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Your near-daily Angelique Retour site update as we head into release:

- In the Characters section (third option), there's a new bit note from Brian, take it as you will:

"Long have I awaited the day when a girl charged with leading the stars themselves would set foot within a new universe. I have veritably yearned for it...
As a Queen candidate, you must feel somewhat...no...feel greatly overwhelmed, but at a time like this, you cannot afford to hesitate.
The fate of the universe rests on your shoulders. Do your best, and aim for the throne."

This also reveals that you have to be on a New Game + for Brian to be romanceable.

(As an aside, the whole "make certain paths inaccessible on the first playthrough" convention in visual novels kind of drives me nuts. I know they want there to be material that you can't see the first time through to encourage replays, but, game companies: we're not Dr. Manhattan. There's always going to be content we can't see the first time through in a branching-path game by definition, because we can follow only one path at a time. Completely blocking off paths until you've played through the game a certain number of times is just a time-waster.)

- The System section (fourth option) has a pic of Zephel's office, which we've seen in the videos. The larger pic makes it clearer that his trademark hovercraft and small robot are present. There's also a bit on "Friendship Events," which are kind of ill-explained but seem to revolve around Limoges helping Guardians with their personal problems and thereby becoming closer to them. These seem to be initiated by Limoges going to the park and seeing prophetic images of a certain Guardian in the fountain, visiting the Guardian to find him out of sorts, then seeing the fountain images come to pass as she helps him out and the event progresses.

- There are a bunch of new clips in the Movies section (fifth option), as you probably already know, since they've been releasing two preview clips per day in the lead-up to the release. Perhaps the highlight, though, is a clip where Limoges goes to Brian's cabin and steals his cafe latte.

- The Gallery (sixth option) has a pic of Lumiale (dang, they are not getting his face right) and a nice group shot:

- Also, they claim to have updated the Product Information (eighth option), but it's just info that there's a form in the special editions for reserving seats at one of the live events, which doesn't really pertain to most of us.

Finally, the Retour Twitter claims that Famitsu gave Angelique Retour a Platinum award, meaning that it got 35-39 out of 40. Now, Famitsu is a notoriously lax scorer, but...well, that's still a pretty high score! Given the rush on the bonus editions, the signs seem to be boding well for the game!


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