Dec. 26th, 2015

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(12/27 Note: Edited a bit to add elaboration on the significance of certain factors and the sales estimate I stupidly failed to include initially (which darkheart covered below before me); more yammering.)

(12/27 ETA 2: Famitsu data.)

Here is the source of said info: the Media Create sales rankings. I'm going to post this image for posterity, since the Media Create sales figures rotate out every week (click to enlarge):

Angelique Retour first week sales figures

These are the first-week sales figures. (Well, first half-week, since Retour released on the 17th, and the chart starts on the 14th.) Retour's exact numbers are not shown; sales figures are displayed only for the top 20 sellers, and Retour finished just out of that, at #23. Based on the sales of the games just above it, I think it can be inferred that Retour sold around 9,000 to 10,000 copies.

There are, though, some major caveats to this:

- While the limited editions are included in the total, it's not clear if PSP sales are as well. (The listing is labeled "Vita," and there's no PSP entry; I don't know if that's because PSP sales are included with the Vita listing or if not enough PSP editions were sold to chart or if because PSP sales flat-out aren't listed in the data.)
- I don't know if Media Create tabulates download sales, which seem to be the great stumbling block of video game sales tabulation. Their website states that they get their information from the "bottom up" with "interviews & surveys," suggesting that their info comes from local retailers, which makes it seem unlikely that download sales are included. (Note, though, that Japan is notoriously more enamored with physical media than other markets, meaning that download sales are likely to be a smaller slice of the pie there than they would be elsewhere.)
ETA: SiliconEra, at least, claims that Media Create can't track download sales because, as we might have guessed, that info is Sony-proprietary, so there you go.
- At 7,344 yen, Retour's sticker price is on the high end of sales prices for the games charting - and that's not counting the limited editions, which sold for many times that (up to 35,000 yen for the Gamecity special edition). Though I'm sure Koei wouldn't say no to traditionally high sales, it did seem to be taking the tack of selling fewer copies at higher prices, which is a strategy it's used with other franchises (the latest Romance of the Three Kingdoms release etc.). That said, Koei did seem to be pushing Retour quite a bit on the larger Neoromance site etc., which suggests they were going for wider appeal to some degree.

Other things to consider:
- the special editions seemed to be selling rather briskly during the preorder period based on sellouts (though we don't know the stock each store had; CD Japan mentioned in a reply to an inquiry I sent about their lack of stock that "the manufacturer accepted orders from a very large number of stores in existence," suggesting that sellouts may have been due to stock being spread thin);
- Koei is moving ahead with plans to feature Retour at the various tome game festivals and release variety CDs etc., though it's unknown at this point whether that's because they consider it a sales success or because they're committed. Who knows.
- and, as huldukatt notes, we don't have comparative info on how other otome games sold in their first weeks. (I think Maren sold something like 5,000 in its first week, though that's obviously not a benchmark for sales in 2015 of a game from this studio with these expectations.) Here's Gematsu's archive of past Media Create sales figures, if anyone wants to comb through for otome games; they record only the top 20, though.

ETA: Famitsu data:

Famitsu has the game at #18 for the week, selling 10,180 copies. Like Media Create, they're mum on how PSP sales figure in, and they also don't seem to count download sales, getting their info from individual retailers. They do, however, have one additional piece of info that Media Create doesn't (at least in its public data): the sell-through rate. Retour's was very high: 80-100%, meaning that it didn't disappoint what Koei and retailers were expecting from initial shipments. That's one good piece of news.

Also, Dengeki Online puts Retour's sales at 10,250, with the same limitations as above. It seems that ~10,200 is a good guess for Retour sales, apparently minus the PSP and download sides of the equation.

Anyhow, that's the news. If you have any insight, feel free to weigh in.


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