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This is the only new song in the Angelique franchise, included on CD 14 of the Angelique Vocal Complete Box. I romanized the lyrics from the booklet and also typed all the kanji at the end. ...It took me several hours, but I'm finally done! *flops*

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Just a quick post, found this online so thought I'd share it if it's not already been posted

(ノಠ3ಠ)ノ彡 Here

PW: 10shi

//unrelated: (Though I've not had the time to start watching the new one) Anyone else notice how in the old Ai no Kusabi OVA we had Luva as Riki, Clavis as Iason and Julious as Raoul (With current Clavis as Katze); and now in the remake we have Oscar, Lumiale and Olivie as Blondies? I think we can see where they're going with this.
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Sharing more Maren goodies. I've got two of the three bonus dramas - 若様と呼ばないで (Don't call me Young Master) and ミッドナイトファッションショー (Midnight Fashion Show). I'm having trouble finding SPA☆パラダイス (Spa Paradise) though so any help in tracking that down would be much obliged. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pocketbiscuit for helping with this! Link for SPA☆パラダイス is now added in the comments.

I also have a link to a capture guide. It has details on how to get all 19 endings - 1 Vanilla, 5 Bad, 12 for the Knights (2 each), and 1 for Leviath - as well as all the CGs.

All links are in the comments!
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Hey all, I just got my copy of Maren in today and I figured I would do a proper unboxing post. In the comments, you can find zips for the two bonus CDs.

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Hey all!

There have been a lot of Arios requests lately, so I figured I'd continue with that. Here are download links for a rip of Arios's theme music from Angelique Trois. When I ripped the rest of the music a few years ago, this track got left out. Such a nice theme, too. :)

Also, I've ripped Arios's love ending movie and video of his illustrations from in-game with the voice-over. Enjoy!


Or if you just wanna view the Trois video, I've graciously uploaded it to youtube for you to insta-watch. :D

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**UPDATE** neozukin brought it to my attention that track 25, "Arios He No Omoi," was corrupted. Upon checking, I also found that track 56, "Butoukai," also cuts off. So here are single download links for those two.

Hey gang,

Here's a download link for the Koisuru Tenshi Angelique soundtrack. I bought it a few months ago and love it to pieces, especially Charlie's theme. I don't remember it being in the show, but it could just be because all of his rambling was covering up the sound of the music. Haha


Enjoy, everyone! And let me know which ones are your favorites. :) Aside from Charlie's theme, I'm also a big fan of Ernst's theme, and "Hoshi no Komichi"(The Path of Stars) just to name a few.

P.S. I picked up my translation of the Twin Collection OVA over the weekend and hope to have something out within the next month. Unfortunately I started out of order with Marcel and Sei-Lan when I began translating a few years back. Sorry, all you Sei-Lan haters. Haha. I'll move on to part 1 with Olivie and Oscar after this one. They're all interconnected in some way, so it's not a huge deal which ones I do in what order.
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Treading on a different territory, I may have found the only fan-made remix of an Angelique song in the entire fandom (or dare I say, the whole world ?)

(Can we all think of STAY the same way again ?)
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I remember reading someone saying there's a song about Randy rapping.
I think someone made a comment about it on Youtube.
Is there really a song that sounds like him rapping or him actually rapping?

Can anyone in here picture him rapping? Randy rapping...?
Well anywho if anyone knows what that song is, can you tell me and possibly give me the mp3.
If no one  knows, if what I've said has given you a chuckle, then I'm glad.
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Hey, annoying request: might I ask everyone who expressed interest in the revival due to my negligence of the chara rating post idea look back to this and give a "yea" or "nay" or "shut up, already" as to the final proposed format and questions and whatnot? I'll post the actual...er, *post* on Friday barring any unforeseen disasters.

In apology for this interruption, I offer an Engrishy ballad from Koi wa PUSH & PUSH!, before Angelique hit upon the whole "image song" idea. I'm sure you will agree upon listening that it constitutes more than adequate compensation!

ETA: OK, the file's an MP3 now.
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In view of the Trois material recently posted by [livejournal.com profile] guardianrandy and [livejournal.com profile] fandramon, I thought now was a good time to take a quick look at the drama CD Hikari to Yami no Sacrea (Sacrea of Light and Darkness). I believe this was the franchise's very first drama CD, and it's not very good, but it has a vague origin story for Trois's villain, RaGa. It also has Catis's first appearance, if that interests you.

