Dec. 4th, 2015

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As we head into the final stretch before Retour's release, I ask for a prediction:

What's the deal with Brian?
- He's involved with Leviath and serves as foreshadowing for that future plotline
- He represents the "will of the universe," like Alphonsia & Ervin except, er, human
- He has a ~tragic past~ with a former Queen candidate
- He's involved with Ra Ga or however you spell it somehow
- Other

ETA: I'm getting a "sorry, you're not permitted to see this poll" when I try to vote, so if the poll messes up for anyone else, just put your predictions in comments.

ETAETA: Argh, poll definitely unfixable; I removed it and reprinted the choices above. Just comment.
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At the Angelique Retour site, there are currently a couple movies that show the Guardians talking in-game. It's nothing huge, but it shows how the portraits animate - the standard visual-novel way. You can also hear snippets of character themes, and see Zephel's office, which is the only one that hasn't been posted yet.

If, however, you click on the red "CLICK!" box that appears at the end of the video, you'll be taken to a free holiday smartphone wallpaper featuring a random Neoromance love interest - not just from Ange, but Neo Ange, Haruka, and Corda, too. There are a hundred in all. A hundred. You get a different wallpaper each time you click, so catch 'em all, I guess?
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Here. All three parts of Clavis's manga will be up until January 4, 10:00 a.m. Japan time. I'll be updating this post later with the translation of the second part, then following soon with the translation of 3.

According to Miko Mitsuki's Twitter, Luva is next. Will this be the tale of Luva Dad's epic Nuke the Fridge coffin escape?

ETA: No, it's not, dammit. Apparently, it's just a day-in-the-life story, a tale of Luva being sent by the other Guardians to check on Queen candidate Limoges. (It's entitled "Luva's Everyday.") Considering how babyish Limoges was in Retour Vol. 1, she probably stuck her finger in an outlet or something.


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