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Well, it's Dec. 17, Retour release day, in Japan. To sate our longing until our own copies arrive, here's a just-released performance of the theme song, "Carry on Your Dream," performed by Infini at the Halloween Party event:

Other thing: I'e registered a Tumblr to serve as a supplement to this community. I don't need to tell anyone here that Tumblr's real popular, and though it can be hard to find at times (the "angelique" tag is a bit of a mess, given all the other fandoms & real-life people using it), a lot of good people are doing a lot of neat Angelique stuff on it. There's also the issue of LiveJournal as a platform in many regions having a considerably decreased profile, and that it's mostly just me talking on here. We get about 30 unique people a day coming through the LiveJournal page (a lot of them from countries where English isn't the language of the realm, which might explain a reticence to communicate from certain folks), so there is still merit to posting stuff on LJ - but I'd like for us to reach more people, too.

The problem is that Tumblr doesn't allow the management of a community: you have to reblog to comment on a post (as they removed replies, though you can do CSS tricks to get them back in a limited form), which makes it cumbersome to hold a discussion, and though you can set it up where other users can submit posts, it's not the system we have here, where any member can post easily and there are mods to fix stuff if things go haywire. Tumblr's not set up for anything collaborative or long-form, and it's not a replacement for something like this.

So: If you want a post on the Tumblr, use the Submit feature, send me a message, contact me here or there - anything. I'm not looking to set up another comm where I'm the only voice most of the time. Or, heck - just do the standard Tumblr protocol of making a post on your own Tumblr & tagging it "angelique" or whatever or shooting me a message. I'd like to use the Angemedia Tumblr also as a place to gather Angelique Tumblr content - like the "fyeah(fandom)" concept - since, as mentioned, picking out Angelique stuff can be a problem on there. Let me know what you think!

ETA: The dependable huldukatt has found a playthrough of the opening of Retour on Nicovideo; click here for details.
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