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Here. All three parts of Clavis's manga will be up until January 4, 10:00 a.m. Japan time. I'll be updating this post later with the translation of the second part, then following soon with the translation of 3.

According to Miko Mitsuki's Twitter, Luva is next. Will this be the tale of Luva Dad's epic Nuke the Fridge coffin escape?

ETA: No, it's not, dammit. Apparently, it's just a day-in-the-life story, a tale of Luva being sent by the other Guardians to check on Queen candidate Limoges. (It's entitled "Luva's Everyday.") Considering how babyish Limoges was in Retour Vol. 1, she probably stuck her finger in an outlet or something.
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At the Angelique Retour site, there are currently a couple movies that show the Guardians talking in-game. It's nothing huge, but it shows how the portraits animate - the standard visual-novel way. You can also hear snippets of character themes, and see Zephel's office, which is the only one that hasn't been posted yet.

If, however, you click on the red "CLICK!" box that appears at the end of the video, you'll be taken to a free holiday smartphone wallpaper featuring a random Neoromance love interest - not just from Ange, but Neo Ange, Haruka, and Corda, too. There are a hundred in all. A hundred. You get a different wallpaper each time you click, so catch 'em all, I guess?
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As we head into the final stretch before Retour's release, I ask for a prediction:

What's the deal with Brian?
- He's involved with Leviath and serves as foreshadowing for that future plotline
- He represents the "will of the universe," like Alphonsia & Ervin except, er, human
- He has a ~tragic past~ with a former Queen candidate
- He's involved with Ra Ga or however you spell it somehow
- Other

ETA: I'm getting a "sorry, you're not permitted to see this poll" when I try to vote, so if the poll messes up for anyone else, just put your predictions in comments.

ETAETA: Argh, poll definitely unfixable; I removed it and reprinted the choices above. Just comment.
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ETA: Updated 12/3 with info on Solaris Japan.

With Angelique Retour only a few weeks away from its December 17 release, I thought I'd do a quick shopping options review. This post was prompted by my own recent web excursion to get Retour (yeah, I know; just now?), where I discovered that a lot of shops are sold out of various editions. I guess Retour's gonna do pretty well for Koei!

But that doesn't help us apparent late shoppers, so, onward:

Cut )

If you know of any options I didn't mention above, let me know in comments!
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A day late, but here are the newest updates to the Angelique Retour site:

- New voice samples for the Guardians under the Characters section (third option in the menu) - mostly love stuff, but we all know what they sound like, so onward!
- A picture of Randy's office in the System section (fourth option) - really beautiful. There are also special events with the twin butlers. Joy.
- A new picture each of Oscar and Zephel in the Gallery (sixth option).
- Pics of a theme you can get for your Vita with Retour in Product Information (eighth option). Apparently, you also get codes for some freebies in Koei's Haruka and Corda mobile games.

Since that was a small update, let's have a look at other Retour stuff around the net:

- More adventures in event merchandise we will never be able to buy. We are forever denied the glory of Rosalia glowsticks.
- The Retour Twitter has been posting images of early Hachiko Hachiroku designs for the characters. They're up to Oscar as of this writing, and I find that all-in-black design really striking. Would that they had kept the slimmer profile of the boots. (Also, that sketch on the right is Maren as heck.) Other points: not knowing what the heck to do with Randy; Julious's strangely messy hair.
- Tumblr scan source mouthful kiminosekaisoshitewatashinosekai posted a Girl's Style article where Luva gives his impressions of the cast.
- Speaking of Tumblr scans, its2amandimustdraw translated a fun "Which Guardian is for you?" flowchart from one of the mags. (Lumiale for me, apparently.)
- Also, this isn't new, but you might want to poke around the Koei wiki. A few diligent maintainers have been adding a number of Angelique articles over time, and there's a good selection of material.
- Parting shot: Coffee art.
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Just as soon as I post yesterday, the site gets an update featuring a new promo video:

- The System section (fourth option on left menu) has a new section explaining about the "love or duty" become Queen/get with a Guardian concept of the game. It also has a new still of Luva's very ornate library office.
- The Movie section (fifth option) has a new promo video up, good mostly for stills and voices and Brian looking all mysterious at the end, talking about how "the fate of the universe" hangs upon Limoges becoming Queen. (I hope Brian's not the "will of the universe" character, like Alphonsia/Erwin/etc.; he'd be a rather snitty one. I like my Leviath-lackey theory better.)
Koei's also pushing their relatively new Neoromance channel on YouTube.
- The Gallery (sixth option) has a couple more purty Luva screens.