Download links behind the cut, as even my archive compiler doesn't want you listening to this )

Finally, a question: well, I was going to say "as the comm's been a bit slow lately," but things are picking up, so all's the better, then: would there be interest in posting the character rating project discussed back in, oh,
*March*? on which I dropped the ball If so, we'll hammer out the final issues about the questions, and I'll post the, er, post in a few days.

Taxes got in the way, I swear

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Yeah, well, I listened to a whole lot of them in the past, but didn't like them so I deleted them. Now I'd love to listen to a few of them again to see if my tastes might have changed.

It's a big list, so I guess, uh... prepare yourselves?

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I recently got a new computer, because my old one died (taking all my precious files with it T_T). So, I was wondering (and hoping) that maybe you guys had some of Lumiale's songs (vocal and/or instrumental), and would be willing to share them with me? The only songs I do currently have, are from the "Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique -kokoro no mezameru toki Character Song Vol.7" CD (the only Angelique CD I own ^_^;;).

Any help at all would be very, very appreciated! Thank you, in advance!
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No, it's not the metal angels, but it's pretty interesting on its own.

OK, I think we've all seen this image:

(Image ganked from neo-romance.net; my scanner finally had the good grace to brick itself completely.)

Have you ever wondered what's going on in it, though? It looks like at first glance like the Guardians are taking a desert holiday. What's with Sturgis angel Oscar, though? And a holiday wouldn't explain this:

Clavis. Smiling. While standing next to Julious.

It's more unusual than you'd expect - sort of a Fushigi no Koku no Randy and Marcel, except riffing on RPGs instead of Alice in Wonderland. It eventually, though, takes a left turn into the unexpected.

You can download the CD here. A synopsis with partial translations along the way is available here. Please let me know if this translation/synopsis format works for you folks; if so, I'll use it to cover Gaiden 1: Metal Angels with Assault Weaponry A Scale of Infinite Notes. Any suggestions on how to improve matters are welcome.

Note: if you can understand Japanese well enough to follow a drama CD, then please take a listen instead of reading my synopsis to find out what's going on; it's a quickly-paced drama CD, and part of the fun is discovering where the story is headed.

On other business: you'll forgive me if I use this opportunity to ask the comm some advice on a few tangentally-related, actually-OT matters:

PSPs, webpage building, and webhosting )

Good day!

May. 23rd, 2009 04:49 pm
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Hello there, community :3 I just joined after going through all the back posts and finding some incredibly tasty treats. I am impressed by the amount of  goodness to be had here.
I'm more of a fan of the Sacred Bird and Holy Beast angelique eras really. I must say I have yet too look at any other things, though most series do seem to have potential. I wouldn't have enough of one life to look at everything, I feel. ahaha. So many bishounen, so little time, is it?

Now, the moment you were all waiting for; I searched the internet for oh, around 2 days and was unable to find any of Zephel's character songs for Angelique. Well, no, that is a lie. I found some, but the links were dead (oh gasp, noes!) So here I am forced to send out a plea, as much as I feel it rude to just join and beg. ;_;
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I uploaded the following CDs, you can download them all HERE.

アンジェリーク ~Cherry Blossom~From Twinコレクション
Angelic ~Cherry Blossom~ From Twin Collection (w/o bk)

アンジェリーク ~Sunflower~From Twinコレクション
Angelic ~Sunflower~ From Twin Collection (w/o bk)

アンジェリーク ~Fallin' Love~
Angelic ~Fallin' Love~ (w/o bk)

アンジェリーク ~Soiree~
Angelic ~Soiree~ (w/o bk)

ネオ アンジェリーク~My First Lady~
Neo Angelic ~My First Lady~ (w/o bk)

ネオ アンジェリーク PSP スペシャル~プレミアムCD Especially for You~
Neo Angelic PSP Special Premium CD Especially for You (w/ bk)
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Busy busy~. First, Clavis songs that I forgot to post last week. I'll put the Clavis half of the post under a cut:

Clavis goodies~ )

Okay, now a bit of Luva-talk:

