility of the moment
Heals your heart and leads to peace one day
To the Re-Creation of your dream

Listen to your voice of silence
Listen to your spiritual guidance

The sleepily lingering new moon
And stars yield to your gaze

Before you know it, your wounds will heal
All the lies have suddenly come apart

I'm sure everyone will regret all over again
But we dream of tomorrow with shaking hearts

My dear, the soul will know
The road you should take to the future
Resting among dreams is good for now
My dear, there is nothing to worry about
On the pillow of feathers
You will know the moment you wake up
In the sunshine
The Re-Creation of your dream

Listen to your voice of silence
All the answers

Listen to your spiritual guidance
Are inside your heart

Listen to your voice of silence
The soundless whisper

Listen to your spiritual guidance
Crystal clear from the universe

Listen to your voice of silence
If you listen closely

Listen to your spiritual guidance
It will finally gain a voice

Listen to your voice of silence
Listen to your spiritual guidance

Kanji and romaji under the cut~ )
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Following on the heels of yesterday's post, here's a quick translation of another comic I found on that Japanese site. I'll get around to the beautiful love-love comics about Angelique and Zephel at some point, but I just wanted something that I could finish quickly.

Also, I'm sorry for the small size of them. This is how big they were on the website, so I couldn't make them any bigger without making the art blurry. You may want to save these and view them on your computer or zoom if you're viewing on your phone.

Comic pages under the cut )
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Hello, all! The community's been a bit quiet lately, so I figured it was about time to contribute.

I'm still working on Sweet Ange from time to time, but unfortunately I'm not working on it as much as I was last year. In the meantime, though, I came across a whole treasure trove of comics on a Japanese website today and decided to translate one of them to share. It's just a silly little comic, but I thought the art style was super cute.

Let me know what you think! I'll post more when I get time.
Comic pages under the cut )
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Not entirely satisfied with this and might rework it a bit.

Cut )
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Randy first... )

First: A good portion of Randy's speech about Mt. Roraima is literally copypasted from the Japanese Wikipedia page on the mountain. Way to go, writer.

Also, though I use "he," we do not know the gender of Randy's dog. Forgive my ignorance of this pressing issue.

After that: Yeah, I know everyone's sick of my excuses for being late, but I had car issues last Friday that threw everything off-kilter. I was intending to post two interviews today to make up for it, but the next one is Luva, and you can imagine how he prattles on. So I translated a bunch of brief "waiting for you" letters from the previous interviewees included with the Luva interview. Apparently, these were in the actual game.

'In my restless dreams, I see that town.' Wait......wait. )
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I'm afraid other maters are still on my plate, but here's a bonus from Mel's interview: a little Q&A with Masaki Sakuragawa's voice actor, Kenji Fukuda.  He's a little bit of a wiseguy.
Read more... )
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Oh, Ernst; you're treating this like an actual interview )

I think the writers kind of muffed Ernst's character here. He's a precision-minded techie, but he's not a prig. I think this is the first time they've shown open contempt for a character.
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Minor note: I probably should mention that when the interviewer asks her subjects various questions about "a lady" or "the lady/ies", parenthetical notes make it clear that she's really referring to their opinions of the heroine. I've been translating these instances as generic terms for convenience's sake, but Marcel's a bit more pointed in how he's talking about one person.

Cut )

I usually don't include the little after-interview swoony bits from the reporter, but I feel compelled to mention that she states being with Marcel is "refreshing, like being in a deionizer."


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