The site for the Angelique Memoire event also posted images of new merchandise we will never be able to buy, save through deputy services: chibi swing charms of the main characters (girls & Beast Guardians included) in their classic designs; carabiners with silhouettes of the Beast Guardians; and coasters of the Bird Guardians in their Retour designs.

Also, just out of interest, the Retour twitter posted a production sketch of Limoges & Rosalia in early rejected designs:

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Happy birthday, Clavis! I got you a translation of the prelude to one of the most miserable episodes in your tortured existence!

"Clavis's Last Love" Pt. 1 translation

ETA: Whoops, forgot to add a link to the page with the manga; it's the first of the "Episode 5" banners.

Thoughts: Cut )

The Guardians, according to the Retour twitter, got Clavis an impromptu pick-up band performance, hidden behind the hedges of his house. (Julious thought it would be a considerate gesture, since Clavis "doesn't like commotion." I would think that would nullify the idea of giving Clavis a noisy band performance in the first place. Or maybe, considering this is Retour Julious, he made the choice to actively annoy Clavis; who can say.) To list instrument roles out of curiosity: Marcel on recorder, Luva on tambourine, Randy on harmonica, Oscar on some sort of unspecified "percussion" (was he just clapping his hands?), Zephel on bass (though he mentioned trying to automate it and everything, so who knows if he actually plays it), Lumi on harp (of course), and Olivie on lute again. One mention of the lute thing before, and now he's playing it all over the place. Oh, and Julious conducting. They played "Happy Birthday" and left a banner on one of his bookshelves outside saying "Happy Birthday," and Clavis didn't seem to hate it, so everything seemed to work out improbably all right, I guess.

ETA: Important Miko Mitsuki update:


Clavis (thinking): Such noise...
Luva: Yes! Yes!
Luva: Yesss!
(Clavissss! Happy birthdaaaay!)
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Here. Part 2 of 3, apparently.


Clavis: Thank God...
Now my manga is finally over...
Lumiale: Clavis-sama...
I hate to break this to you...but this is only the middle chapter. There's still one to go!
Clavis: .........
(Why only me?)
Lumiale: (I don't know!)

AND MORE: Bits from the Retour twitter:

- They're showing pics of the 20th Anniversary edition merchandise, including pics of the Yura Kairi illustrations for the slipcases:

- Gerard's nickname is "GeGe." His favorite food is guimauve, a marshmallow-like French confection. Silvan's favorite food is Gugelhupf, a type of German bundt cake.
- Rosalia's favorite drink is royal milk tea.
- In response to a question posed by Luva of "Where are you right now?" in this question-chain-gamething the characters were playing, Brian responds, "No comment. More precisely, I myself have no way of knowing. Next question..." No comment on where "now" is in the scheme of things, though considering Rosalia's present in the skits, I assume it's some time during the game, if we're putting these exchanges anywhere.

Also: Part of a Halloween sketch where Dia is holding a tea party with pumpkin treats; Clavis doesn't want to show up, but Luva is determined and comes to his mansion with reinforcements:

Silvan: Do we say it now, Luva?
Gerard: Yes, yes! OK, I'll start. TRICK OR TREAT, CLAVIS!
Silvan: ...Yes. Trick, or...treat.
Clavis: "Trick or treat"? ...What do you mean?
Luva: It means, "Give me some candy, or I'll play a joke on you!". It's what children on a far-off planet say when they walk around to collect candy!
Clavis: ...So you think I have candy?
Luva: Oh, no, not at all. But, we have our own sweets at the tea party, don't we?
Clavis: ...Hm...I see. So you're telling me, "show up at the tea party to grab some sweets"? All right.

