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I was playing Angelique Trois this evening and had this sudden unfightable urge to go grab a pencil and paper so I could draw Zephel for some odd reason. I wanted to draw him with his goggles on since they're usually up on his head.

If any of you use tumblr, I post art and other things on there pretty frequently. My tumblr page is randelwileyartistry in case you want to follow it. I have Zephel up on there as well.

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Following on the heels of yesterday's post, here's a quick translation of another comic I found on that Japanese site. I'll get around to the beautiful love-love comics about Angelique and Zephel at some point, but I just wanted something that I could finish quickly.

Also, I'm sorry for the small size of them. This is how big they were on the website, so I couldn't make them any bigger without making the art blurry. You may want to save these and view them on your computer or zoom if you're viewing on your phone.

Comic pages under the cut )
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Hello, all! The community's been a bit quiet lately, so I figured it was about time to contribute.

I'm still working on Sweet Ange from time to time, but unfortunately I'm not working on it as much as I was last year. In the meantime, though, I came across a whole treasure trove of comics on a Japanese website today and decided to translate one of them to share. It's just a silly little comic, but I thought the art style was super cute.

Let me know what you think! I'll post more when I get time.
Comic pages under the cut )
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Hey all,

I did a doodle of Randy for his birthday. Hooray!
image under cut )Also, here's a link to a gallery I created of all the screens from the Love Love Tenshi site. Since the game didn't do very well and got shut down, I thought it would be a good idea to document all the character costumes and profiles in case the website with them ever gets taken down.
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All right, I've gone ahead and made an attempt at an Ange tumblr to give the franchise a presence there.


It's covering mostly original Ange with some Neo and Maren on the side. Any suggestions would be welcome. Some issues:

- I'm linking to the page with the original image in the clickthrough and to the main entrance to the artist's webpage in the "by ~" text citation. Good? Bad?

- Also: tags by character name are all lower case, right? It's "lumiale", not "Lumiale"? Or does it even matter? (I'm talking about how I enter the tags; I know their case is displayed differently depending on theme.)

- We discussed the NSFW problems of the "angelique" Tumblr tag in fandramon's SoulCalibur post; any thoughts on that? Should I be using the "neoromance" tag, too?

-What's with Tumblr randomly alphabetizing the tags on some posts, anyway?

- I note that none of the blog posts are showing up on the main Tumblr feed (http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/clavis (or whatever)). I assume you have to have a certain number of posts to be picked up?

- It takes a bit of time to get every character represented, and I've made some admitted mistakes in the early going (3 Clavis pics in a near-row at the start). There will be coverage of the folks currently MIA.

- I'm using a minimalist premade theme, but I've come to like the clean look.

- I've reblogged a couple Ange things from tumblrs belonging to folks on the comm; if you'd prefer it'd not be reblogged, just let me know.

- Finally: what's with all the anger on Tumblr? I reblogged somebody's short impression of the original Ange game from their tumblr and added a link to a followup article they'd written, but I made a mistake with the URL (accidentally sent it to their tumblr instead of their blog), and they got huffy and snippy and brought a few friends in to provide backup huffiness and snippiness. Look, I'm sorry I messed up, but Lord Almighty. I lot of what I see on the medium is rage at people who a) like certain characters or games, b) not like certain characters or games, or c) yell at other people for liking or not liking certain characters or games. Usually all at once. Are Tumblrs just too much of a rage magnet to bother with?

Anyhow, needless to say, if anyone has any ideas on things that should be posted - or things that *shouldn't* be posted, let me know.

