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Name:Dedicated to Koei's Angelique series.
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Hello! This community is going under a little change (from an Angelique-only community to an all-NeoRomance community, due to how often the series overlap). I wish I could afford a community name change to reflect the community's new interests, but this rules page will have to do.

This community's focus is NeoRomance games and media related to them. NeoRomance games are a series of games by Koei that are dating simulation games for girls. Officially, the three NeoRomance games are Angelique, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, and Kiniro no Corda. However, this community welcomes discussion of any other girl x boy games (such as Meine Liebe, Tokimeki Memorial Girls' Side, etc). I'm not picky, so as long as whatever you post is even SLIGHTLY related to these series, I won't care.

What can be posted here?
    Any NeoRomance-related material. This includes OVAs, mp3s, icons, albums, drama CDs, scans, translations, concerts, ROMs, and anything else you can think of. Fanficion and fanart are also accepted, and they're HIGHLY encouraged! News, discussion, requests for game help, and anything else like that is also fine. Really, post whatever you want.

Where can I download stuff? What can I download?
    If you want to request something (anything!), go ahead and ask. We'll try to help you find what you're looking for! NeoRomance stuff is nearly impossible to find outside of Asia (and even then, most of it is old and difficult to find), so we're here to help spread the love to countries that are otherwise missing out on NeoRomance love. But please support NeoRomance by purchasing their goods if you see them available!

    If you want quick access to downloads, check out the new download archives (provided by novemberbeetle. You can access these downloads by logging in and viewing the community memories (click the heart icon at the top). You can then either select the Angelique or Harukanaru Toki no Naka de download lists, which are full of music/video/etc links!

    You can also access downloads through the post tags found on the left side of the main page! Just click the tag that interests you to filter the posts you see so you can find posts related to what you want right away!

How can I help share things?

General Rules
    There are very few rules of this community. Don't be afraid to post anything! Like I said before: as long as it's even SLIGHTLY NeoRomance-related, it's fine. Most rules are just common courtesy:

      * Please be kind to eachother. Debate and disagreements are fine, but don't flame or intentionally upset people.

      * Introduction posts are frowned upon. If you're going to introduce yourself, put some content in the post as well! Don't just say "Hi I'm new and I like Angelique" -- if you joined, we already know that!

      * Please put large images, long icon posts, fanfics, and fanart under an lj cut. If you don't know how to do this, ask me and I will be happy to explain!

      * Please tag your posts with the appropriate tags. The list of tags you have to choose from is on the left side of the journal's top page. To tag your post, you can either type the tag into the "tags" box below where you type a new entry, or open an already-written entry and click the "tags" icon found at the top of the post.

      * Please label any fanart/fanfiction that is yaoi/yuri/18+ or anything else that might offend someone so they know what it is before they click it!

      * If you want to sell something (CDs, games, doujinshi, cosplay items, etc) in this community, it is okay to post your offer and look for buyers. The only rule here is that the items posted must be NeoRomance-related and must NOT be bootlegs. Selling of bootlegged merchandise will not be tolerated. Please support Koei by purchasing official items.

      * If you like what you download, please purchase real copies to support the creators. I realize that it's very hard to find most of these things because they are only sold in Japan and may be old and out of print, but if you are able to buy them, please do. See below for a list of good shopping sites.

    That written, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to send a message to moderators panjapanja or indigozeal.

Links to related communities/websites


    neoroma - NeoRomance discussion/news
    paradise_cure - general NeoRomance
    harukana - Harukanaru Toki no Naka de community
    harutoki - Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Hachiyoushou
    le_sanctuaire - Angelique community
    neodrabble - NeoRomance drabbles
    la_corda_doro - La Corda d'Oro community

    Websites: - General NeoRomance info; English game guides
    NeoRomance Fansubs - Angelique OVA fansubs
    Angelique @ - General info site. They also are working on Haruka and Corda sections.
    My NeoRomance - General resource for all NeoRomance series, including game help, translations, galleries, forum, and more - tons of info on NeoRomance goods on sale in the past and future -- especially CD releases
    AngeLYRIC - Angelique song lyrics database

    Places to buy NeoRomance goods:

    Play-Asia - sells NeoRoma games, DVDs, CDs. Highly recommended.
    jpqueen - sells NeoRoma doujinshi, manga, and other books
    CD Japan - large collection of CDs and DVDs

    Shameless plug to my other video game-related community:

    genso_suikoden (Genso Suikoden video game series community)

    If you have another NeoRomance-related community or website that you'd like to advertise, tell me and I'll post it here.


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