I just like the idea of Clavis responding to trick-or-treaters with "...so you think I have candy?".
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You know the drill:

- The new pic on the site's front page is the actual box art, supposedly. Apparently, that pic of Oscar holding Limoges was not the final box art. They actually let Clavis be on the package? Holy moley.
- In the Character section (third item on menu), Rosalia, Brian, Gerard, and Silvan have new voice samples. Silvan's is of him telling you to shut up. (Or maybe Gerard, but I'm not giving him the benefit of the doubt.) I'm so glad that Pastha and Sara were cut for this kid. Also, Brian has a new piece of character art.
- Under the System main page (fourth option), there's a shot of Oscar and Lumiale's offices in the third horizontal menu-bar option and a bit about gifts for the Guardians and how they can trigger events in the fourth horizontal menu-bar option.
- A still of Randy has been added to the Gallery (sixth item).
- In the Product Info section (eighth item), there's disc art plus links to audio samples for all 10 of the bonus "Dear My Queen" drama CDs that come with the 20th Anniversary edition.
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Like it says on the tin. (This is a new account dedicated to Angelique Retour only, separate from the general Neoromance twitter.) This post is mainly an excuse to put up this Miko Mitsuki pic while it's still seasonal:

Julious as a demon has precedent (and it is becoming for him); Clavis, I'd think his long hair would make being wrapped up as a mummy difficult, but I'll take it as a reference to his Egyptian origins in the cellphone game. Lumiale looks good with fins (like he's a Water Dragon, actually), but I dunno about the "grr, baby, grr" thing for Randy.

But to point out the slackers here: I suppose a white turtleneck and headscarf are the Angelique equivalent of the Charlie Brown "put a bedsheet over your head" easy-out costume, and Olivie...demon was already taken, dear. (Actually, given what appears to be a fur trim and a oddly low-cut neckline on Julious's costume, I think Jules accidentally got the Sexy Demon package at the costume shop. Or maybe he and Olivie accidentally got their costumes switched?)

ETA: Apparently, they're using the Retour twitter to do small skits, starting with everyone working out present arrangements for Olivie's birthday today (happy birthday, fashion man). Presents for the curious:

Marcel: Feathers from Chupi. Really, Marcel?
Randy: A tropical fruit drink, maybe, but he has to figure out where to buy one
Zephel: Some mineral water he has in his office. ...
Oscar: A bottle of high-quality wine, making him the first of the Guardians to have actual taste when it comes to gift-giving
Lumiale: Harp music. (He also makes a comment about Olivie playing the lute? What?)
Luva: He's going to look for a beauty book from his bookshelves, since he notes that he has nothing to give but books, apparently
Clavis: Some crystals he has, since Olivie seems to like "shiny stones"
Julious: A statue of a white horse

Randy seems to be the only person who grasps the concept of a birthday present usually being something you go out and buy rather than a personal possession that you already own - unless there's some sort of weird custom about that in Angelique world.

ETA 2: Scans of a Girls' Style story from kiminosekaisoshitewatashinosekai. A couple new expressions, plus: a) you will indeed be choosing from Gerard & Silvan at the start of the game, and b) you'll be able to create special candies for the monthly tea parties by answering quizzes about the Guardians correctly.
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New stuff at the Retour site. There're new images:
- A pic of Brian in the Gallery. Apparently - at least, based on the snippet of text accompanying the pic - he meets Limoges near her temple. He's initially asleep but wakes up and asks, "What am I doing here?". The mystery...well, I don't know if "deepens" is the word. "Continues," maybe.
- A map of the Flying City in the System section. Same sites as last time (minus Sara's tent, obviously), but the illustration's pretty impressive.

There's also an outline of how your days & weeks will go:
- Every day will start with your butler greeting you and telling you about any special stuff you have coming up. Guardians might also pop by to invite you on a date at this time.
- On weekdays, like in the original game, you'll then busy yourself with either cultivation/obstruction requests to the Guardians or making small talk with them. (You also might happen across Guardians at the Royal Research Institute, just as you did in Sara's tent in the first game.)
- You can also go on dates to the lake/waterfall location on weekdays this time, not just weekends. The lake is called "Lovers' Lake," just to underline things.
Apparently, the lake is where you have your walking dates in the remake? Walking dates took place in the park in the original. You can have dates in the park in the remake, but only on weekends, apparently. If you go to the park on weekdays in the remake, you might get invited for a date instead. Oh, I'm confused.
- Finally, there are special dates that take place only during the weekend. Saturday dates tend to involve you going down to your continent, whereas Sunday dates are more "relaxed."
I hope everyone is all dated out after that.
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Here. Features Clavis's mom, young Dia (who went to Smallney, too, apparently, based on her uniform), and 255's face. (Plus Clavis looking kinda dopey, but that seems to be a permanent issue.) Translation's probably not gonna be up for a bit; I'm afraid I have a few other things on the stove at the moment.
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This is the only new song in the Angelique franchise, included on CD 14 of the Angelique Vocal Complete Box. I romanized the lyrics from the booklet and also typed all the kanji at the end. ...It took me several hours, but I'm finally done! *flops*

