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Which is the best candidate to rule the universe?
The basic plot of the series revolves around the “Queen” that, with justice and wisdom, governs the universe, maintaining in harmony the innumerous planets in existence through the meticulous balance of elemental forces, the sacrea, which are kept by nine (quite handsome) Guardians. The powers of the Queen and the Guardians, however, are not infin
ite and therefore it is up to them, at certain times, to find suitable successors. 
It is on one of these moments that we find Angelique Limoges, a 17 years old candidate to occupy the throne, and Rosalia de Cartagena, her rival. Both candidates are sent to the Holy City where the final phase of their tests begins: to cultivate, each of them, their own continent. 
The task placed upon them can only be fulfilled with the aid of the guardians that use their sacrea to bring both prosperity to the land of the candidate that befriended him or devastation to the land of her rival. As the times goes by, however, rivals can become friends and even the Guardians may fall in love: Choosing the path of love, however prevents the candidate to become the Queen – a small price for a life of love, perhaps?; Between love and power, which one would you choose? That is only one of the many questions raised on Angelique’s universe.
Angelique had quite a reception worldwide, expanding far beyond the game’s universe (with games available for GBA, PS, PS2, NDS to say a few), into other forms of art: there are manga and anime adaptations, OVAs, artbooks and a great number of CDs and OST released. 
Angelique is property of KOEI, being developed by Ruby Party (game developers), with its characters being the primary work of Kairi Yura (character designer).
We hope the Angelique fans there - https://www.facebook.com/angeliquekoei

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Knights later, but two other Ange-related things now:

- Fan artist han-nama has made a Luva-centric fangame (Luva-sama to Issho/Together with Luva-sama) that I can't quite get to run on my comp - and to which I can't directly link, as LJ has apparently upgraded the "no linking"/moderation thing to screening all posts that contain a link, not just all responses to posts. *Sigh.* So, do this: click the "angelique: fanart" tag at the left, and you'll eventually run into a link to han-nama's place. Click on the blue-beige Luva banner when you get there (below the ice-blue Lumi banner). On the new page, scroll down on the right and click where it says "20.6MB" at the bottom of the page to download the game. If anyone can get it running, please post - we have to figure this out by the time Snow Lovers, her Lumiale game, is released!

ETA: As [livejournal.com profile] animekittysama noted, my problem is probably unique to my stupid computer; others have reported the game working fine. So: free fan game by a beloved fan artist!

- OK, you might remember that there's been a bit of debate regarding when Neo Angelique takes place in respect to the original series - the past, or the future? Well, I've finally cracked the PSP copy of Neo Ange I've had for so long in order to get it played before Maren, and I've found some strongly implicative information. Early in the game, you'll meet two Knights of the Silver Tree with whom you'll camp for the night while on an extended mission. Around the campfire, one of the knights'll start telling you legends of the Queen:

"Long, long ago, a Queen from a faraway land descended to this world when it was new.
She nurtured this world and developed it into a paradise known as Arcadia.
The queen then blessed this world and returned to her own."

Nothing open-and-shut, of course, but it seems strongly implicative that the Queen spoken of is Collet.
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**UPDATE** Clavis is now designed. :) Now that the first 3 characters from the story are out of the way, I can start animating and creating the first stage.
(Post continues below image)

Here's Marcel's design now. Man, he just can't escape looking girly, can he? Haha. (Post continues below image)

For those who may have been previously unaware, I'm planning to possibly do a short flash game this summer released in stages(chapters) centered around the radio drama Farewell, Labyrinth. At least I hope I get to. *fingers crossed* Here's my first draft character design for Randy's alternate reality character based on Kairi Yura's cover art for the album.

I'm trying to make it as adorably cute in art style as possible. Haha
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I created a wallpaper if anyone's interested. I vectored an image of Angelique Collet from Memoir of White Wings OVA and made my own English Angelique logo. Download for full size, and please leave a comment either on here or there if you decide to grab it. That way I can tell if anyone actually snags them and if I should make any more in the future to share.


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All credit goes to Zephel @ 56.com!
I simply ripped the videos of 56.com and converted them to .avi.

Angelique TROIS (
Angelique ETOILE (

My Request/Sharing Entry

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I've looked through the entries and can't find any working links - does anyone have a torrent/fileshare/hosting of the Etoile love endings? I can't find them, and am looking to show someone what the game is like. Etoile had my favorite endings by far, and I'd be ridiculously grateful to have them.

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First entry here so a big hello to everyone! :D

Though Youtube deleted all of my ripped Angelique Vids, I uploaded them at mediafire to share with everybody.

And because a friend of mine requested NR Live 2005, I included the links in this entry too :D
Part 1, Part 2)

Err... well yeah, I kinda need help too. I'm desperately looking for (a bunch) of Angelique Drama CDs and a few albums. Please take a look at my
LJ-Entry. Any help would be appreciated. Of course I'm not only requesting stuff, you'll find a list of my sharings too :D

And last but not least: does anywhere in the WWW exists an english Guide for the first HaruToki Game (PSX)? D:
I'm kinda stucked and I know I screwed up and missed at least one Tomomasa/Akane scene (and three Tomomasa CGs :/) 

A big Thank you in advance for any help!

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Hello,I uploaded angelique love love mail
sorry,this soft is japanese...

download here
Install key:381293673202402050
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Think some people missed the goodies upped for previous winners so here are some links still very much alive, for Luva-sama! -and then some. )

Sorry if this question's been answered, but does anyone know if any fansub group's picked up the Angelique TV Series? I'm dying to watch it...


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