Name: Luva
Role: Guardian of Wisdom-providing Earth
Age: 26
Height: 177cm
Weight: 65kg
Birthday: July 12
Sign: Cancer
Origin: a desert planet
Lineage: commoner; father is a scholar
Family: Father, mother, younger brother
Hobbies: reading, fishing, go, shogi
Interests: marimo algae (...), studying customs
Best friend: Zephel
Worst friend: Julious
Ideal woman: cheerful and gentle
Favorite scent: nature, trees
Favorite animal: lesser panda
Favorite drink: green tea
Favorite food: rice crakers, miso soup, sea bass en croute
Disliked food: fried chicken, blue cheese, warabimochi
Seiyuu: Seki Toshihiko
Etc: Became a guardian at age 15. He's very intelligent and kind (in other words, a big gentle nerd), but his explanations can be so long and detailed that they put people to sleep. Since he's one of the most experienced Guardians, he's someone everyone can look up to and go to if they want to know something. Does his best to keep Zephel educated and well-behaved, but such a thing is probably impossible.

Eien no Silkroad
Yuukyuu no Monogatari
Shower Flower ~Sayonara no Hana~
Shijou ni Te
Saudage ~Kyoushuu~
Owaranai High Noon
Jasmin no Oka

Kibou no Hashi (Luva+Victor)

Twin Collection OVA vol 6 - features Luva music video, Mel music video, short story, and seiyuu interview/talk with Seki Toshihiko and Touma Yumi
Luva's ending from Angelique Etoile

Quick, lazy translation of Luva's Etoile ending (brace yourself for cheese):

"Show me more of your smile. Why is it that your smile is so dear to me? It seems that after a long journey, I've finally found my heart's home (he literally says something along the lines of "hometown"; in other words, a place to belong). I'll become your home, too. Happiness and sadness... I'll share everything with you. A place that your heart can return to. (next line confuses me, but something about coming together). From now on, our long journeys will forever be traveled together."

Aaaand that's all I can think of adding for now (whew, long post..!). Anyway, Luva is probably my favorite Guardian (or second favorite? somewhere up there), so I'm glad he was picked as a winner so soon~
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Think some people missed the goodies upped for previous winners so here are some links still very much alive, for Luva-sama! -and then some. )

Sorry if this question's been answered, but does anyone know if any fansub group's picked up the Angelique TV Series? I'm dying to watch it...


Oct. 26th, 2004 03:15 am
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Er, hi all!^_^;; First time poster, name's Shahni- and I'm obviously a leech by asking this, but... Could anyone know where I can get the FULL version mp3s of Seichi Yori Ai wo Komete's Opening and Ending songs? ^_^;;; I'm more after the one by Jet Sets called Hello. Totally obsessed over the song after watching the OAV and decided it had to be mine!!! XD

So..can anyone help meee?*sparkley puppy eyes*
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Alright! ^^ I'm attempting an experiment thanks to the guidance of [livejournal.com profile] onewingedhyu. I know some of you don't have AIM, or are too shy(gasp) to ask anyway, so without the privilege of a server that could take MP3s, I'm trying something temporary.

Yahoo! Briefcase. All you have to do is go to http://www.yahoo.com and sign in under this:

Name: angemedia
Password: ilovekim

Then on the main Yahoo! page, click the briefcase option. On the left side of the screen, click My Documents, then angemedia. Inside should be:

Madono Mitsuaki - Angelique - Commitment (Charlie)
Madono Mitsuaki - Angelique - Furarete Ee Yan (Charlie)
Madono Mitsuaki - Angelique - Ore Wa Tsuiteru! (Charlie)
Madono Mitsuaki - Angelique - Yume Ka Utsutsu Ka (Charlie)
Madono Mitsuaki - Angelique - Optimist wa Kiseki o Okosu (Charlie) (this one I had to take the 'Charlie' out because it only leaves a certain amount of space for filenames, so you can add that in yourself if you'd like.)

I'm featuring Charlie's songs first because I love them, and his birthday was a little while ago. Then I believe you simply click to download!

These songs will be up for about a week, please comment and let me know if it worked out alright. If this seems to been a convienant method for people, I'll continue to use it for you. If not, I'll try to figure out something else.


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