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Greetings! It's been a while since I've posted here though I'm sure to check often. I would like to start this off by requesting (and seconding [livejournal.com profile] beldarius' request from earlier) if anyone has the time or is bothered enough to provide even short little summaries for the angelique gaiden (アンジェリーク 外伝) series (there are four different gaidens with four volumes each), I would be very grateful as I am still learning Japanese and while I understand situational and some general things, some plot/story line things fly over my head. I know that the first volume is about the danger from a planet that threatens sanctuary, the second is about the "darkness" that crept into everyone's hearts and the struggle from that (same as in the manga when rosalia is affected first from a necklace?), the third gaiden is about the knights who "possess" the guardians, and the fourth... I don't have a clue because I haven't listened to it yet... Is it weird if I say I didn't want it to end so I just never touched it all these years? I loved all three gaidens before that and was really excited to start this one but the thought just broke my heart so much I just never managed to do it. Ahh, it might be weird but I use the Ange series for when I'm really down? It always makes me feel like everything is alright, so I rarely touch it except when I "need" it, it calms me down. Despite the gaidens having really sad parts sometimes... Lumiale in the first one killed me. The others I learnt what to expect but man, when it's sad it's s a d.

Second, I have gathered the CD's released for Angelique from various sources over the years for your convenience* below and have my own requests if anyone would like to help me complete the digital collection, as I would like to help you complete anything you're missing by providing these.
* some of these I probably got from this very lj page, thus if you find something of yours that I've re-uploaded and that you'd like me to take down, please let me know! I just want for there to be one updated source with everything gathered in one place. There are too many CD's to go through individually and find the sources for, especially since I haven't been through them for a while now. I've gotten the physical cd's for many of these over the years so I can just re-upload my own copies, so again please let me know.

CD Information & References

CD Download Links
(If you sign up to mega it's free + you can download all that stuff in one click. Less of a hassle.)

Link to full folder

Individual links:

アンジェリーク FALLIN' LOVE~
アンジェリーク Fantasia ~ドラマ・セレクション~
アンジェリーク Hello Again!~
アンジェリーク LOVE CALL~
アンジェリーク Radio トーク2 ~炎と夢と、そして友~
アンジェリーク Radio ドラマ1~さよなら、迷宮(ラビリンス)~
アンジェリーク Radio ドラマ2~ふしぎ★チェイサー
アンジェリーク Radio ドラマ3~聖地円舞曲~
アンジェリーク SOIREE(ソワレ)~
アンジェリーク Sound Cafe ~微笑みの魔法~

アンジェリーク Special2 第1話・まだ見ぬ君への神話
アンジェリーク Special2~A LA MODE~

アンジェリーク Twin コレクション~Cherry Blossom
アンジェリーク Twin コレクション~Sunflower
アンジェリーク White Dream~
アンジェリーク あなたの瞳に夢天使(スウィート・エンジェル)~
アンジェリーク エトワール RAINBOW
アンジェリーク シング&トーク~Harmonia~
アンジェリーク デュエット ~飛空都市物語(ストーリー)~
アンジェリーク ときめきの宝石箱~
アンジェリーク ラブラブ▼天使様~恋するエトランゼ (If a PW is needed: 10shi)
アンジェリーク 優しい愛のメロディ~

アンジェリーク Radioトーク2 ~炎と夢と、そして友~
アンジェリーク Radio ドラマ1~さよなら、迷宮(ラビリンス)~
アンジェリーク Radio ドラマ2~ふしぎ★チェイサー
アンジェリーク Radio ドラマ3~聖地円舞曲~
アンジェリーク 帰ってきたRadioトーク1
アンジェリーク 帰ってきたRadioトーク2
ネオロマンス Paradise Radioトーク アンジェリーク1

ネオロマンス Honey ~キュンとしたいときに~
ネオロマンス Honey ~ドキドキしたいときに~
ネオロマンス Honey ~リフレッシュしたいときに~
ネオロマンス Honey ~泣きたいときに~

アンジェリーク 永遠のヴァカンス~VOL.1~La Mer~
アンジェリーク 永遠のヴァカンス~VOL.2~La Foret~
アンジェリーク 音楽集~Romancia~
アンジェリーク 天空の鎮魂歌~

アンジェリーク 外伝1 ~無限音階~ Vol.1
アンジェリーク 外伝1 ~無限音階~ Vol.2
アンジェリーク 外伝1 ~無限音階~ Vol.3
アンジェリーク 外伝1 ~無限音階~ Vol.4

アンジェリーク 外伝2 ~緋の輪郭(シルエット)~ Vol.1
アンジェリーク 外伝2 ~緋の輪郭(シルエット)~ Vol.2
アンジェリーク 外伝2 ~緋の輪郭(シルエット)~ Vol.3
アンジェリーク 外伝2 ~緋の輪郭(シルエット)~ Vol.4

アンジェリーク 外伝3 ~禁域(サンクチュアリ)の鏡~ Vol.1
アンジェリーク 外伝3 ~禁域(サンクチュアリ)の鏡~ Vol.2
アンジェリーク 外伝3 ~禁域(サンクチュアリ)の鏡~ Vol.3
アンジェリーク 外伝3 ~禁域(サンクチュアリ)の鏡~ Vol.4

アンジェリーク 外伝4 ~虹の記憶(ノスタルジア)~音楽集 太陽の子守歌 Nostalgie en Iris La Berceuse du Soleil [Soundtrack]

CD Request

アンジェリーク Radioトーク1 ~炎と夢と、そして愛~

アンジェリーク外伝4 ~虹の記憶(ノスタルジア)~ Vol.1
アンジェリーク外伝4 ~虹の記憶(ノスタルジア)~ Vol.2
アンジェリーク外伝4 ~虹の記憶(ノスタルジア)~ Vol.3
アンジェリーク外伝4 ~虹の記憶(ノスタルジア)~ Vol.4

[and any of the gaiden soundtracks 1-3]

Shopping for Angelique Merchandise/Goods:

This is just based on my experiences with these services (which have been great so far) and I thought I'd share for anyone interested or has ever wondered about sources/services and such. Anyone can add their own sources/experiences too!

I'm still in the process of building up my Ange collection but I would recommend for anyone interested in getting physical copies of the goods, I've found that using a proxy like j-shoppers or tenso and using a website like amazon.co.jp or, my personal preference netoff.co.jp saves you a lot of hassle plus you can find very reasonably priced angelique games, manga, magazines, novels, drama and music cd's, and if you don't mind getting them used then you can find them even cheaper (and they're almost always in excellent condition).

It is also worth noting that I live a considerable distance from Japan and sometimes don't even get shipment tracking sometimes yet shipping is almost as fast blinking, doesn't matter if it's standard international shipping or EMS or SAL, it's usually quite fast which is very pleasant.

Lastly, here are some scans of the cute little "our present" book. (My scanner is a bit broken so please excuse bad scans. Also click to enlarge or open in new window.)

<--- Read this way <---

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