On another note, in my searching for pics, I found a few good photos of those prototype Neo Angelique dolls that were never produced:

Under the cut )

I wish that they'd at least produced the Rene, because how adorable is that, really.
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Knights later, but two other Ange-related things now:

- Fan artist han-nama has made a Luva-centric fangame (Luva-sama to Issho/Together with Luva-sama) that I can't quite get to run on my comp - and to which I can't directly link, as LJ has apparently upgraded the "no linking"/moderation thing to screening all posts that contain a link, not just all responses to posts. *Sigh.* So, do this: click the "angelique: fanart" tag at the left, and you'll eventually run into a link to han-nama's place. Click on the blue-beige Luva banner when you get there (below the ice-blue Lumi banner). On the new page, scroll down on the right and click where it says "20.6MB" at the bottom of the page to download the game. If anyone can get it running, please post - we have to figure this out by the time Snow Lovers, her Lumiale game, is released!

ETA: As [livejournal.com profile] animekittysama noted, my problem is probably unique to my stupid computer; others have reported the game working fine. So: free fan game by a beloved fan artist!

- OK, you might remember that there's been a bit of debate regarding when Neo Angelique takes place in respect to the original series - the past, or the future? Well, I've finally cracked the PSP copy of Neo Ange I've had for so long in order to get it played before Maren, and I've found some strongly implicative information. Early in the game, you'll meet two Knights of the Silver Tree with whom you'll camp for the night while on an extended mission. Around the campfire, one of the knights'll start telling you legends of the Queen:

"Long, long ago, a Queen from a faraway land descended to this world when it was new.
She nurtured this world and developed it into a paradise known as Arcadia.
The queen then blessed this world and returned to her own."

Nothing open-and-shut, of course, but it seems strongly implicative that the Queen spoken of is Collet.
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Book two of the novel closes out, bringing us to the halfway point of the story.

Here )

Just as important is fanart as awesome as the official stuff: in response to Giovanni's pic of Cain in glasses, we have almost everyone in glasses, as well as double-shots of the Knights in their current and LoveLove Tsuushin Vol. 17 forms (it's a collection; click on the image). Give this artist some stars.

Or skip Maren and just hang out with Randy (and Walter) or the Guardians as llamas (which seems to be a meme now - the llama thing, that is).

ETA: The Maren site has been updated with information on the game system, which is a pretty straightforward visual novel - affinity with certain guys opens up certain routes, etc. Apparently, you will get warning flashes if you make choices that will lead to a bad end. Also, there're certain extra scenes (like "past" - past info, I guess - and scenes seen from another viewpoint) that can be unlocked through the game's story map if you meet certain criteria.

Also a couple new illustrations. Why, Eugene, you don't look creepy at all.

ETAETA: Wait; I just noticed the...styling of Renaud's shorts in front. OK, that is creepy.

Last ETA: You can now preorder Maren from HMV Japan (special edition/vanilla). HMV claims that shipping is 1,200 yen for one item to the U.S. (and around that for other territories). Even with price breaks, y'ain't gettin' out of this for less than $100 U.S., it seems.

Crucial Last-Minute ETA: [livejournal.com profile] fandramon reports that AmiAmi is also now accepting preorders: special/regular. Plus, you're explicitly guaranteed of getting the preorder bonus CDs. Complicating this, though, is that AmiAmi has its own exclusive preorder bonus of an unexplained "bookstore card" that you have to order through two entirely different links (special & card/regular & card) and pony up a bit more to get. Does anyone have any info on these "bookstore cards"?

But Wait! There's More ETA!: YesAsia now also has it (special/regular), but their prices are utterly ridiculous.
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Hey all.

I was just browsing through the newest Angelique fan art on pixiv and came across this little gem that I felt the need to share immediately. And it kinda goes along with our recent discussions on Arios/Leviath. Enjoy!

Rated PG Nosebleed Under Cut )
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**UPDATE** Clavis is now designed. :) Now that the first 3 characters from the story are out of the way, I can start animating and creating the first stage.
(Post continues below image)

Here's Marcel's design now. Man, he just can't escape looking girly, can he? Haha. (Post continues below image)

For those who may have been previously unaware, I'm planning to possibly do a short flash game this summer released in stages(chapters) centered around the radio drama Farewell, Labyrinth. At least I hope I get to. *fingers crossed* Here's my first draft character design for Randy's alternate reality character based on Kairi Yura's cover art for the album.

