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Hey there! Hope everyone is having or has had a good day. The official Retour Twitter had a Christmas skit where Dia had the Guardians participate in a blind gift exchange: everyone brought a gift, and everyone received a gift at random. I'm sure this will go swimmingly!

Zephel: Hey, OSCAR!! This present YOURS? What's the big idea, givin' me this frilly ribbon!?! You know we're all MEN here 'cept for the Queen candidates, RIGHT?! What'm I supposed to DO with this?!?

Oscar: Hmph - I put such thought in that gift, and it didn't even reach one of the Queen candidates. What a pity. I received...a picture frame? ...With a saying in it. It's beautiful handwriting, but...hm? This is Julious's handwriting! "Never forget your beginner's mind."*

* - "Shoshin wasureru bekarazu" is a traditional Japanese proverb; it means never to lose the eagerness, dedication, and openmindedness that you bring to your first undertaking of something.

Julious: Ah, I see my calligraphy found its way to Oscar. Take those words to heart, and put your best into the performance of your duties in the future. I received...ah, a sports towel, I see. It's quite pleasing to the touch. I'll make use of it when I go horseback riding on my next holiday.

Randy: Oh, that went to Julious! I just love those towels - I'm always using them! I thought they'd be a useful gift for anybody. I got...a book. An Overview of the Study of the Roles and Duties of Queens and Guardians. ...Wow, this is really thick and looks really difficult.

Luva: Ahhh, I see that went to you, Randy! I was trying to think of something that'd be good for anyone...and that was the only thing that came to mind! Be sure to study it carefully, now! ...Oh, my - I see I've received some herb tea! It has such a delightful aroma!

Lumiale: That is from me, Luva. The herbs will soothe and heal your soul. I received...ahh, some seeds! If these are from you, Marcel, I'm sure they will bring forth some beautiful flowers. You will have to tell me how to grow them!

Marcel: Just plant them in a sunny place, and give them water every day with love! I know YOU won't have a problem with that, Lumiale! The present I got is...a wrench? C'mon, Zephel! You know I don't use screws!

Olivie: Ah ha ha, SORRY, Marcel! Get together with Zephel and try to think of a use for it! I got...this is pretty heavy...hah, a blackout curtain? Just what I wanted - lucky me! But I don't need to guess who gave me this, do I.

Clavis: That's mine. Use it as you wish. ...I seem to have drawn your gift, Olivie. Soothing aromatic oil...not bad. You have good taste...though I'm not planning to adopt your fashion sense.

Rosalia gets a teddy bear from Limoges, thus continuing the teddy bear epidemic - though we're not told what Limoges got from Rosalia.

Brian: Turkey: cooked to perfection. Excellent. Some mashed potatoes to go with it, and the cranberry sauce that I simmered for two hours - what could taste better? And the cake is decorated perfectly, if I do say so myself. --What am I doing; I'll never be able to eat all this by myself!

--And then Limoges shows up. I like the idea that Limoges just bounced from the party and went to Brian's. More importantly, though: Brian, what were you doing to that cranberry sauce that you had it on the stove for two hours? Did your arm fall off while you were stirring it so that it didn't burn at the bottom of the pan? Do your burners top out at "lukewarm"?


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