Read more... )
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There are new voice clips and character expressions in the Character (third menu option) of the Retour site, in case you'd like to see the fellows be a little more expressive in this art style. There's also:

- A picture of the Olivie's office under "Worldview" (second menu option), with heavily gilt windows. Everyone seems to have taken decorating tips from Julious in this game.
- A confirmation that the periodic "Who do you think should be Queen?" votes among the Guardians are still in Retour in the System (fourth option) section. Here, though, the votes followed by a tea party held by Dia for the Queen candidates and Guardians, because that seems like a capital idea right after a contentious & decisive vote. There's also a Neo Angelique-ish mechanic where you can make certain love interests happy by bringing a candy they like to the tea party. (Also, you can make eventually candies that several Guardians will like, or legendary SUPER-candies, if you fulfill certain conditions.)
- A new picture of Oscar up in the Gallery (sixth option).

I'll have the translation of the second Lumiale manga chapter up in a couple days. The content doesn't exactly inspire me to work, I'm afraid.

ETA: Here it is. This manga sucks. Don't read it.
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OK: Enclosed please find a translation of most of Julious & Clavis's lines from the first Angelique game. This is part of a project - what I'm sure will be a very long & gradual project - to translate most of the script to the original Angelique. I'm working out of the Angelique Message Collection script compilation, which is considerably easier than hunting through the game itself for lines...but there is a ton of text to this game, so it's going to be slow going in any case.

I go over this in the intro, but: I am aware that the presentation needs serious work. I used the format presented in the book, but after looking through the finished version of Julious & Clavis's lines, I realized that...it had a lot more limitations than I realized. I tried tweaking it over the past couple days, but my efforts seemed simply to make matters worse, so a more workable fix is going to take a little while. Getting it looking good - i.e., better than something made with late-'90's HTML, something with actual wraparounds in those flowcharts - is going to have to wait until the translation itself is finished. There's just way too much translating to do right now for me to wrestle with the pit of user-unfriendliness that is CSS.

Observations about Julious & Clavis's lines themselves: Cut )

Anyhow: If you have any commentary - lines that sound like they need a rewrite, etc. - let me know, either through here or the e-mail address in the document.
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New items at the Angelique Retour site:

- a still of Marcel's greenhouse office, which is lovely, on the "Worldview" page (second option on the side menu);
- a new illustration of Rosalia on her Character page (third menu option);
- a pic of Rosalia's room (and of her on a date with Julious) on the "Spot" section of the System page (fourth option) - apparently, you can talk to her about specific topics, such as herself and the Guardians, by visiting her room now;
- a still of Luva on the Gallery page (sixth option);
- and, back on the System page, info on a Harvest Festival event (which is held to thank Angelique) you can attend if you visit your continent on a Saturday. Here, you can have a date with a Guardian or buy presents to give them - either a present, or a drink you can give them when you have a room date with them. Given the events of "Oscar's First Love" Pt. 1, let's hope that drink is on the up-and-up.
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At the Retour Secret Side site. Translation here. Features Lumi's dad, plus Oscar giving Lumiale instructions on how to be Guardian of Gentleness, because that's Oscar's area of expertise. Also, whoever is responsible for the story (I don't know how much creative control Ruby Party gives Miko Mitsuki) a) is a huge Oscar/Lumi shipper but b) kinda hates Lumiale, given how much "gentleness is weakness and Lumi sucks" there is in here. I don't know quite how a) and b) can be reconciled, since people usually like both halves of their ships. Maybe someone can elucidate in comments.

Anyhow: both parts will be up till Oct. 5, 10 a.m. Japan time. Next up is the ceremonial recounting of Clavis's doomed affair with 255. Lord help us all.

