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This comm doesn't exactly need any more posts from me given all the Retour updates, but I thought we'd have a bit of a classic Angelique interlude.

We've all seen the group pic of the former Guardians that came from LoveLove Tsuushin. The group pic wasn't an all-at-once announcement, though; before the final collage was published, the previous Guardians were gradually revealed in the magazine, one at a time, in a feature entitled "Mada Minu Kimi E..." ("To You as Yet Unseen...").

When all the previous Guardians had been revealed, the feature continued on to other characters who had been mentioned in the Angelique universe yet not seen - namely, the relatives of the main characters. The feature followed the same method that it: LLT would announce the subject of the illustration for next issue, plus include a few in-game quotes about the person to establish their personality. Fan artists would submit their designs for the character, and the magazine would use these as input (identify common denominators, etc.) in creating the "official" design for the character.

The appearance of Lumi's sister in this month's Secret Side manga brought this feature to mind, so I thought I'd share the illustrations from the issues of LoveLove Tsuushin I have that feature it. (Note: My collection goes up to Issue 32; I think that LLT ended at Vol. 34 or 38. This is only a partial gallery of the illustrations produced by that feature, is what I'm saying, but it's all I've got.)

The illustrations below were drawn by Akiko Hamada, the same artist who drew the renditions of the former Guardians.


The feature opened with a pic of Timka's little brother, Kamulan (sp? It's "kamuran" in raw Japanese). Technically, Kamulan had been seen previously - as a sprite in Tenkuu no Requiem. The caption on the illustration states that it depicts Kamulan from the time of the opening of Trois, when he would be about 7 or 8 years old.

Then, we have: More relatives below )
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Tumblr user huldukatt brings us full-color scans of Marcel's design. Again, like Zephel, he looks a little more like himself in full color. That hairdo is still unfortunate to my eyes, though. (Also, this artist seems fond of odd fringe.)

(ETA: huldukatt has also posted a couple images of Oscar and...Randy? Maaaaaaaybe? By process of elimination?)
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Tumblr user huldukatt discovered some B's Log scans of new images released of Retour Julious & Zephel. No surprises with Jules, but Zephel seems to have...well, not changed much, really (though maybe in his hairstyle a little?), but the clearer, full-color shot of his costume makes him look a little more like himself. Not sure about the fleur-de-lis on his cape, though. (Didn't notice he was wearing a skin-tight tank top, either.)
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I can't imagine that someone on the internet hasn't already posted scans of the Angelique Retour manga that was in the December issue of Sho-Comi, but my copy arrived in the mail today, so just in case, I come bearing...err, low-contrast photos of the character redesigns as depicted by the manga. I'll come back with better images later - I'm having computer issues, and at almost three inches thick, the Sho-Comi issue is gonna be really difficult to scan. In the meantime, enjoy the photos of my alligator fingers.

Click the images below for the full-size images )


Aug. 17th, 2014 04:09 pm
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So a while back I stumbled on a site that was selling these ange keychains/phone straps that were unfortunately all sold out, but I thought the images would definitely make cute little icons/avatars.

Note: Also I'm a little bit swamped right now but in the coming few months I'm going to be looking through my ange folder (music/drama cd's) and going to make a list of CD's I'm going to upload if people want as well as a list of things I would like to request/am missing.
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So, as many of you noticed, indigozeal posted a ton of content for Leviath's knights yesterday. The first two images hadn't gotten a chance to be translated, so I took the time to translate them and clean up the images in photoshop. :)

Here they are in case anyone is interested in reading more about them. (Sionna is a little scary to me now. Walter is, too. I guess I'm gonna have to replay Requiem now that I can read a bit more Japanese. Too bad my hacking skills are poop, otherwise I would've started hacking it and translating it by now...well, any of the games, actually. Haha) Translated Images Under Cut -Kinda Big- )
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What's this? A regular feature? Hmmm...

In view of the earlier post on the Knight Captains' original forms, I thought it might be a good idea for the first installment to gather together a whole bunch of illustrations showcasing our doppleganger antagonists in their original bodies.

novel illustrations, LLT fanart ahead )

Coming next Friday: ????????


May. 2nd, 2011 04:39 pm
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Hi guys! I was just wondering if anyone had pictures of Ka-Fai, Renaud, and Walter that I could look at? I've never played the game and was curious what they looked like. Thanks, bai bai.
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Hey all,

I'm not sure if any of you follow me over at the Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Angelique-Video-Game-Series/128957137120033), but I've been updating over there whenever I post a new translation on my blog.