I'm trying to make it as adorably cute in art style as possible. Haha
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Hey all!

I'm back again with another fan art submission. For those of you who have been tracking my progress of the Angelique Heroines art challenge I started back in the fall/winter, this marks the last one in the series.

Well, this may not be the last, but it's the last Angelique to do. The future may hold art for Rosalia, Rachel, and any of the other characters. But this is it for now!

Enjoy! :D

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I'm loving all the activity on the community lately! Keep it up, everyone! :D

So, in honor of all the renewed life on here, I did a quick pencil sketch of Randy last night at my friends' house and decided to scan it and give it a fast one-tone coloring in Photoshop. I've found that I can't draw men without them looking too... pretty. Haha. I hope you enjoy it anyway. :)

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Hey everyone!

I'm doing a series of desktop wallpapers using each of the lead heroines from the Angelique series. Up first is Angelique from Neo Angelique as The Queen's Egg. Feel free to download for a 1440x900 version and let me know what you think! :)




Ange from Etoile is finished now too! :D

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New Angelique fan art up for viewing!

I just finished up my art of Olivie that I've been working on for a while now. Feel free to head over to the deviantART page and check it out. I put quite a bit of work into it and wanted to share it with everyone. I hope you like it! :)


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Wow, it’s been almost a good year since I’ve last lurked around the community. A lot has been happening here, huh?

Well, I’ve been wondering if anyone has an off-vocal/instrumental version of the Haruka Maihitoyo movie’s ending song—Harari, Hirari. None of Yun Sona’s Albums have it, and now I’m not even sure if one really exists unless it’s been hiding on one of the some bajillions of Neoromance CDs out there. However I’ve seen some videos on NicoNico Douga of people singing along to an off-Vocal track of the song. So it must be out there, right? I'd be really greatful for any info and even more for the song itself. D:

In exchange, I give you folk quick silly doodles I did of Angelique Special 2 after my first time playing it a while back. :D;
It was so very frustratingly fun. )
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I once made a list of sites that had fanart of Angelique, but I lost it somewhere in my huge pile of papers and junk.
And one of those sites had some really cute looking art of Angelique Limoges and Oscar, but now I have no idea where to get to it....
A little help?

Also shall we think of a proper word for the fear of rabbits?
I still can't believe that Francis is afraid rabbits, and I thought those people on daytime T.V  talk shows being scared of jello and cotton was odd.

Any suggestions?
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So, yeah, I googled sei-lan and found this blouse. So I couldn't resist.
Happy birthday, Sei-Lan 8D )
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Yup, I'm back to spam the community with some more fanart ^_^

I thought I'd balance out all the yaoi in fandom with some yuri. Since Angelique and Rosalia would be a cute couple, IMHO, I thought I'd draw some gratuitous girl love ^^

And look, it's in COLOUR! O_O Ooooooh...a rare thing for me. ^^

Hmm, girl kisses... )

Link'll be broken in a few weeks. ^^
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A little Sketchy that was inspired by [livejournal.com profile] not_in_denial a while back(thank you! <3). ^^; I always forgot about it until now. ^^ hope you like...

Julious is certainly enjoying himself... ^.^; )
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I know it's an odd request, but could whoever made http://kitton.net/images/ange/dear%20zephel.jpg please re-post? I miss it dearly, especially Miss Oscar. XD
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I said I'd do it and so I have :P

This is a sort of thank you gift to [livejournal.com profile] luna_hoshino, for setting up that simply maaaahvellous FTP server.

It's just a sketch, unfortunately, because when I went to ink and colour it, my muse said something impolite and buggered off somewhere, and I haven't seen him since.

At least he's shirtless though, right? )

Feedback is encouraged with Randy-shaped cookies.


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