(P.S. Oh yeah there are a couple more pictures of the Retour special editions.)
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To "improve quality," as per the official site.

ETA: In the meantime, Tumblr user kiminosekaisoshitewatashinosekai has posted scans of the Girl's Style preview of Retour. Neat to look at. Not much in way of new info, except that there's apparently a festival date down on the continent (with Marcel, at least) and that you'll meet Brian if you go down to the continent on the weekdays. Also, Brian's supposedly good at knitting. I have no idea if this is a euphemism or not.

ETA2: k&wsekai has also posted scans of a Retour B's Log article. Why are this person's posts not showing up for me in Tumblr tags?
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This comm doesn't exactly need any more posts from me given all the Retour updates, but I thought we'd have a bit of a classic Angelique interlude.

We've all seen the group pic of the former Guardians that came from LoveLove Tsuushin. The group pic wasn't an all-at-once announcement, though; before the final collage was published, the previous Guardians were gradually revealed in the magazine, one at a time, in a feature entitled "Mada Minu Kimi E..." ("To You as Yet Unseen...").

When all the previous Guardians had been revealed, the feature continued on to other characters who had been mentioned in the Angelique universe yet not seen - namely, the relatives of the main characters. The feature followed the same method that it: LLT would announce the subject of the illustration for next issue, plus include a few in-game quotes about the person to establish their personality. Fan artists would submit their designs for the character, and the magazine would use these as input (identify common denominators, etc.) in creating the "official" design for the character.

The appearance of Lumi's sister in this month's Secret Side manga brought this feature to mind, so I thought I'd share the illustrations from the issues of LoveLove Tsuushin I have that feature it. (Note: My collection goes up to Issue 32; I think that LLT ended at Vol. 34 or 38. This is only a partial gallery of the illustrations produced by that feature, is what I'm saying, but it's all I've got.)

The illustrations below were drawn by Akiko Hamada, the same artist who drew the renditions of the former Guardians.


The feature opened with a pic of Timka's little brother, Kamulan (sp? It's "kamuran" in raw Japanese). Technically, Kamulan had been seen previously - as a sprite in Tenkuu no Requiem. The caption on the illustration states that it depicts Kamulan from the time of the opening of Trois, when he would be about 7 or 8 years old.

Then, we have: More relatives below )
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There's a new Retour site update that includes voice samples, a new Olivie image, cast interviews, and more. I'll do a breakdown later, but there are three pieces of news here that are perhaps particularly remarkable:

- Retour will be fully voiced from the get-go, rather than following the typical Koei pattern of being partially voiced in the initial release and fully voiced only later.
- There are now voice samples for Gerard and Silvan.
- If you look on the System page, there's info now on LoveLove flashes, which are handled by Dia - not Sara - at the Royal Research Institute. Which is a reminder: we haven't seen Sara or Pastha throughout this entire promo period. Dia taking on Sara's role in this game, at Pastha's workplace, seems to indicate that both Sara & Pastha are finito.

ETA: Breakdown of update:
- A shot of Clavis's office has been added to the Worldview page (second option on left menu). It's got stained glass, just like Julious's office. (Well, not *just like*, but you know.)
- Voice samples for Rosalia, Brian, Gerard, and Silvan have been added to the Cast page (third option). Is it my imagination, or does Rosalia sound a bit different?
- The aforementioned stuff about Dia handling Royal Research Institute/affinity & love charm stuff was added to the System page (fourth option). The original's system of monitoring intercharacter relationships and casting charms to improve relationships will still be in the remake.
- A shot of Olivie was added to the Gallery (sixth option).
- A whole slew of cast interviews - ten in all, one for each love interest seiyuu - were added to the Special page (seventh option). I haven't been through them, but the questions are kind of cutesy ("What do you have in common with your character?" "Would you choose love or duty?" etc.). I looked in the interview with Brian's seiyuu, but there doesn't seem to be any new info on the character.
- Finally, on the Product Information page (eighth option), there's a small sample of the line art in the pamphlet that will accompany the 20th Anniversary edition, which will apparently include a comic by Yura Kairi. (Interestingly, the character shown in the comic is Marcel, and he has his old design.) Also, there's a shot of Zephel's CD.


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