There are a few new pages on there as well as links to other translated comics and such at http://grtranslations.blogspot.com

I just added page 31 today, so feel free to go take a peek. :D

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Hey gang,

Thanks to the super awesome fandramon, I've begun to translate all the Special 2 Carnival comics into English. It's going to be a long road what with my full-time job and other side projects, but I'll do my best to upload my progress as I go.

Check out the pages thus far and feel free to download them as you go for the full size! They're quite large (though I have the 400 dpi images supplied by fandramon if you need bigger for whatever reason)
Enjoy! :D

P.S. Sorry to anyone still waiting for the interactive Haruka 4 guide. Ange always gets precedence in my book, so it's going to be a while longer. Haha
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Hey everyone, I'm back again~ :p I've had a bunch of half-finished post ideas lying around, so instead of spamming the entire front page of the group with them, I figured I'd throw them all together in here XD What could there possibly be you ask?

A Download [Angelique Special 2 4-Koma book] )
A Question [Haruka1 Songs; looking to find and/or buy, need some help ^^;] )
And, of course, some dragons! :3 [It's not just Mel, okay? XD] )
Hopefully at least one of those points was entertaining for someone :p
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Hey everyone, it's been a while since I posted anything significant here [not that anyone really noticed or cared I'm sure XD] Anyways, I got a big box of awesome from Japan recently [note to self: *never* use celga again ;>>] and it contained some angelique stuff! Mostly 4-koma books and doujinshi, but a few other things that probably count under the "random" category ^^; I only took pics with my camera, if there's interest and I stop being lazy maybe I'll scan some stuff later too. This is going to be a "srs img spamu!" post, so don't try connecting on a device with limited bandwidth XD [if these pics are too big, let me know and I'll link-ify them ^^;]

Come and take a look! )
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Yes yes, I know no one cares about new users making senseless posts, so I'm also here to offer a couple random scans and songs I have [probably nothing you guys don't have already, because I'm *so* late to the bandwagon, but it's worth a shot, right? ^^;]

I swear I'll cut this post to pieces XD )
I'm also Fandramon on the NeoRomance Forum, and I just can't seem to revive the Angelique section, heh, so I'm just going to start posting here instead :p So hiya all, nice to be here, I appreciate the sharing of content and lols in here :3

And as for a discussion topic, has anyone [else] considered an Ange-themed cosplay? )
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So this is sadly pathetic that I only just now finished this (seeing as how May is already halfway over), but I made a desktop wallpaper if anyone wants it. It's of Sei-Lan. Created by me in Flash and Photoshop. Check it out at my deviantART page.

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Well this technically isn't a fanart so I hope it's still okay to post this here.  >_>;;  I made this for a recent contest at Minitokyo and thought I'd share it here since Angelique walls are a scarce resource.  XD  Click the thumbnail below to go and download it from my site.  It's available in widescreen and standard resolution sizes.  Enjoy! 

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My apologies if this is a rehash of something already done; that earlier post made me a bit nostalgic for the old Angelique, so I decided to post something on that front, however odd.

The first volume of the Trois Memorial Book has a short article on the special font/alphabet developed for the series. It includes a chart of what Rachel promises are "most" of its symbols.

Chart after cut. )
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Finally, I'm contributing to the Ange fandom... after four years of being in this fandom, ha ha!

I made some scans of the Asuka Comics Deluxe anthology of short Angelique stories with guest authors which was printed in 2000: Angelique Treasure. I scanned all the colored illustrations and a sample from each story.

You can find the colored illustrations here: http://pics.livejournal.com/appaku/gallery/0000ktgp

And the black and white pages here: http://pics.livejournal.com/appaku/gallery/0000p4x0
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All right. So I don't know if anybody on here still plays the ancient Ange games like I do, but I've been in the process of translating a bunch of screenshots I took from several Ange games: Special, Special 2, and Etoile. A good friend of mine was talking about being confused as to why her planets were exploding during the examination in the game, so I decided to translate the portion of the beginning that explains that. Keep in mind my Japanese isn't top-notch, so please forgive me if things sound a bit wordy or awkward.

Oh, and another sidenote: I left out some of the snapshots where Angelique was just saying "Hai!" because I felt it wasn't necessary. I hope this might help someone out there. Please let me know if anyone actually decides to download. Oh, and enjoy!

Angelique Special 2 Tutorial screenshots

Pic search

Nov. 8th, 2004 04:49 pm
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Ya ho~!

Ne, does anyone know offhand where I could find some pics of Heuye from 'Etoile'? I'm looking for some detail and full-body pics for possible cosplay reference. .^_^



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