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Hi minna -san ..I was watching this amv and yes I'M OBSESSED with Arios <3__<3 and i was wondering If you know or have this cutscene in 1:28 oO OMG I SO WANT this cutscene with the kiss for my amv pretty PLEASE ???
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Hey there, minna-san!

Here's another AMV, and it's my first starring Neo Angelique characters! I can only provide a download link for it (it's about 8MB) on mediafire (anybody who can make mirrors, feel welcome to) as youtube cancels out the audio.

Okay, to explain why each Aube Hunter was assigned each scout...
Nyx/Sailor Venus: Nyx's whip reminded me of Venus' first attack
Rayne/Sailor Mercury: They're the brainy ones
Hyuga/Sailor Mars: Takes duty seriously, and his drinking tea made me think of Mars' meditation
J.D./Sailor Jupiter: Love to cook

Anyway, here's the link to Angelique Is Sailor Moon: http://www.mediafire.com/?qpzh2ogbc5mjnlg

I hope you enjoy it!

Also, I posted more AMVs on youtube, some including Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, the username there is the same as here.
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Hey there, minna-san!

Julious is finally getting back at the others for their little sing along to The Song That Doesn't End! He is "singing" to Moonlight Densetsu, a cover by Hayami Sho!!

Lipsynch may be a bit off, but I tried...

Anyway, hope it amuses you!
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Hey there, minna-san, still making AMVs for Angelique! Here's what I have made so far (some still need to be uploaded)...

Barairo no Kaze: Marcel tribute (song from Meine Liebe)
Care Bear Family: Gag for Seijuu no Shugosei (song from Care Bears Movie)
Flying My Colours: Gag (song from Care Bears Movie 2) UP
Happy Material Early Summer: Lumiale, Luva, Marcel, Olivie, Sei-Lan and Mel (song from Negima) UP
It's My Life: Marcel, Timka and Mel (song from Negima)
Kagayaku Kimi e ~Peace~: All main characters (song from Negima) UP
Music: Lumiale tribute (song from One Piece) UP
Otome Ranman: Olivie tribute (song from Fushigi Yuugi) UP
The Song That Doesn't End: Gag--All shugosei and Arios (song from Lamb Chop's Play-along) UP
We Are The Care Bears: Gag (song from the new Care Bears series)
You've Got Friends: Friendship between shugosei and the tutors, merchant, head of research institute and fortune teller (song from Hamtaro U.S. dub) UP
Yuugure Sensitive: Lumiale and Marcel (song from Negima?!)

That's all so far...most of them were made very late at night, so yeah, my mind said "make one with a Care Bears song" three times now...make that four, another idea has come to mind...but don't worry, it's not gag this time around.

Anyway, here's my question...those of you who have seen the second Angelique OVA Seichi Yori Ai o Komete, which moments were your faves?

Mine were: Olivie dancing with Marcel so Oscar could grab some wine, Chupi sending Zephel's Super Jet Legion (is that what it's called?) flying, Macnicol mistaking Olivie for a gorgeous lady, Randy in a dress, robo!Charlie's special "attack", the cat flying to the rescue on Zephel's invention, Pharau is mistaken to be Victor's child, Zephel throwing Randy, Marcel trying to keep Lumiale from finding out the gem is missing (the hand-holding scene), the chain of events leading to the fire, Julious' punishment for Randy and Zephel is to make the Seichi Times, Olivie losing it when Lumiale, Oscar, Charlie, Marcel, Randy and Zephel seem to be making too much commotion, robo!Charlie using the blue roses on Olivie and Charlie, the ominous music that plays when we finally see who the auction rival is, fighting the giant squid, and finally the robot appears to be crying and blushing.

Yeah, I have a lot...what about you?
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Hey there, minna-san, I made yet another AMV. This time, the song is Flying My Colours from the second Care Bears movie. (I saw an AMV of GetBackers to this song, so I thought "why not?")

 I hope you enjoy watching it! I tried to match them to the suitable character named in the song as best as I could.

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Hey there, minna-san, I made the AMV! Here it is! 

It's my first lip-synching AMV, so it might be a bit off, but I tried to get it as best as I could (I use Windows Movie Maker).

AMV idea...

Jul. 8th, 2009 09:55 pm
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Hey there, minna-san!

I was searching for an old favourite song of mine, and when I found it, an idea for an Angelique AMV formed.

Story of AMV: Clavis loves to see Julious' annoyed expression, and he knows there's more than one shugosei who has a bit of a grudge on Julious for whatever reason. So, he enlists those who have had some "Julious trouble" in the past to sing a very annoying song...presenting most of the shugosei with The Song That Doesn't End (the end theme from Lamb Chop's Play-along).

Yay or nay? If yay, I will share it here, if nay, I'll keep it to myself but make it anyway (if I don't I'll go insane, I have to make it!!)

Please give me your opinions...please?
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Hey there, minna-san!

Question: What does a Neoromance fangirl do when she has a lot of Angelique clips and Negima songs at her disposal?

Answer: Why, she makes AMVs of course!

I made two AMVs over the last couple of days, and I just finished uploading both of them to youtube. You can find them here... http://www.youtube.com/user/btamamura

Once again, credit for the clips goes to [livejournal.com profile] stalkersgirl .

I hope you enjoy them, and please comment on them either here or on youtube.
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Hey there, minna-san!

Last night I was bored, and using Windows Movie Maker, I made five little projects. One is an AMV which hopefully will be up tomorrow. The other four are mini fandubs of Angelique that you can find at http://www.youtube.com/user/btamamura

Credit for the clips goes to[info]stalkersgirl, who took the trouble to download, convert and upload the Angelique Trois cutscenes and endings.

I hope you enjoy them, and please pardon puffs, I have a bad microphone.


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